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U.S. Social Security: Disability Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World U.S. Social Security category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-10US-Born Workers Receive Disability Benefits More Often Than Workers From Abroad
2017-10-132018 COLA - 3rd Year With No Net Growth in Social Security Benefits
2017-10-13Social Security Announces 2% COLA Benefit Increase for 2018
2017-09-30Social Security Task Force Statement on H.R. 2792
2017-09-28Social Security COLA Forecast For 2018 is 1.8 Percent
2017-09-08New Conditions Added to U.S. Social Security Disability Benefits Compassionate Allowances List
2017-06-08Social Security Benefits Have Lost 30% of Buying Power Since 2000
2016-10-18U.S. Social Security 0.3% Benefit Increase for 2017
2016-10-122017 COLA Forecast - Lowest Ever Paid
2016-07-15Estimated 0.2% COLA in 2017 - Social Security Recipients Need Better Benefit Boost
2016-06-24U.S. Social Security Disability Fund Improves in Near Term
2016-06-02U.S. Social Security Benefits Lose 23% of Buying Power Since 2000
2016-05-06List of Most Popular American Boy and Girl Baby Names
2016-03-09Social Security Process for Determining if Beneficiaries Can Manage Benefits
2015-10-15No 2016 COLA Increase for Social Security Disability & Veteran Disability Recipients
2015-08-14Negative Cash Flow for U.S. Social Security, Medicare, & Disability
2015-08-06U.S. Social Security Disability Program to Add More Judges
2015-07-22Social Security Trust Fund Reserve Gains a Year for Projected Depletion Date
2015-06-11Serious Financial Repercussions if Social Security Benefits Cut by 20%
2015-04-10Psychological Testing for Disability Benefits Determination
2015-02-18Congress Social Security Reform Means Cuts
2015-02-02SSA-1099 Form - Online Replacement
2015-01-29Unemployment for People with Disabilities Drops - SSDI Applications Down
2015-01-27Disability Program at Risk Due to Failure to Complete Medical Reviews
2014-12-22Disability Beneficiaries To See 2015 COLA Increase In January
2014-11-07U.S. Social Security Projections to be Reviewed
2014-10-291.7% COLA Benefit Increase for 2015 Announced by Social Security
2014-08-11U.S. Disability Benefits - Number of Credits Needed to Claim
2014-07-30No Change in Projected Year of U.S. Social Security Trust Fund Reserve Depletion
2014-07-29Statement on 2014 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports
2014-06-28New Social Security Policy for Same Sex Relationships
2014-04-18Government Benefits for People and Veterans With Disabilities
2014-04-03Workers Over 50 Applying for Disability Benefits - Special Rules
2014-03-13Compassionate Allowances Program Provides Faster SSDI Benefit Decisions
2014-03-05FY 2015 President's Budget Request
2014-01-22Proposed Changes That May Affect Your Social Security Disability Benefits
2014-01-18A Social Security Disability Claim Can be Impacted by Obesity
2013-11-02Same-sex Couples Can File for Social Security Disability Benefits
2013-10-302014 Social Security Benefit Increase of 1.5%
2013-08-12Expediting Disability Payments for Terminally Ill - New Bill Introduced
2013-07-29Social Security Disability Demographics in Rural America
2013-06-14No Change in Social Security Trust Fund Reserve Depletion Projected Year
2013-06-03Chained CPI Will Reduce Social Security Benefits to Large Number of Recipients
2013-05-11U.S. Department of Social Security Mobile Site for Smartphone Users
2012-10-16COLA: 1.7% Benefit Increase for 2013 - Social Security
2012-05-21Request for Proposals to Reform SSA System, Funding Opportunity
2012-05-02Online Social Security Statement Now Available
2012-04-25Disability Benefits May Run Dry by 2016
2012-04-09Proving to Social Security Administration You are Alive Not Dead
2012-02-27Factors Involved in The Social Security Disability Process
2012-02-12Future of U.S. Social Security Disability Program
