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Service and Therapy Animals: Facts and Information Document List

Summary: Our library below features 71 published articles, research papers, and documents from the Disabled World Service and Therapy Animals category. Although some of these documents may have since been updated, re-written, replaced, or revised, they are sorted by their original publish date. The most recent publications are listed at the top of the table with older articles being listed in descending order by the date they were created. You can also receive our latest communications as soon as they are released by subscribing to our Service and Therapy Animals RSS feed.

Service and Therapy Animals Publications

Pet Ownership Does Not Reduce Symptoms of Severe Mental Illness
(Survey / Analysis) Living with and having a close bond with a companion animal does not necessarily lead to significant mental health improvements in people with a serious mental illness.
Publish Date: 2023/07/14

Grieving Loss of a Pet - Perspective for Counselors
While empathy may come more naturally when discussing human loss, there are other types of loss that are not acknowledged or given a similar amount of attention by society.
Publish Date: 2022/11/27 - Updated: 2023/01/04

Guide Dogs Left Barking at the Door
(Opinion Piece / Editorial) Daniel Williams writes about his legal entitlement to access public places with his assistance dog under the U.K. Equality Act 2010.
Publish Date: 2019/03/04 - Updated: 2023/09/12

17-Year-Old Receives Autism Service Dog from Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers
(Awareness / Appreciation) Autism Service Dog delivered to Maeve from Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers to help assist her and better communicate her needs on the spectrum.
Publish Date: 2018/06/12 - Updated: 2023/09/17

Animals May Not View Things As Clear As Humans
(Paper / Essay) Details that look sharp to people may appear blurry to their pets as humans see the world in higher resolution than most animals.
Publish Date: 2018/05/30 - Updated: 2023/09/21

Dogs with Fear of Noises Should be Assessed for Pain
Study reveals dogs which show fear or anxiety when faced with loud or sudden noises should be routinely assessed for pain by veterinarians.
Publish Date: 2018/03/26 - Updated: 2018/06/02

Study Finds Therapy Dogs Help Stressed University Students
(Observational Study) Participants reported reductions in stress and increased happiness and energy following the sessions, compared to students who did not spend time at a therapy dog session.
Publish Date: 2018/03/13 - Updated: 2023/07/16

Free Eye Exams to Service and Working Animals in May from Veterinary Ophthalmologists
Veterinary Ophthalmologists provide free eye exams to service and working animals through the ACVO®and StokesRx annual event in May.
Publish Date: 2018/02/24 - Updated: 2018/03/15

Service Dogs Associated with Lower PTSD Symptoms Among War Veterans
(Study) A preliminary study has shown that overall symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are lower among war veterans with service dogs.
Publish Date: 2018/02/11 - Updated: 2023/07/16

National Federation of the Blind Statement on Delta's New Service Animal Policy
NFB statement with regard to the new service and support animal policy announced by Delta Air Lines.
Publish Date: 2018/01/26 - Updated: 2019/05/29

Delta Introduces Enhanced Requirements for Customers Traveling with Service or Support Animals
Effective March 1st 2018 Delta Air Lines introduces new requirements for people traveling with service or support animals.
Publish Date: 2018/01/20

Exploring Seniors Health Benefits of Cat Fostering
(Study) Proposed unique solution to help older adults living alone at home establish new social bonds, by pairing them with homeless foster cats.
Publish Date: 2018/01/07 - Updated: 2023/07/16

Research Shows Therapy Dogs Not Stressed When Visiting Pediatric Cancer Patients
(Study) Publication of study exploring impact of therapy dog sessions on welfare of dogs involved demonstrates dogs did not show increased stress resulting from therapy visits.
Publish Date: 2018/01/02 - Updated: 2023/09/19

Changing U.S. Tax Codes Impact Assistance Dog Services for People with Disabilities
U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 may impact charities like Canine Companions for Independence that provide life-changing assistance dogs free of charge.
Publish Date: 2017/12/29 - Updated: 2018/03/15

Therapy Cats for Emotional Support or Comfort Animals
(Informative) Information regarding the use of domestic cats as therapy animals for seniors, people with both physical and mental disabilities, and children health conditions.
Publish Date: 2017/12/20 - Updated: 2023/07/16

