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New Treatment Options for Eating Disorders

  • Published: 2010-09-13 (Revised/Updated 2015-03-11) : Author: Give Food A Chance : Contact: -
  • Synopsis: Give Food A Chance - New Treatment Options for Eating Disorders Described in Book.

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New Treatment Options for Eating Disorders Described in New Book, Give Food A Chance.

Eating disorders, especially anorexia nervosa, are now a leading cause of disability in young women. Starving themselves, binging and purging, or exercising compulsively can lead to illness, debilitating weight loss - even death. Now a brand new book, Give Food A Chance, offers a new approach to treating anorexia and bulimia.

Manifesting as an urge that drives young women (and men) to starve themselves, to binge and purge, or exercise compulsively, these behaviors can lead to illness, debilitating weight loss - even death - if left untreated.

"I initially wrote Give Food A Chance as a detailed guide for clinicians who care for children with eating disorders," says author Dr. Julie O'Toole. "It seemed to me at the time that a technical book written for doctors and nurse practitioners would best serve to spread the message of a new treatment paradigm. On reading it my son Morgan suggested that my audience was all wrong. Write for those who care the most, he told me, write for parents. Parents, he suggested, will care most passionately about the details, will be most motivated to spread the word. Speak to them and they will speak to the doctors. Speak to them and the children will best be served."

Eating disorders continue to be a serious health risk for children, teens, and young adults. Dr. O'Toole's work at the Kartini Clinic in Portland, Oregon, has led her to discover that a new approach to anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and food phobias, (as well as other eating disorders) can help patients achieve lasting remission as well as personal healing and growth. ( Dr. O'Toole rejects theories that eating disorders are caused by poor parenting, issues of control, rejection of adulthood, or society's oppression of women. Instead, the author contends that anorexia in particular is a chronic, highly heritable brain disorder.

Give Food A Chance was written as a guide for parents, regardless of whether or not they are involved in a clinical program. It was also written for professionals such as doctors, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, and therapists and contains a wealth of information that concerned parents can pass along to their child's providers. The book discusses the whys and wherefores of meal plans, medical stabilization, family involvement, medication, psychological recovery and more. Some case histories are also presented and discussed, as examples to those dealing with eating disorders.

Dr. O'Toole's landmark book, Give Food A Chance, has now been published and is available from the publisher, PSIPress ( as a paperback or down-loadable e-book. The book can also be purchased at as an e-book for the Kindle.

"This is an excellent book written by a brilliant and caring doctor who specializes in treating anorexia in children," writes one reader whose history - and her daughter's - includes suffering from anorexia. "I have bought a ton of books on anorexia and eating disorders, in general. This is a brilliant read and a must-have book for parents of a child or young adult who suffer from any sub-type of anorexia!"

About Give Food A Chance: Give Food A Chance was written as a guide for parents. It was also written for professionals who treat eating disorders, and contains an abundance of information that concerned parents can pass along to their child's health care providers. Topics include the whys and wherefores of meal plans, medical stabilization, family involvement, medication, psychological recovery and more. For parents whose children have been diagnosed with food phobia (fear of swallowing) Give Food A Chance may be the only book that describes the symptoms and consequences of food phobia, as well as offering a successful treatment.

About Dr. Julie O'Toole: Dr. O'Toole is a graduate of Reed College in Portland, OR. She also attended the University of Washington and The Technical University in Aachen, Germany where she received her M.D. in public health. Dr. O'Toole's work involves the study of child behavior, especially in those children whose brains do not work properly regarding food and survival. Her main emphasis is on anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and food phobia, as well as eating disorders which lead to obesity or wasting conditions.

About PSIPress: PSIpress (Perfectly Scientific Press) is a new, wholly independent publisher. Their goal is to publish a wide range of science- and technology-oriented topics, including scientific papers, textbooks, medical and social research, and speculative fiction. Born out of an interest in providing an alternative to the usual publishing paradigm, PSIpress strives to help members of the science-minded community realize their full potential as published authors, and to help them enjoy the process. Contact PSIPress at 503-774-4738 or visit their web site at

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