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MS Survivor Amelia Davis - Faces of Osteoporosis and the Stories Behind Them

Author: Amelia Davis

Published: 2009-09-22

Synopsis and Key Points:

MS Survivor and photographer Amelia Davis author of Faces of Osteoporosis and the Stories Behind Them.

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MS Survivor and photographer Amelia Davis turns her lens on those living with osteoporotic disease in her book, Faces of Osteoporosis.

MS Survivor and photographer Amelia Davis turns her lens on those living with osteoporotic disease in her book, Faces of Osteoporosis.

Faces of Osteoporosis communicates the message that osteoporosis affects both women and men across the life span, is both preventable and treatable, and should not be considered part of normal aging. Here are the inspirational stories of women, men, and even children who live with osteoporosis. Treatments, therapies, and diets are discussed and shared, from the latest advances in prescription medication to the healing power of exercise.

"I capture reality through my photography. Reality can be hard to look at, but, by confronting and exploring it as in my photographs, one can face fears and perhaps come to terms with them." Her statement speaks not only of the philosophy behind her powerful creations, but of her perseverance and determination in many aspects of life, including living with multiple sclerosis.

"Those of us who have Multiple sclerosis need to speak out and be active in educating the newly diagnosed and the general public," Davis says. "It is only through knowledge that we can discredit the stereotypes of what a chronic illness looks and feels like."

"This important book documents the stories of people who are living with osteoporosis. The book will help you understand the silent and devastating impact of the disease. I hope that you will learn from these brave individuals who share their stories with you. We must educate and empower people through knowledge. Together, I hope we can eliminate osteoporosis as a major health problem.", From the Foreword by Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator.

Davis claims that her book "is just the start of her quest to expose the falsehoods of what life is like living with a chronic disease of disability." She also published a book on living with breast cancer, The First Look (University of Illinois Press, September 2000) and is currently working on a book on osteoporosis. Davis lives in San Francisco, CA.

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