Non-profit Provides Assistance Dogs Free of Charge to People with Disabilities
Canine Companions for Independence transforms the lives children, adults and veterans with disabilities by providing trained assistance dogs.
Publish Date: 2017/06/23

Declawing Linked to Aggression and Other Abnormal Behaviors in Cats
Research reveals declawing cats increases risk of long-term or persistent pain, manifesting as unwanted behaviors such as inappropriate elimination, and aggression/biting.
Publish Date: 2017/05/23 - Updated: 2019/02/06

Certifying Emotional Support Animals
University of Missouri-Columbia study reveals recommendations for certifying emotional support animals.
Publish Date: 2017/05/18

College Campuses Recognizing Benefits of Emotional Support Animals
Understanding how important an emotional support animal is for someone with anxiety, depression or other mental challenge.
Publish Date: 2017/05/08 - Updated: 2017/12/20

Owning a Pet is Good for Mental Health Issues
(Informative) Emotional Support Animals are now used in treatment and considered part of the normal care for a variety of mental health issues.
Publish Date: 2017/04/24 - Updated: 2023/07/16

Common Service Dog Misconceptions
(Informative) A list of common misconceptions that the general public has about service dogs including important issues that needs to be addressed.
Publish Date: 2016/11/12 - Updated: 2023/07/14

A Test of Blind Ambition: 3D Soundscape of What it was Like for Paralympian Libby Clegg Growing Up
Video clip features 3D audio and asks the viewer to plug in their headphones and close their eyes to get a sense of what it is like to experience the world without sight.
Publish Date: 2016/09/08 - Updated: 2018/05/01

Pet Owners Save $11.7B in Health Care Costs
HABRI findings of new economic study on healthcare cost savings associated with pet ownership.
Publish Date: 2015/12/14 - Updated: 2021/07/11

DOJ Sues Gates-Chili Central School District Over ADA Service Animal Law
Justice Department sues Gates-Chili central school district for violating the service animal requirements of the ADA.
Publish Date: 2015/10/03 - Updated: 2017/06/26

Hero Service Dog Stopped From Boarding American Airlines Plane
Returning from American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, Service dog is prevented from accompanying Marine on flight home.
Publish Date: 2015/09/22

Guide to Animal Visits in Hospital
New guidance outlines policies regarding use of animals in healthcare facilities, including service animals, research animals and personal pet visitation.
Publish Date: 2015/06/03 - Updated: 2021/08/18

Training Video: ADA Law for Service Animals
Campaign to educate businesses, Government offices, Fire, Rescue and Police about ADA Law as it applies to service animals.
Publish Date: 2015/04/24 - Updated: 2021/08/20

HUD Fair Housing Act: Service and Therapy Animals in Student Housing
Campus administrators of student housing are facing growing number of lawsuits regarding service animals in their premises.
Publish Date: 2015/02/26 - Updated: 2021/09/02

Fake Service Dog Vests, Certificates and ID Card Scam
Hundreds of thousands of fake service dog vests, certificates and ID cards are sold every year in the U.S..
Publish Date: 2015/02/16 - Updated: 2021/09/06

Booster a Famous Service Dog to be Cloned
As part of the team to clone a dog, Dr. Shin will provide a unique perspective into the realities of canine cloning.
Publish Date: 2015/02/14 - Updated: 2021/09/07

Benefit of Animal Assisted Therapy in Cancer Patients
Clinical trial shows benefits of animal-assisted therapy in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
Publish Date: 2015/01/14 - Updated: 2020/10/26

When Pets with Out-of-date Vaccine are Exposed to Rabies Virus
The study shows that pets whose rabies vaccination was considered out-of-date at the time of exposure to a rabid animal responded well after receiving an immediate rabies booster and did not develop any signs of the illness.
Publish Date: 2015/01/06 - Updated: 2021/10/03

Magnolia Paws for Compassion: Animal Assistance for People with Seizure Disorders
Magnolia Paws for Compassion was created to raise awareness of benefit animals can have on people living with epilepsy and seizure disorders.
Publish Date: 2014/11/08 - Updated: 2021/10/20

