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A Test of Blind Ambition: 3D Soundscape of What it was Like for Paralympian Libby Clegg Growing Up

  • Synopsis: Published: 2016-09-08 (Rev. 2016-11-06) - Video clip features 3D audio and asks the viewer to plug in their headphones and close their eyes to get a sense of what it is like to experience the world without sight. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Guide Dogs at

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Quote: "Having my guide dog Hattie gives me the confidence to train and compete, and live my life how I want."

Guide Dogs teams up with award-winning agency Don't Panic to create an innovative binaural video which allows the viewer to experience what life could be like as a blind person. - Partially sighted Paralympic sprinter, Libby Clegg tells her story through the film, explaining how she defeated the stigma and achieved her goals...

The charity Guide Dogs has teamed up with award-winning agency Don't Panic and paralympian Libby Clegg to create a detailed soundscape film - one that lets the viewer experience what it might be like to grow up with sight loss, yet still harbour a burning ambition.

The inspiring short film helps the viewer understand the challenges faced by blind and partially sighted people and how, with the help of Guide Dogs, they can realise their dreams. The emphasis on the audio helps sighted individuals to understand what it might be like for blind and partially sighted people growing up.

We hear a dramatisation of Libby's childhood, both the good - her supportive family, loyal friends and inspiring coaches, and the bad - the school bullies, discouraging teachers and constant naysayers. The binaural experience asks viewers to put on their headphones, close their eyes and get a feel for Libby's world, from her difficult start to her incredible finish.

The film ends with visuals of Libby's 2014 Commonwealth Games 100m and of her and her guide dog Hattie, who she thanks for giving her the confidence to achieve her dreams.

Paralympic sprinter, Libby Clegg.
About This Image: Paralympic sprinter, Libby Clegg.

"Having my guide dog Hattie gives me the confidence to train and compete, and live my life how I want. The film mimics some of the experiences I had as a child through to adulthood and I hope it gives those without sight loss an insight into mine and other blind or partially sighted people's lives and the obstacles we face, and an understanding of how Guide Dogs as a charity can help us to overcome them."

Nick Hodder, head of digital at Guide Dogs said:

"This is the first time we've created a video that tries to put the viewer directly into the world of someone with sight loss. It's a really engaging emotional and sensory experience where we're asking the viewer to challenge themselves to see how they would feel facing the world as a blind child. "We want to increase understanding of the challenges that people with sight loss face, but also tackle preconceptions about what they can achieve. It's a fantastic story of determination and ambition."

Video Clip: A Test of Blind Ambition

For more information, visit or contact Gabriel at Don't Panic London on or +44 207 737 6556.

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