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Magazine on Anti-Aging

Published: 2011-02-10
Author: New You Magazine
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Synopsis: New You Magazine to educate the general public about anti-aging and age management. New You, the premier American consumer magazine about cosmetic surgery, will re-launch in March as the voice of the anti-aging industry in a strategic partnership with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

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New You, the premier American consumer magazine about cosmetic surgery, will re-launch in March as the voice of the anti-aging industry in a strategic partnership with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).


As a sign of the growing market power of the baby-boomer generation, the A4M and New You Publishing's alliance is both timely and logical. The A4M, with 24,000 members, is the leading industry organization representing scientists and doctors who research and practice anti-aging medicine. New You targets consumers who want services and products that make them look and feel younger.

"The Academy chose New You Magazine as its consumer platform to educate the general public about anti-aging and age management," says Dr. Robert Goldman, chairman of the A4M. "This is a media event whose time has come. It will also provide a highly effective vehicle for our doctors to reach potential patients with information about their treatments and practices."

New You Magazine, now entering its second year of publication, will continue to cover cosmetic enhancement, but will dramatically increase its editorial content about anti-aging medicine.

"We have always considered cosmetic enhancement to be part of a bigger picture of wellness and self-actualization," says Editor-in-Chief J.P. Faber. "In addition to cosmetic procedures, we have routinely covered exercise, nutrition and inner wellbeing. Now we are adding in-depth information on safe and effective age management therapies."

The magazine, says publisher Peter Mansfield, is responding to the needs of the baby boomer market. "There are 76 million baby boomers between the ages of 45 and 65, and this incredibly potent demographic wants to know everything it can about how to remain young and vital. We are a single source for that information."

Topics for the magazine will include anti-aging nutrition, exercise, stress management, detoxification, hormone replacement therapy, stem cell applications, effective supplements, mental well-being and the maintenance of cognitive intelligence.

"There is no doubt that aging can be significantly delayed and that we can all enjoy both longer and far more robust lives," says Dr. Ron Klatz, president of the A4M and the man who coined the term 'anti-aging medicine.' "We know that New You magazine can bring this message to the public in general, and to baby boomers in particular."

Perhaps the most exciting element of the new launch, says publisher Mansfield, is the joining of anti-aging with cosmetic procedures. "Cosmetic procedures work fantastically better if the patient is practicing the healthy regimens anti-aging doctors recommend," he says. "At the same time, what is the point of enjoying the rejuvenation of hormone replacements if you look decrepit? We are uniting these two concepts, the inner and outer realms of youthfulness and beauty, in a way that is both inevitable and revolutionary."

About New You Magazine - New You is a national consumer magazine published quarterly by Miami Beach-based New You Publishing, LLC. It's mission is to inform readers about the latest anti-aging and cosmetic procedures available, to educate them about the issues of safety, cost and personal experience, and to help them locate the best doctor. (

About the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine - The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine is a non-profit medical organization comprised of physicians, scientists and researchers dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. Founded in 1993, the A4M ( has 24,000 members from 110 nations.

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