Warrior Service Dogs North Carolina
Warrior Service Dogs will train a veterans own dog to become their service dog or select a dog from a shelter and train it for the veterans specific needs.
Publish Date: 2014/09/14

Pet Therapy: Pain Reduction from Animal Assisted Therapy
Animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce anxiety, pain, fatigue and depression in people who experience a range of health issues.
Publish Date: 2014/08/13 - Updated: 2021/08/29

Therapy Dogs: How Do the Animals Feel
Information on how therapy dogs feel in a therapy setting and how you can create a largely stress-free situation for the animals.
Publish Date: 2014/04/29 - Updated: 2021/07/28

Children with Autism Benefit by Pet Ownership
(Observational Study) Parents of kids with autism report benefits of pet and dog ownership included companionship, stress relief and opportunities for their children to learn responsibility.
Publish Date: 2014/04/17 - Updated: 2023/07/16

Prison Pet Partnership Program: Trained Seizure Assistant Dogs
Information regarding the Prison Pet Partnership Program a model in rehabilitation of female offenders in the criminal justice system in Washington.
Publish Date: 2013/08/14 - Updated: 2021/08/29

Canine Parvovirus and Assistant Dogs
Information regarding canine parvovirus a highly contagious disease of dogs includes signs symptoms and treatment of the dog.
Publish Date: 2013/06/19 - Updated: 2021/04/14

American Canine Academy: An Interview with Becca
Interview with a trainer at The American Canine Academy where Frijole was trained as a Hearing Assistant Dog.
Publish Date: 2012/04/09 - Updated: 2022/04/02

Home Depot, Senior Living, FedEx and Frijole
The return of Frijole from training at the American Canine Academy finds him prepared to serve my husband Tom as a hearing assistant dog.
Publish Date: 2012/04/02 - Updated: 2022/04/06

A Vest for Frijole - A Hearing Assistance Dog
(Opinion Piece / Editorial) A service dog is one that has been trained or is being trained to assist a person who is physically disabled other than sight or hearing impaired.
Publish Date: 2012/03/29 - Updated: 2023/09/16

Service and Therapy Dogs: ADA State Rights
Information on service dogs that are trained on an individual basis to perform tasks that assist their handlers with disabilities.
Publish Date: 2011/12/19 - Updated: 2021/07/04

Autism Service Dogs: Information, Training, Purposes
Service dogs may be trained for some people with autism with the intention of assisting them to gain greater independence, confidence, as well as the ability to perform activities of daily living they might not otherwise be able to do.
Publish Date: 2011/12/15 - Updated: 2021/11/11

Training Emotional-Assistance Service Dogs
Ami Moore an emotional assistance service dogs for veterans training expert provides Hounds4Heroes a training program for service dogs at no charge.
Publish Date: 2011/10/24 - Updated: 2021/12/11

What is a Therapy Dog?
(Informative) These Dogs come from a variety of breeds there is no perfect breed or mix of breeds that make the best Therapy Dogs.
Publish Date: 2011/04/18 - Updated: 2023/07/16

CRTASA: Registry of Therapy and Service Animals
CRTASA is a registry service in Canada and the USA providing standardized Photo ID Card system to ease access to public places for people with disabilities and their service animals.
Publish Date: 2010/11/07 - Updated: 2020/01/30

Thames Center Service Dogs also Provides Animal Assisted Therapy
Thames Center Service Dogs are now working with A Circle of Hope Therapy Center where Animal Assisted Therapy is used alongside psychotherapy and physiotherapy.
Publish Date: 2010/10/18 - Updated: 2013/06/14

Service Dogs and Guide Dog Etiquette
Pennsylvania Association for the Blind encourages these guidelines and etiquette to follow when encountering guide dogs for the blind.
Publish Date: 2010/08/06 - Updated: 2020/05/11

Safety of Topical Flea and Tick Products
Pet poison helpline helps educate pet owners on safety of topical flea and tick products.
Publish Date: 2010/04/08 - Updated: 2013/06/15

Intervet/Schering-Plough Partners with National Education for Assistance Dog Services
National nonprofit organization that trains dogs to serve individuals who are deaf or physically disabled.
Publish Date: 2010/01/19

