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Embrace Your Strengths - Richard Branson Urges Dyslexic Children in New Guide for Parents

Author: Liz Dunoon

Published: 2010-09-30

Synopsis and Key Points:

Helping Children With Dyslexia - 21 Super Strategies To Ensure Your Childs Success At School.

Main Digest

First-time author Liz Dunoon has secured the support of Sir Richard Branson - the renowned entrepreneur who has overcome severe literacy problems to run a global business empire - for her book Helping Children With Dyslexia: 21 Super Strategies To Ensure Your Child's Success At School.

Sir Richard took a personal interest in the easy-to-read book and personally wrote the foreword, passionately encouraging dyslexics to embrace their strongest abilities to strive for success.

"It is important as a dyslexic that you don't spend energy worrying about what you can't do but instead figure out what you can do and make sure you do it well," he writes.

Liz Dunoon, a trained school teacher, is a Melbourne mother of three children, all of whom have the learning disability dyslexia. After struggling to explain her young son's failure to read and write, she has thoroughly researched dyslexia, talking to parents, speaking with experts and, in doing so, has become a committed advocate for the rights of the dyslexic child. The single best resource a child with dyslexia can have, she says, is a well-informed, encouraging and proactive parent to advocate on their behalf.

In Helping Children With Dyslexia: 21 Super Strategies To Ensure Your Child's Success At School , Liz offers a lifeline to frustrated and worried parents. She shares tips for recognizing the condition, dealing with schools and health professionals as well as describing practical exercises to promote a child's progress. Importantly, she offers advice in coping with a particularly distressing aspect of dyslexia - the emotional and social toll on an otherwise intelligent child.

"I have always been impressed by Sir Richard Branson's extremely positive outlook, his refusal to accept that dyslexia imposes limits and his determination to work to his strengths. He's a wonderful role model for all families affected by dyslexia, and his foreword is moving and inspiring," says Liz.

"But for every success story, there are many other dyslexic individuals whose self-esteem and future prospects were irreparably damaged by a lack of support. The more I learnt, the more determined I became to share the information and help make the government, health and education fraternities more accountable to the 10 per cent of people in Australia who may have dyslexia".

The purchase of the book also gives readers free access to additional eBooks detailing how parents can teach children from home, as well as links to important resources to provide support, ideas and encouragement. To cater for busy people or those who are not keen readers, the book also comes with an audio MP3 DVD of the book read by the author.

Helping Children With Dyslexia: 21 Super Strategies To Ensure Your Child's Success At School is available in retail bookshops from September 24th or online - RRP $29.95

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