Guidebook for Caregivers - Practical Emotional Assistance for Caregivers

Author: Holly Whiteside
Published: 2010/03/18
Contents: Summary - Introduction - Main - Related

Synopsis: The Caregivers Compass is a guidebook for achieving balance while caring for a loved one.


Guidebook for Caregivers Released Today - First to Offer Practical Emotional Assistance for Caregivers.

Main Digest

Today the Possibility Guild announced immediate availability of the book "The Caregiver's Compass: How to Navigate with Balance and Effectiveness Using Mindful Caregiving " by Holly Whiteside ( A guidebook for achieving balance while caring for a loved one, "The Caregiver's Compass " is one of the only books offering real techniques for managing emotional challenges during caregiving. Readers apply three basic well-being principles to the emotional arenas of caregiving.

Though many books address the externals of caregiving, true emotional help for boomer caregivers is lacking.

During her caregiving, Whiteside, a longtime life coach, applied to herself the life coaching principles she taught others. The resulting tools, comprising the backbone of "The Caregiver's Compass," are now shared through private coaching and workshops. She is also a certified Eden Alternative Associate, promoting culture change in nursing homes.

Whiteside's writing credentials include: collaboration on various self-help books; online publication of articles; and reading a personal essay on NHPR's Front Porch program. She was also interviewed as the self-care expert for an upcoming book by Nancy Christie.

"The Caregiver's Compass " is available at and other bookstores.

Praise for "The Caregiver's Compass" (

by Ann Marie McKelvey, LPCC, PCC, Zen Chaplain and Psychotherapist, International Wellness Coach Trainer:

"' The Caregiver's Compass ' is a required text in the wellness classes I teach to psychologists, hospice workers, coaches and family members who are caregivers. Why? Because I have witnessed personally and professionally the caregiver life on empty: Burn out, defeatism, discouragement and stress-related illnesses. This book is sustainable fuel for the caregiver's journey. It is contemplative, action-oriented, and written for the reader to gather wellness nuggets in each moment. It's about being mindful of our inner and outer landscapes. It's about remembering that we are our oldest and dearest friend...

"Recently I asked one of my clients who specializes in caregiver-related issues, 'What is alive in you' His answer was simple, 'Relief and gratitude that I read 'The Caregiver's Compass'... I'm not alone anymore.'"

by Bob Lind, Echo Magazine (excerpt):

"Ms. Whiteside brings a simplistic but effective holistic approach to the subject of caregiving. The book sets out basic concepts of caregiving, perhaps the most important of which include dealing with the myriad of emotions that come into play. Concepts such as pre-grieving, asking for help, and knowing when to let go are handled in a straightforward, honest manner, covering bases that might otherwise get overlooked by overburdened caregivers. An excellent, recommended resource that can be a comfort to those needing guidance or reinforcement that they are doing their best for their loved one."

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