2011-12-11U.S. Department of Social Security Benefits Calculators
2011-11-19Medicaid: U.S. Public Health Care Safety Net
2011-11-18Determining Benefits for Young Adults with Disability
2011-10-25Types of Income That May Decrease SSDI Benefits
2011-10-24Social Security Benefits for Depression
2011-10-2111-1p Ruling Limits Disability Benefits Options After Denial
2011-10-19U.S. Social Security Payment Increase for 2012
2011-10-02Social Security Disability Application Filing Tips
2011-09-07Supplemental Security Income - Federal Aid for Seniors and Disabled
2011-08-29Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Appeals Process
2011-08-27US Social Security Disability Program In Trouble
2011-08-14Social Security Disability Determination Process
2011-07-31Social Security on Death Row - A Disgrace to American Ideology
2011-07-29Preserving U.S. Social Security a Matter of Priority
2011-07-24Can You Get Both Disability and Unemployment Benefits
2011-07-03Workers Compensation and Other Benefits Can Affect SSDI Benefit
2011-06-28SSA Disability Eligibility Checklist
2011-06-27Social Security Video Hearings for Disability Cases
2011-06-26How Social Security Determines If You Are Disabled
2011-06-23Social Security Funds Projected to Deplete Within 25 Years
2011-06-07Paperless SSDI and SSI Payments
2011-06-05Social Security Disability Benefit Myths
2011-05-29Queens SSA Office Accused of Bias in Denying Disability Claims
2011-05-13Projected Social Security Trust Fund Exhaustion a Year Sooner
2011-04-08Lowering Wait for Disability Hearings
2011-04-07Fast-Tracking Heart Disease-Related Disability Claims
2011-03-26SSI Payment Benefits for Children with Disability
2011-03-21Social Security Disability Benefits Appeals Process
2011-03-17Politics of Social Security - Word Choice
2011-03-05SSDI and SSI Social Security Disability Applications
2011-02-25Social Security Disability - Ability to Obtain Representation Threatened
2011-02-24Decreasing Social Security Benefits for Most Seniors in 2013
2011-02-17Bringing a Witness to a Social Security Disability Benefits Hearing
2011-02-09Help Winning a Disability Benefits Claim
2011-02-08Will You Owe IRS if You Receive Social Security Benefits
2011-02-06Social Security Disability Secrets
2011-02-03How Does the SSA Decide - Determining Disability
2011-01-31Social Security Day of Reckoning Has Come
2011-01-30SSI Benefits for Young Adults
2011-01-19Ways To Help Win Your Social Security Disability Benefits Claim
2011-01-13Impact of Social Security Disability Income on Other Benefits
2010-12-23Social Security's Future at Risk with New Tax Deal
2010-12-16Recession Will Cost Baby Boomers Up To $40,000 in Benefits
2010-12-13Evaluating Claims of Mental Disorders - Criteria Revision
2010-12-08What You Need to Know About Social Security Disability
2010-11-21Claims for SSD Include a Long Wait for a Hearing
2010-11-19Upswing in Disability Claims with Downturn in Economy
2010-11-17How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits
2010-10-25Increasing the Retirement Age for Social Security
2010-10-16Zero Cost-of-Living Adjustment to Impact Most Vulnerable Seniors
2010-10-16No Change in Social Security COLA - Good and Bad News
2010-10-13Social Security Fast-Track Disability Processes Get Even Faster
2010-10-13Social Security Expert Says Proposed Benefit Cuts will not Help Reduce the Deficit
2010-10-05$500 Million in Suspended Disability Benefits Returned
2010-09-30AJC Urges Congress to Extend SSI Benefits for Refugees
2010-09-30What You Need to Know About Social Security
2010-09-13Social Security Disability Program Fosters and Prolongs Destitution
2010-09-05Benefits for Widows, Widowers & Other Survivors
2010-09-04U.S. Social Security $2.6 Trillion Dollar Surplus
2010-09-03Flawed SSD Process with More Claimants, Longer Waits, Routine Denial
2010-09-01Social Security Checks Arriving Early Along Atlantic Coast
2010-08-28Long Lines at Social Security Offices Not Going Away Anytime Soon
