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Social Security & Disability Benefit Cheats: Reporting Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Disability Benefit Cheats category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Social Security & Disability Benefit Cheats: Reporting Information Publications

2016-04-18 : 57 Months Prison Sentence for Disability Benefits Fraud : John W. Caltabiano, Jr. sentenced to 57 months prison after jury found him guilty of fraudulently obtaining federal and state disability benefits.

2015-01-17 : 40 People Arrested and Indicted for Social Security Fraud : Federal grand jury returns indictments for fraud in application process for SSA disability insurance benefits in Puerto Rico.

2014-08-04 : CrissCross - Reducing Disability Benefit Fraud Risk : CrissCross provides personal hands-on care while ensuring professionalism and accountability SSA needs to protect beneficiaries and the overall representative payee program.

2014-03-31 : New U.S. Disability Fraud Prevention Unit Based in New York : The U.S. Department of Social Security announces a new disability fraud prevention unit in NY that will identify trends to help prevent fraud nationwide.

2013-11-08 : Federal Disability Benefits and Fraud Allegations : Recent fraud allegations could result in longer wait times and higher denial rates for SSDI and SSI disability claimants.

2012-05-23 : Father Sentenced for Stealing Social Security Benefits from His Son : Man from Conyers, Georgia, who stole his sons Social Security benefits sentenced to 15 months confinement, which included combination of prison, halfway house placement, and home confinement.

2011-08-04 : Blue Badge Disability Parking Fraud - Free Parking for Fraudsters : Results of a survey carried out by the charity Disabled Motoring UK with the help of Blue Badge Fraud Investigation.

2011-07-08 : UK Benefit Cheats Warned of Fraud Blitz : U.K. welfare benefit cheats are being warned that a new Mobile Regional Taskforce to combat fraud will be visiting their area.

2011-06-28 : AARP Endorses Legislation to Crack Down on Medicare and Medicaid Fraud : AARP announces its endorsement of new legislation to crack down on fraud in Medicare and Medicaid.

2011-06-17 : Claiming Disability? Beware, Your Insurance Company May Be Watching : Disability benefit claimants are discovering some insurance companies use invasive claim-investigation techniques and utilize evidence out of context to unfairly deny claims.

2011-06-17 : Instant Fines for Incorrect UK Benefit Claims : People who negligently give incorrect information on their claim or who neglect to notify a change in circumstances will face a new civil penalty fine.

2011-05-24 : Disability Tax Credits Cheat Jailed : The Government will not tolerate dishonest people stealing public money which pays for vital services.

2011-05-04 : Miami-Area Corporations Plead Guilty to $200M Medicare Fraud : Fraud scheme resulted in the submission of more than $200 million in fraudulent claims to Medicare.

2010-11-13 : Identifying Disability Fraud : Disability fraud is a problem world wide as there are millions of people receiving disability assistance from social security insurance companies and other institutions.

2010-11-13 : UK No Longer Easy Target for Benefit and Tax Fraud : UK published radical new proposals to reduce the billions of dollars lost to tax and benefits fraud and error every year.

2009-10-16 : Tips to Prevent Medical Identity Theft and Medicare Fraud : Medical identity theft occurs when someone steals a patient's personal information such as name and Medicare number.

2009-10-08 : Medicare Fraud Crackdown in Louisiana : According to Attorney General Medicare and Medicaid fraud cost the government billions of dollars each year.

2009-04-10 : 3 Years imprisonment for Illinois Disability Benefit Cheat : Illinois Man Cheats Social Security Disability System and Receives 3 Years In Jail.

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