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Published: 2010/09/14 - Updated: 2016/09/24
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Synopsis: Snowdrop have published a book titled Cerebral palsy A Guide to Understanding and Helping your Child.


Snowdrop have published a book titled 'Cerebral palsy: A Guide to Understanding and Helping your Child.'in which they describe their approach to promoting recovery of function in children with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities.

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The book begins by examining how parents react to the disclosure of diagnosis by medical professionals and looks at how the family adjust to their child's disability. It also describes the sometimes problematic relationships which can and do develop between health professionals and parents.

The book then moves on to explore the problems faced by children with Cerebral palsy and looks at their development in the context of the developmental progress made by uninjured children. In particular they describe the difficulties of sensory perception faced by children with CP and explains how these difficulties impact upon other areas of development such as mobility, language and communication, socialization and hand function.

They then elucidate how sensory perception can be distorted due to the injury of the neurological structures, which relay sensory information to various parts of the cortex and clarifies the effect this can have on the child.

The book then moves on to discuss Snowdrop's treatment philosophy of'neuro-cognitive stimulation,' which consists of two branches. The first is aimed at the creation of the correct neurological environment designed to accommodate any sensory distortions the child may be experiencing and is aimed at 're-tuning' the neurological structures,which are producing such distortions.

The second branch of treatment is rooted in Vygotskian psychology and draws upon the concepts of the'zone of proximal development' and 'scaffolding.'

Snowdrop assert that learning leads development and that if information or developmental tasks given to the child are pitched at the appropriate level of intensity and simplicity and are pitched at the appropriate level of development, it is possible for any child to learn, no matter how severe their difficulties.

Cerebral Palsy: A guide to understanding and helping your child.
Written by Andrew Brereton of Snowdrop
Published by Snowdrop Publications
ISBN 978-1-4457-5747-6

Available from

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