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Cuts to the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Published: 2011-02-12
Author: Disabled World

Synopsis: The Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in England is a tax-free benefit for people with disabilities. The Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in England is a tax-free benefit for people with disabilities.


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The Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in England is a tax-free benefit for people with disabilities.

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The DLA assists people with extra costs they may have because of the fact that they are disabled. The DLA is not something that is based upon the person's disability; instead, it is based upon the person's needs that arise from it.

People can qualify for a DLA if they have a disability such as blindness, a mental health disability, or a sensory disability. The person's disability must be severe enough for them to require assistance with caring for themselves or a person to supervise them; or if they have walking difficulties. The person must also be under the age of sixty-five when they make a claim for a DLA. People with disabilities can receive a DLA whether they work or not and the DLA is commonly not affected by any income or savings the person may have.

In other words, the DLA helps children, young adults, and middle-aged people with disabilities. The DLA is helping people with disabilities to buy food, get transportation to their doctors and work, and even get a haircut on occasion. The government; however, is actually considering cutting the financial support so many people with disabilities in England need out from under them.

What does this mean, exactly? Let's take a closer look at what the DLA is tied to. For example, a person on DLA can find themselves receiving an increase in other forms of benefits or credits they are entitled to because they are receiving a Disability Living Allowance. These benefits or credits may include:

Does anyone know for certain what the cuts made by the government to the DLA itself will do to the other benefits and credits related to the DLA? There are, of course, many people with disabilities in England who are extremely concerned about potential cuts to the DLA because they truly need this benefit in order to simply get out of the house, for example. Many people with disabilities are wondering how they are going to eat, how they will get to their doctor, or how they will ever afford even the most minor necessities of living. Others are wondering if their own homes will become their prisons.

For people who experience terminal illnesses, cuts to the DLA could be even more disastrous. People who have forms of progressive diseases that find them with shortened life expectancies who would be eligible for a DLA may find themselves placed entirely out in the cold. How very cruel of a government that is supposed to be civilized.

There are currently two components of the Disability Living Allowance. These components include the, 'Care Component,' and the, 'Mobility Component.' The care component is provided for people with disabilities who require assistance from a carer or supervision to keep them safe. The mobility component is for people with disabilities who are unable to walk or have difficulties walking, or need assistance to move. People with disabilities may receive one or both components. Where both of these components are concerned there is no room for any cuts on the part of the government.

People with disabilities are not the only one's concerned about potential cuts to the DLA; carers are very concerned too. They are worried that changes in the way disability allowances are paid may lead to difficulties for them. Carers are disappointed that the government hasn't presented them with consideration in its proposals, or in how changes would affect Carer's Allowance claims. At this time, the government is considering replacing the DLA with a scheme referred to as the, 'Personal Independence Payment.' Of course - terminology means nothing without financial support.

Will the government decide to place financial hardships on vast numbers of People with Disabilities and Carers? Or will it decide that money can be saved in other areas during times of financial hardship? One thing is certain; in order to remain a civilized society, England must remember that a civilized society is measured by its ability to provide for everyone within that society. How much brutality will the government pursue in the name of, 'savings' One can hope that humanity is worth more than other things during these times.

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