2010-08-25Are You Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits
2010-08-13Backlog for SSDI Cases: Is Help on the Way for Disability Applicants
2010-08-12Social Security's 75th Anniversary
2010-08-11Americans Plan to Rely on Social Security
2010-07-26Social Security Wants You to Share Your Personal Stories and Reflections
2010-07-23Social Security Proposes Legislation to End Furloughs of Federally Paid State Disability Workers
2010-06-28Debt Commission Threatening Social Security and Obama's Own Party
2010-06-26Fibromyalgia and Social Security Disability Benefit Payments
2010-06-16Arthritis Sufferers Applying For Disability Benefits
2010-05-25Liver Disease - Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits
2010-05-24Study Considers Social Security Benefits for Students
2010-05-04Depression and Social Security Disability Benefits
2010-05-04Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Social Security Disability Benefits
2010-04-29Fast Processing of Social Security Disability Claims
2010-04-15Social Security Disability Insurance Backlogs - 10 Worst States
2010-04-07U.S. Social Security Releases Open Government Plan
2010-03-12Backlog Continues in 2010 for SSDI Claims
2010-03-12Keeping Disability Benefits after a Disabled Child Becomes an Adult
2010-03-11Social Security Health Care Information for Disability Applicants
2010-03-02Social Security Hearings Backlog Falls
2010-02-26Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits
2010-02-25Ending Furloughs of Federally Funded State Employees
2010-02-11U.S. Social Security Launches New Open Government Webpage
2010-02-08Breaking Through Social Security Disability Claims Backlog - Tips from Allsup
2010-02-01Social Security Awards Nearly $20 Million for Electronic Medical Records
2010-01-23When Should I Take Social Security Benefits
2010-01-23Social Security Makes New Disability Data Available to Public
2009-12-11U.S. Department of Social Security Sending Corrected Benefit Notices
2009-11-26Inspector General Asked to Investigate California and Hawaii Disability Determination Services
2009-10-21Estimating Social Security Disability (SSDI) Benefits
2009-10-03Social Security Administration Disability Backlog Lowered
2009-08-26Importance of Work History for Social Security Disability Benefits
2009-07-31SSDI and Social Security Disability Questions and Answers
2009-06-20Social Security Permanent Disability Claims
2009-06-01Social Security Disability Backlog Worsens
2009-05-18Understanding Social Security Statement for Disability Financial Planning
2009-05-05More Women Turning to Social Security Disability Benefits
2009-04-20Information for Social Security Disability Applicants Seeking Representation
2009-03-28Strengthen Social Security Disability Program - U.S. Sen. Grassley
2009-03-27Social Security Delays for People With Disabilities
2009-03-24Social Security Disability Benefits Not Easy Even After Approval
2009-03-18People with Disabilities May Miss Out on Significant Tax Savings this Season
2009-03-14What is the Difference Between SSDI and SSI
2009-03-12Social Security Administration Programs - U.S.
2009-03-02US Social Security Disability Benefits Answers
2009-02-26Social Security Disability Insurance Recipients to Get Extra $250
2009-02-24Social Security Compassionate Allowance Conditions - Current List
2009-02-24Disability Payments for Back Conditions
2009-02-19Applying for SSA Disability: The Significance of Residual Functional Capacity
2009-02-16SSI Disability Application Tips for 2009
2009-01-31US Social Security Disability Impairments
2009-01-30Social Security Disability Applications Reaches 2.6 Million
2009-01-232009 Social Security Disability Recipients Benefits Rise
2009-01-12Applying for Social Security Disability Payments
2009-01-05What To Do If Denied Social Security Disability Benefits
2008-03-18U.S. State Rankings for Disability Backlogs


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