Human Medications Poisonous To Pets
Pet Poison Helpline is an animal poison control with board-certified internal medicine and emergency critical care specialists.
Publish Date: 2010/01/07 - Updated: 2013/06/15

Holiday Toxin Tips from Pet Poison Helpline
Decorations plants and food items that the veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline recommend keeping away from pets.
Publish Date: 2009/11/17 - Updated: 2013/06/15

Laws and Rules Regarding Service Animals in Places of Business
Questions and answers regarding service animals in places of business including ADA law requirements.
Publish Date: 2009/10/31

Home Toxins That Can Poison Pets
Hazards and poison toxins around the home and garden that can kill or sicken your pets.
Publish Date: 2009/10/26 - Updated: 2018/12/26

Pet Poison Helpline Offers Halloween Safety Tips for Pets
The following tips showcase what pet owners should watch out for around Halloween.
Publish Date: 2009/10/22 - Updated: 2016/10/25

Pet Poison Advice and Emergency Helpline
24/7 Emergency service for poisoned pet advice for pet owners veterinarians and vets staff who require assistance treating a poisoned pet.
Publish Date: 2009/10/19 - Updated: 2016/06/11

Service Dogs - Thames Center Service Dogs
In order to qualify for a service dog clients must provide a letter from a physician or mental health professional.
Publish Date: 2009/08/27 - Updated: 2013/06/14

Queensland Takes Guide Dogs Most Seriously
Guide and assistance dogs have access to public places public passenger vehicles and planes according to Queensland legislation.
Publish Date: 2009/07/07 - Updated: 2015/03/18

Owning a Rescue Cat Saved My Life
I went to a cat rescue center and found Jessie a tortoiseshell cat so frightened and underweight she reminded me of myself.
Publish Date: 2009/04/02 - Updated: 2021/06/17

Southeastern Guide Dogs - Service Animals
Southeastern Guide Dogs mission is to create and nurture a partnership between a visually impaired individual and a guide dog.
Publish Date: 2009/02/03 - Updated: 2010/07/04

Guide Dogs for the Blind - Service Animals - Guide Dogs
Guide Dogs for the Blind is recognized worldwide as a model for innovative training and unprecedented support of Guide Dog partnerships.
Publish Date: 2009/02/03 - Updated: 2010/07/11

Legitimate Service Dog Training
Many people are interested in volunteering a dog they own for service dog training and this is very commendable.
Publish Date: 2009/01/28 - Updated: 2010/11/07

Hunting Dogs as Therapy and Service Dogs
Many sporting or hunting dog breeds are used for service dog training to help people with a disability or as therapy in hospitals and nursing homes.
Publish Date: 2009/01/23 - Updated: 2014/04/29

Helping Hands Monkey Helpers for Quadriplegics
Helping Hands trains capuchin monkeys as service animals for quadriplegics in their homes.
Publish Date: 2009/01/08 - Updated: 2010/07/11

Guide Dog Facts
How guides dogs work and what we should be aware of when meeting one in its working environment.
Publish Date: 2009/01/04 - Updated: 2010/11/13

How are Seeing Eye Dogs Trained
Dogs that are being trained to be seeing eye dogs are taught the proper way to maneuver people safely through obstacles.
Publish Date: 2009/01/01 - Updated: 2010/11/13

Guide Dogs for Alzheimer's Patients and Caregivers
Using dogs for Alzheimers patients where dogs are trained to listen to the patient and act when particular words are stated.
Publish Date: 2009/01/01 - Updated: 2012/09/20

History of the Guide Dog Program
History of guide dogs for the visually impaired or blind were first trained in Germany.
Publish Date: 2009/01/01 - Updated: 2015/02/26

Travel Tips for Flying with Service Animals
Each airline has requirements and certificates in order for your service animal to accompany you while flying.
Publish Date: 2008/12/31 - Updated: 2015/09/22

Guide Dog Lesson to Drivers
I saw a lady with a guide dog pass my window and before she had managed to disappear from view she stopped.
Publish Date: 2008/06/06 - Updated: 2009/01/06

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