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Service and Therapy Animals Publications
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Therapy Cows Show Strong Preference for Women Over MenFindings2024/05/23
Influence and Responsibility: Higher Education's Role in Shaping Societal Perceptions, Policy, and Knowledge on Service Dogs, Disability, and InclusionPaper, Essay2024/04/20
Emotional Toll of Forced Separation Between Humans and Their PetsFindings2024/01/28
Pet Ownership Does Not Reduce Symptoms of Severe Mental IllnessSurvey / Analysis2023/07/14
Grieving Loss of a Pet - Perspective for Counselors2022/11/272023/01/04
Guide Dogs Left Barking at the DoorOpinion Piece / Editorial2019/03/042023/09/12
17-Year-Old Receives Autism Service Dog from Service Dogs by Warren RetrieversAwareness / Appreciation2018/06/122023/09/17
Animals May Not View Things As Clear As HumansPaper / Essay2018/05/302023/09/21
Dogs with Fear of Noises Should be Assessed for Pain2018/03/262018/06/02
Study Finds Therapy Dogs Help Stressed University StudentsObservational Study2018/03/132023/07/16
Free Eye Exams to Service and Working Animals in May from Veterinary Ophthalmologists2018/02/242018/03/15
Service Dogs Associated with Lower PTSD Symptoms Among War VeteransStudy2018/02/112023/07/16
National Federation of the Blind Statement on Delta's New Service Animal Policy2018/01/262019/05/29
Delta Introduces Enhanced Requirements for Customers Traveling with Service or Support Animals2018/01/20
Exploring Seniors Health Benefits of Cat FosteringStudy2018/01/072023/07/16
Research Shows Therapy Dogs Not Stressed When Visiting Pediatric Cancer PatientsStudy2018/01/022023/09/19
Changing Tax Codes Impact Assistance Dog Services for People with DisabilitiesInformative2017/12/292024/06/12
Therapy Cats for Emotional Support or Comfort AnimalsInformative2017/12/202023/07/16
Non-profit Provides Assistance Dogs Free of Charge to People with Disabilities2017/06/23
Declawing Linked to Aggression and Other Abnormal Behaviors in Cats2017/05/232019/02/06
Certifying Emotional Support Animals2017/05/18
College Campuses Recognizing Benefits of Emotional Support Animals2017/05/082017/12/20
Pets Are Great for People With Mental Health IssuesInformative2017/04/242024/04/24
Common Service Dog MisconceptionsInformative2016/11/122023/07/14
Pet Owners Save $11.7B in Health Care Costs2015/12/142021/07/11
DOJ Sues Gates-Chili Central School District Over ADA Service Animal Law2015/10/032017/06/26
Hero Service Dog Stopped From Boarding American Airlines Plane2015/09/22
Guide to Animal Visits in Hospital2015/06/032021/08/18
ADA Law for Service Animals Training VideoInformative2015/04/242024/07/12
HUD Fair Housing Act: Service and Therapy Animals in Student Housing2015/02/262021/09/02
Fake Service Dog Vests, Certificates and ID Card Scam2015/02/162021/09/06
Booster a Famous Service Dog to be Cloned2015/02/142021/09/07
Benefit of Animal Assisted Therapy in Cancer Patients2015/01/142020/10/26
When Pets with Out-of-date Vaccine are Exposed to Rabies Virus2015/01/062021/10/03
Magnolia Paws for Compassion: Animal Assistance for People with Seizure Disorders 2014/11/082021/10/20
Warrior Service Dogs North Carolina2014/09/14
Pet Therapy: Pain Reduction from Animal Assisted Therapy2014/08/132021/08/29
Therapy Dogs: How Do the Animals Feel2014/04/292021/07/28
Children with Autism Benefit by Pet OwnershipObservational Study2014/04/172023/07/16
Prison Pet Partnership Program: Trained Seizure Assistant Dogs2013/08/142021/08/29
Canine Parvovirus and Assistant Dogs2013/06/192021/04/14
American Canine Academy: An Interview with Becca2012/04/092022/04/02
Home Depot, Senior Living, FedEx and Frijole2012/04/022022/04/06
A Vest for Frijole - A Hearing Assistance DogOpinion Piece / Editorial2012/03/292023/09/16
Service and Therapy Dogs: ADA State RightsInformative2011/12/192024/04/24
Autism Service Dogs: Information, Training, Purposes2011/12/152021/11/11
Training Emotional-Assistance Service Dogs2011/10/242021/12/11
What is the Role of a Therapy Dog?Informative2011/04/182024/04/24
CRTASA: Registry of Therapy and Service Animals2010/11/072020/01/30
Thames Center Service Dogs also Provides Animal Assisted Therapy2010/10/182013/06/14
Service and Guide Dog Facts and EtiquetteInformative2010/08/062024/04/05
Safety of Topical Flea and Tick Products2010/04/082013/06/15
Human Medications Poisonous To Pets2010/01/072013/06/15
Holiday Toxin Tips from Pet Poison Helpline2009/11/172013/06/15
Laws Regarding Service Animals in Places of BusinessInformative2009/10/312024/06/06
Home Toxins That Can Poison Pets2009/10/262018/12/26
Pet Poison Helpline Offers Halloween Safety Tips for Pets2009/10/222016/10/25
Pet Poison Advice and Emergency Helpline2009/10/192016/06/11
Service Dogs - Thames Center Service Dogs2009/08/272013/06/14
Queensland Takes Guide Dogs Most Seriously2009/07/072015/03/18
Owning a Rescue Cat Saved My Life2009/04/022021/06/17
Southeastern Guide Dogs - Service Animals2009/02/032010/07/04
Legitimate Service Dog Training2009/01/282010/11/07
Hunting Dogs as Therapy and Service Dogs2009/01/232014/04/29
Helping Hands Monkey Helpers for Quadriplegics2009/01/082010/07/11
Guide Dogs for Alzheimer's Patients and CaregiversInformative2009/01/012024/04/05
Travel Tips for Flying with Service Animals2008/12/312015/09/22
Guide Dog Lesson to Drivers2008/06/062009/01/06

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