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Applying for Social Security Disability Payments

Published: 2009-01-12 - Updated: 2010-06-27
Author: Berry & Associates

Synopsis: Facts people with disabilities need to know about applying for Social Security Disability in 2009.

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Those that need to apply for Social Security disability benefits will join a long list of applicants, some that have been waiting for two years or more to receive Social Security disability benefits.

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What do disabled consumers need to know about applying for Social Security Disability in 2009

What types of changes from the SSA (Social Security Administration) can be expected? The disability lawyers of Berry & Associates would like to remind disabled consumers about some basic principles about the Social Security disability application that will be helpful for 2009.

Social Security Lawyer's Opinion about the 2009 Disability Application Process:

"With an aging baby boomer generation, combined with increased pressures and demands that the worker places on himself in his daily job, we are expecting 2009 to continue the trend of longer waits to win disability benefits," explains Matt Berry, Founder and Principal of Berry and Associates. "We have observed the strains on the Social Security system are continuously being stretched. In 2009, look for increased talks for pushing back the retirement age, income indexing of (retirement) benefits and even talks of increasing the amount of earned income subject to Social Security tax."

Applying for Disability Benefits:

Those that need to apply for Social Security disability benefits will join a long list of applicants, some that have been waiting for two years or more to receive Social Security disability benefits. The lines are getting longer and the number of applicants is increasing. The SSA is experiencing a bottleneck for processing disability applications. For many applicants this will spell frustration, especially considering that over half of Social Security disability applicants are denied disability benefits at the initial application level.

Reasons Disability Applications are Denied:

Have you applied and been denied Social Security disability? The first thing to focus on is "don't give up!" When your application is reviewed it seems the goal is to find a reason not to award you disability benefits. Too often obvious (and deserving) disability applications are denied because the proper medical evidence was not submitted to support the claim. Another roadblock is that the state agency that handles the first two levels of a social security disability claim are understaffed, overworked and under-trained. If you are denied at the initial application or reconsideration levels, don't give up. Once we request that your case be heard by a Judge, it's a whole new ball game.

Importance of Documenting Medical Evidence for Impairments and Symptoms:

To ensure you have the best possible chance of winning Social Security disability benefits, you'll need to present documentation of your disability impairments and symptoms. Significant evidence needed to award benefits can be obtained through doctor's notes. An experienced Social Security attorney knows how best to present this medical evidence and usually asks technical questions of your doctor to obtain the evidence needed.

Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer (Attorney)

Any consumer applying for disability will need to ask, "Do I need a Social Security disability lawyer" Social Security representatives are trained to tell you "no." That is because they know the chances of you winning benefits are greatly increased if you hire a Social Security disability attorney. Too often people do not reach out to a disability lawyer because they are nervous about disability attorney fees. Berry & Associates only charges a fee if you win disability benefits--fees are capped at 25% of back benefits, or $5,300--whichever is less. We never take a portion of your future benefits.

Tips for 2009 Disability Applications:

The trend of increased wait times has lead many lawyers to reaffirm the advice of ensuring medical evidence is well documented. Don't wait for an appeal to gather all medical information. If you're working with a disability lawyer, ensure your legal team is working together with you to ensure all medical evidence, including doctor's notes is presented. The earlier the information can be presented, the sooner it can help influence the outcome of your claim. Presenting all medical information at the application level in a well-documented fashion is ideal and one of the biggest factors claimants will find help their disability cases.

Reference: Matt Berry and his team of Social Security Attorneys at Berry & Associates explain what disabled consumers need to know about applying for Social Security disability benefits in 2009. Berry & Associates owns and operates the website, a website dedicated to providing disability lawyer insight to consumers. For questions about 2009 disability applications, visit their website, or call 1-800-507-4774.

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