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Radical New Treatment For Brain Injured Children - Book Review

Author: Snowdrop Child Development Consultants

Published: 2010-06-04 : (Rev. 2010-08-17)

Synopsis and Key Points:

New Book Proposes Radical New Treatment For Brain Injured Children.

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New Book Proposes Radical New Treatment For Brain Injured Children

If your child has autism, Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, cerebral palsy, CVI, dyspraxia, learning disabilities, or any other neurological dysfunction including those caused by stroke, oxygen starvation, acquired / traumatic head injury, then this book will be of interest.

The book begins with how the diagnosis of their child's problems is disclosed to the parents by doctors and how parents react to that diagnosis, moving through stages of reaction and adjustment, whilst at the same time having to cope with the stresses and pressures caused by the problems their child now has. It speaks eloquently of the struggle parents have to overcome the challenges their children face and how their relationships with the very people who are supposed to be helping them, - the medical and health professionals often pushes parents into seeking alternative treatments.

The book then moves to explore the different ways in which brain injury / dysfunction can affect a child in every areas of development and looks at why the various therapies of the past 60 years have failed. It also provides evidence for this.

Brereton then proposes a new approach, based on research which has been carried out which clearly demonstrates how children think and learn and how the plasticity of the child's brain is geared towards responding to environmental demand.

Within the book are several case studies of children who have been enrolled on the Snowdrop program and the successes they have achieved. Brereton is also honest enough to admit that some children do not make such startling progress.

All in all, this book brings hope to parents whose children have suffered brain injury / dysfunction that the 'status quo' does not have to be accepted and that their child's potential can be realized.

Brereton himself was parent to a son with profound brain injuries and gave up his career as a chemist when his son was born to study his problems. He now has many qualifications based in the areas of child development and neuroscience. All of these facets of his life combined gives him a unique insight to the problems experience both by parents and their children.

The book can be purchased at the following address. Or through the Snowdrop website at

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