Star Sea Turtle with Disability Gets New Children's Book

Author: Louise Canuto
Published: 2010/06/07
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Synopsis: Bubble Butt The Challenged Sea Turtle of the Mystic Aquarium by Kiki Latimer.


Educa Vision Inc., a Florida-based publisher of multicultural educational materials, launched the children's book Bubble Butt! The Challenged Sea Turtle of the Mystic Aquarium, by Kiki Latimer, the author of The Water-Fire Duck is at it again.

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This time, Latimer tells the story of Charlotte, a sea turtle who came to Mystic Aquarium, Connecticut, in 2008 from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island after she had been found stranded nearby. A boat had struck her, causing partial paralysis of her lower digestive tract. As a result, air accumulates in her hindquarters, forcing her to float with her rear end up, a condition popularly known as "bubble butt".

"A year ago my grandchildren and I met Charlotte the Challenged Sea Turtle of Mystic Aquarium and we were delighted and amazed by her! From this beautiful creature of the sea we learned a story of adventure, danger, courage, and compassion. Bubble Butt! shows both children and adults the importance of perseverance and humor through the rough times in life. After a boat bumps and wounds Charlotte, you will laugh and cry with her as she comes to terms with her new life. In the end she just might make you wish you were a turtle or fish, with bubbles in your own derriere!," says Latimer.

Though Charlotte is unable to survive in the wild now, there is a chance that, with long-term rehabilitation, she could recover and possibly be released back into the ocean in future years. Until then, Charlotte is a star at the Mystic Aquarium's main exhibit floor. Charlotte is the first sea turtle the Georgia Sea Turtle Center has placed in an aquarium and is serving as an ambassador for her species, charming and inspiring more than 725,000 guests at Mystic Aquarium each year.

"The kids were all giggly over "Bubble Butt!," says Fequiere Vilsaint, who presented the book to third-grade students of Orchard View Elementary in Delray Beach, Florida.

Full color illustrations by Bunny Griffeth. 42pp, Hardcover with Jacket, 10"x11"

ISBN: 978-1-58432-637-3, Catalog number: B620, $19.00

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