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At Wit's End - Parent's Guide to Ending the Turmoil of Learning Disabilities

Published : 2010-08-29
Author : Jill Stowell

Synopsis: At Wits End is a book by Jill Stowell and is a lifeline to parents who have bright children who struggle in school.

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At Wit's End - A Parent's Guide to Ending the Struggle, Tears, and Turmoil of Learning Disabilities.

This just released book, At Wit's End, by Jill Stowell, is a lifeline to parents who have bright children who struggle in school. It explains what is happening with students who struggle and offers answers to solving the problems... permanently.

As school budgets nationwide continue to be slashed, finally there is a book that helps parents understand why their bright student struggles in the classroom. While the numbers are kept very quiet, there are 14.9 MILLION bright kids that aren't making it in school. That's way above the official estimate of 2.5 million officially diagnosed with Learning Disabilities.

"My bright child feels like the dumbest kid in the class. I don't know what to do." It's a parent's frustrated statement that is heard all too often.

Chatting with friends and making jokes gets Mike through his day at school. Eddie has lots of energy and drives his teachers crazy, while Michael has few friends and is very anxious all day long. They are all failing school, but they are smart enough that they should be getting very good grades.

These are just three of the dozens of stories of real students who have learning disabilities. They are each affected in different ways and have developed their own set of coping strategies. But coping is not the same as succeeding.

Brain research gives us proof that most learning and attention challenges can be permanently corrected. Yet traditional education is still treating children with learning problems with the "once learning disabled always learning disabled" model. Things have changed! Children who struggle in school do not have to go through life crippled and frustrated by their learning challenges. They deserve to learn with ease and joy and pursue the future they desire. "Just learn to cope with it" is no longer acceptable.

Included in the book:

Why a smart but struggling child is not lazy or unmotivated

How traditional views of supporting struggling students are actually keeping them captive to their learning challenges

What can and must be done to permanently correct these challenges.

Parents are at their wit's end.

They can no longer accept that their smart child should continue to struggle and be pushed through the education system, settling for a lesser future. They want answers and real solutions to their children's learning and attention challenges. The answers are here! There is an end to the struggle, tears, and turmoil of learning disabilities.

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The book is currently available through

The Stowell Learning Center was established in 1984 as a diagnostic, tutorial center for students with learning disabilities. In the past 20 years we have helped hundreds of students with a variety of learning challenges become successful learners.

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