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Disability Credit Consultants Canada

Outline: Disability Credit Consultants offers new features for disabled Canadians including list of eligible disabilities to determine if your disability qualifies for tax credit.

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In an effort to better serve the Canadian public, our growing client base and those seeking disability credits and disability tax benefits in Canada, Disability Credit Consultants recently launched a new, state of the art website.

Disability Tax Credit - A credit offered by Revenue Canada to those with severe mental or physical impairment which restricts basic activities of daily living and/or need and dedicate time for Life Sustaining Therapy. They further require that the person eligible have an impairment that has lasted or is expected to last for a period of 12 continuous months.

A spokesperson for Disability Credit Consultants said the new website went live in early July after several months of development and that the major focus of the website was to improve customer service. "We wanted to make it as easy and painless as possible for potential clients to submit a request for a disability tax credit," he explained.

The new site had several important new features in it that should help our potential clients with the disability tax credit process. Such features are:

New Disability Tax Credit Assessment Form

It was felt that a simple, clear eligibility assessment form would improve customer experience on the site. To this end, a key feature of the site is a very short eligibility assessment form. The form takes under five minutes to complete and submit.

Once submitted, the form is assessed by a Associate with Disability Credit Consultants. As well, Disability Credit Consultants have committed to have the Associate call back the person submitting the form within the same business day. "We believe prompt communication is part of overall superior customer service," explained the Company Spokesperson.

"When you're dealing with a disability you are already under a great deal of stress. It's our mission at Disability Credit Consultants to reduce that stress for our clients in all ways possible. The obvious way is to help alleviate financial stress by obtaining a disability credit. However, if we are not able to be of assistance, we want our clients to know that too, immediately, rather than having to wait for such news."

List of Eligible Disabilities

Another key feature of the new website is a list of eligible disabilities. "Having a list of eligible disabilities makes is easy and fast to determine if your disability qualifies for the tax credit," explained the Spokesperson. They cautioned, however, that the list was a "high-level" way of determining eligibility and in no way comprehensive. "We would still prefer that potential clients complete the eligibility assessment and let one of our associates make the final decision on eligibility," they said.

Disability Credit Consultants is a Toronto, Ontario based company. It's goal is to assist Canadians with disabilities with their disability tax credit forms and applications.

By providing honest, professional review of their situation, we have helped scores of individuals and families receive the disability tax credit that is rightfully theirs. More so, we only get paid if the client is successful in their application for disability Tax Credit. Website:

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