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Service and Therapy Animals for People with Disability Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Service Animals category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-06-23Non-profit Provides Assistance Dogs Free of Charge to People with Disabilities
2017-05-23Declawing Linked to Aggression and Other Abnormal Behaviors in Cats
2017-05-18Certifying Emotional Support Animals
2017-05-08College Campuses Recognizing Benefits of Emotional Support Animals
2017-04-24Owning a Pet is Good for Mental Health Issues
2016-11-12Common Service Dog Misconceptions
2016-09-08A Test of Blind Ambition: 3D Soundscape of What it was Like for Paralympian Libby Clegg Growing Up
2016-07-26Fake Assistance Dogs - Untrained Pets Posing As Service Dogs
2015-12-14Pet Owners Save $11.7B in Health Care Costs
2015-10-03DOJ Sues Gates-Chili Central School District Over ADA Service Animal Law
2015-09-22Hero Service Dog Stopped From Boarding American Airlines Plane
2015-06-03New Guide for Animal Visitations in Hospitals
2015-06-02Therapy Cats: General Information on Cats as Emotional Support Animals
2015-04-24Training Video: ADA Law for Service Animals
2015-02-26Service & Therapy Animals in Student Housing - HUD Fair Housing Act
2015-02-16Huge Fake Service Dog Vests, Certificates & ID Cards Scam
2015-02-14Booster a Famous Service Dog to be Cloned
2015-01-14Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy in Cancer Patients
2015-01-06When Pets with Out-of-date Vaccine are Exposed to Rabies Virus
2014-11-08Magnolia Paws for Compassion: Animal Assistance for People with Seizure Disorders
2014-09-14Warrior Service Dogs North Carolina
2014-08-13Pet Therapy - Pain Reduction from Animal Assisted Therapy
2014-04-29Therapy Dogs: Stress Research Reveals Animals Needs
2014-04-17Families of Children with Autism Benefit by Dog Ownership
2013-08-14Prison Trained Seizure Assistant Dogs - Prison Pet Partnership Program
2013-06-19Canine Parvovirus and Assistant Dogs
2012-04-09American Canine Academy - An Interview with Becca
2012-04-02Home Depot, Senior Living, FedEx and Frijole
2012-03-29A Vest for Frijole - A Hearing Assistance Dog
2011-12-19Service & Therapy Dogs: ADA & State Rights
2011-12-15Autism Service Dogs
2011-10-24Training Emotional-Assistance Service Dogs - Ami Moore
2011-08-02American Hero Dogs - Eight Top Dogs Vying for Title
2011-04-18What is a Therapy Dog
2010-11-07CRTASA - Registry of Therapy and Service Animals - Canada
2010-10-18Thames Center Service Dogs also Provides Animal Assisted Therapy
2010-08-06Guide Dog Etiquette
2010-04-08Safety of Topical Flea and Tick Products
2010-01-19Intervet/Schering-Plough Partners with National Education for Assistance Dog Services
2010-01-07Human Medications Poisonous To Pets
2009-11-17Holiday Toxin Tips from Pet Poison Helpline
2009-10-31Laws and Rules Regarding Service Animals in Places of Business
2009-10-26Toxins Around the Home that can Poison your Pet
2009-10-22Pet Poison Helpline Offers Halloween Safety Tips for Pets
2009-10-19Pet Poison Advice and Emergency Helpline
2009-08-27Service Dogs - Thames Center Service Dogs
2009-07-07Queensland Takes Guide Dogs Most Seriously
2009-02-03Southeastern Guide Dogs - Service Animals
2009-02-03Guide Dogs for the Blind - Service Animals - Guide Dogs
2009-01-28Legitimate Service Dog Training
2009-01-23Hunting Dogs as Therapy and Service Dogs
2009-01-08Helping Hands Monkey Helpers for Quadriplegics
2009-01-04Guide Dog Facts
2009-01-01How are Seeing Eye Dogs Trained
2009-01-01Guide Dogs for Alzheimer's Patients and Caregivers
2009-01-01History of the Guide Dog Program
2008-12-31Travel Tips for Flying with Service Animals
2008-06-06Guide Dog Lesson to Drivers

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