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Disability Sexuality Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Rising Syphilis Cases Highlight Importance of Symptom AwarenessInformative2024/06/122024/06/13
U.S. Department of Education Title IX Rules Provide Safeguards Against Gender BiasAnnouncement2024/04/272024/04/29
Beyond the Margins: Empowering Visually Impaired Women Through Comprehensive Sexuality EducationInformative2024/03/20
Link Between Childhood Trauma and Chronic Pain in Adulthood Gains Attention in Latest ResearchSystematic Review2023/12/19
Women and Girls with Disabilities Face Alarming Rates of Sexual Violence and Increased Barriers in Seeking JusticeInformative2023/12/06
Equity in Focus: Prayatna Nepal's Lalitpur Health Workers Orientation on Disability and SexualityPaper / Essay2023/08/232024/02/20
Delivering an Effective Sexual Health Education Program to Caribbean Youth in the U.S.Announcement / Notification2023/07/29
Revolutionizing Sexual Education: Empowering Women with Disabilities Through Accessible and Inclusive Approaches in Offline and Online SettingsPaper / Essay2023/05/292024/02/20
Social Sexual Education for People with Neurodevelopmental DisabilityStudy2022/07/192023/09/14
Using Pronouns Correctly: Questions, Answers, Information2021/09/042021/11/05
The Brain Broad Talks About Lust: Helping Teenagers with Autism Through Puberty and BeyondInformative2020/04/112024/04/26
Take a Look at This Heart | Love and Sexuality in the Disabled CommunityAnnouncement / Notification2018/12/232023/10/04
Over One-Third of LGBTQ Adults Identify as Having a Disability2018/07/012018/08/23
Gonorrhea Bacterium Resisting Last Resort Antibiotic CeftriaxoneAnnouncement / Notification2018/04/092023/12/28
Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and AdultsInformative2017/07/292024/05/14
Chlamydia: Male and Female Symptoms and TreatmentInformative2014/10/102024/06/12
Gonorrhea Becoming Treatment Resistant WorldwideInformative2014/03/192024/06/12
Gender Identity Issues More Likely Among Children with Autism or ADHDFindings2014/03/122024/05/24
Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS)2013/12/102021/08/29
Sexuality, TBI and Rehabilitation2013/04/052021/05/07
People with Disabilities and Sexual AssaultInformative2012/11/202023/08/03
Undressing in Public Places Causes Stress for Women2012/04/012022/04/07
Cancer and Fertility - Young Women Speak Up2012/01/10
Males with Disabilities 4 Times More Likely to be Sexually Abused2011/10/132018/06/18
How Songs About Sex and Sexual Lyrics Affect Children2011/09/07
Birth Control Pill for Men May Be Available Soon2011/06/05
What Makes Males Sexually Attractive to Women2011/05/242022/03/26
Sexually Active Women Should Take Folic Acid Everyday2011/03/162012/04/22
U.S. Department of State Joins the Together for Girls Public-Private Partnership2010/09/25
Diabetes Impairs But Does Not Halt Sex Among Older Adults2010/08/27
Sex and Disabilities Information - Disability Sexuality2010/06/172012/09/20
How is Sexuality Affected by Spinal Cord Injury - Disability Sexuality2010/06/17
Dr. Ruth - America's Charismatic Sex Therapist2010/06/022018/08/20
Museum of Sex Intimate Encounters2008/06/082018/06/18
Sex and Personality Disorders2008/02/212015/02/02

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