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Life After Stroke - Book by Jeff Kagan

Published: 2011-03-11
Author: Jeff Kagan
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Synopsis: Life After Stroke On The Road To Recovery is written for stroke survivors their caretakers family and friends. Jeff Kagan just wrote his new book "Life After Stroke, On The Road To Recovery." It is written for stroke survivors, their caretakers, family and friends.

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Jeff Kagan just wrote his new book "Life After Stroke, On The Road To Recovery." It is written for stroke survivors, their caretakers, family and friends.


Kagan had a stroke in 2004. He has been through the same long recovery process many others now find themselves in. He is a stroke survivor.

He learned so much about recovery by living through it, and he wants to help others understand what is coming next.

Whether one is a stroke survivor, a caretaker, family member or friend, there are questions that need to be answered. These are the same questions Kagan asked, but did not get answered from doctors and counselors.

He tells the story of a successful man who had his world ripped out from under him, and what the next five years of recovery were like. He talks about his family and friends and especially his remarkable wife. He talks about what they did right, and what they did wrong because they didn't know better. He talks about what they needed to do and what others affected by a stroke need to do.

"There are things you need to know, things you need to do - things you just don't learn from the doctors and counselors. These are the things I want to share with you. Some of these are happy and good and will even make you laugh and feel happy. Other things may make you cry, but that's ok. You need to know them in order to recover and be strong once again," says Kagan.

"After several years of recovery and after a lot of work, I am happy to say things do get better. You can once again do things again. In addition your sense of what you want changes over the years of recovery. It can lead to peace and happiness if you follow the right course for you," according to Kagan.

Kagan wrote "Life After Stroke" to help millions of stroke survivors and their caretakers, family and friends. "Stroke touches quite a few of us," says Kagan. "There are many more questions than answers. Let me help you understand the path you are now on by explaining my path to recovery over the last seven years."

"This book tells the truth that you are searching for, and I hope it will ultimately inspire you to recovery," says Kagan. - to read the first chapter of "Life After Stroke."

Visit Kagan's page on the publisher's website. There the book may be ordered from, or directly from the publisher -

Jeff Kagan has appeared on Fox News, CNBC, CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC and CBS as well as dozens of other radio and television stations, newspapers and magazines, and on the web.

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