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Annie's Gift A Young Boys Disability, A Dogs Love And Loyalty To Help

Author: Joseph Crews

Published: 2011-02-05

Synopsis and Key Points:

Annies Gift is a childrens book about a boy born with Spina-Bifida and a Yellow Labs ability to recognize his disability.

Main Digest

Annie's Gift a children's book about a boy born with Spina-Bifida & a Yellow Labs ability to recognize his disability. Annie desires to please but at the same time help a boy that shows love and compassion. Man's best friend in its truest form.

Annie's Gift is about a boy with disabilities and a dog named Annie. Annie's life started out rough but she found refuge with a family that allowed her to be the wonderful pet she desired to be. As the young boy grows he begins to need help with certain everyday task and Annie desires to figure out a way to help him. The book leaves you desiring more, expecting a solution to this young boys needs and ending with a final solution.

Annie's Gift is a dog's perspective of how important it is to be the best pet possible. Recognizing her limitations but desiring to seek an answer. This yellow lab brings the true meaning to "man's best friend". When the chips are down she becomes even more persistent ending with a resolution to her dilemma pleasing her owner and her young boy.

You might say what's different about Annie's Gift from any other book about a boy and a dog? The answer lies within. Annie's Gift is more than just a children's book, it shows the reader how important it is to treat a pet with love, kindness, and compassion. It also relates to the value the right pet makes to your home. Pointing out animal rescue can become more than just a kind act but a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten by a young boy.

After reading Annie's Gift you will leave the experience looking for the opportunity to rescue a pet from an uncertain fate when faced with the opportunity. You will also desire to see how Annie's ultimate gift will not only help the boy with his disability but also give him a friend for life as she did for her owner the boys Dad.

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