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Disability Statistics Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
Factors Associated With Learning Disabilities and Autism Led to Euthanasia Requests and Assisted Suicide in the NetherlandsYes2023/07/05
U.S. Rates of Autism Climb to New HighsN/A2023/03/23
Major Improvement in Disability Prevalence Among U.S. SeniorsYes2023/02/03
Wheelchairs Users Least Accommodated Among Marginalized GroupsN/A2021/07/26
COVID-19 A Leading Cause of DisabilityN/A2021/07/052021/08/23
Ireland: Persons with Disabilities Health Survey ResultsN/A2020/12/16
U.S. FBI Hate Crime Statistics 2019Yes2020/11/172023/10/04
Local UK Councils Disabled Facilities Grant SpendingN/A2019/08/062024/02/15
2019 Report on U.S. Disability Employment Rate by StateN/A2019/02/162020/12/02
2018 Statistics Reveal 1 in 4 Adults Live with DisabilityN/A2018/08/192019/03/11
U.S. Seniors to Outnumber Children for the First TimeN/A2018/08/03
Aging With an Intellectual Disability - New Longitudinal ReportN/A2017/12/072018/03/15
2016 FBI Hate Crime StatisticsYes2017/11/152023/10/04
25 Million Unsafe Abortions Annually WorldwideYes2017/09/282023/02/10
Births and Population Prevalence of Down Syndrome in Nine States N/A2017/08/29
Statistics Show U.S. Senior Population Still GrowingN/A2017/06/222021/07/30
2017 U.S. Census Bureau Disability Statistics Facts for FeaturesN/A2017/06/062017/06/13
U.S. Disability Statistics by Type and AgeN/A2017/06/022017/06/03
U.S. Disability Statistics by State, County, City and AgeN/A2017/05/302020/02/20
Almost 50% of Global Deaths Now Have A Recorded CauseN/A2017/05/17
Persons with Hidden Mobility Disability (HMD) Facts and StatisticsN/A2017/03/242017/10/19
Women, Minorities and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering ReportN/A2017/01/312023/04/19
Fundamental Rights of Persons With Disability Statistics and ChartsN/A2017/01/142023/04/21
2015 FBI Hate Crime StatisticsYes2016/11/292023/10/04
Disability Hate Crime within the UK - Vulnerability, Power, Oppression and DominationN/A2016/06/022016/06/11
U.S. Population Aging Slower than Other CountriesN/A2016/03/302021/06/09
Disabling Perceptions: Sport and Workplace DisabilityN/A2016/03/042020/11/07
U.S. CDC Disability Statistics ReportN/A2015/12/242020/11/26
33% of Prisoners Reported a Disability in 2011 - 2012N/A2015/12/152020/03/17
Being Disabled: What Should Qualify as a Disability?N/A2015/07/312021/08/07
U.K. Wheelchair User StatisticsN/A2015/04/192016/09/24
Hispanics Confront High Disability Rate in Later LifeN/A2015/03/28
20% of Insured Americans Avoid Seeing Doctor Due to Fear of CostN/A2015/01/242021/01/29
Veteran Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau N/A2014/10/05
Recent U.S. Disability Statistics from the Census BureauN/A2014/07/182017/06/28
1.3M Violent Crimes Against Persons with DisabilitiesN/A2014/02/27
Unemployment Rate Double for People with Intellectual DisabilitiesN/A2014/02/202016/03/25
America Lags Behind Other Countries in HealthN/A2013/07/102021/11/03
U.S. Disability Statistics: Facts and FiguresN/A2013/05/292022/01/30
Child Disability Rate Climbs 16% Over Last 10 YearsN/A2013/05/05
Persons with a Disability Employment ReportN/A2013/04/292016/11/10
Mobility Device Statistics: United StatesN/A2013/04/222022/10/02
30% of Adults Receiving Government Assistance Have a DisabilityN/A2013/02/282022/02/11
Injuries to Workers with Disabilities StudyN/A2012/09/012021/07/31
Funding Disability Payments with Disability Trust Fund TaxN/A2012/07/092021/08/22
Health and Well-Being of Seniors in Low to Middle Income CountriesN/A2012/05/092017/10/23
Seniors Facts and Statistics for May 2012 Older Americans MonthN/A2012/03/07
Disability in America InfographicN/A2011/12/012022/01/31
U.S. 65+ Population Growing Faster Than Total PopulationN/A2011/11/302021/11/20
Veteran Statistics for Veterans Day 2011N/A2011/11/01
Latest U.S. Disability Statistics and FactsN/A2011/07/26
Worldwide 350 Million Adults Have DiabetesN/A2011/06/272022/02/25
World Health Organization (WHO) Disability ReportN/A2011/06/132022/03/08
Demographic Study of People with Disabilities - IndianaN/A2011/01/28
Skin Cancer in America: Facts and StatisticsN/A2011/01/282020/01/17
10% of American Children Have Mental Illness - State by State FiguresN/A2010/10/122012/09/19
US State Data on Disability Income, Housing Costs and People with Mental IllnessN/A2010/10/072018/08/19
Safest American Cities for Families with Young ChildrenN/A2010/09/29
American Community Survey Data - Census BureauN/A2010/09/29
Facts and Statistics on Unmarried and Single AmericansN/A2010/09/13
Disability Benefits and Urgent Debts Show Biggest SurgeN/A2010/09/012016/06/13
U.S. Employment Statistics for Persons with a DisabilityN/A2010/08/302016/11/06
ADA 20th Anniversary US Disability facts and StatisticsN/A2010/07/19
Grandparents Day - Facts and Statistics on GrandparentsN/A2010/07/12
Catering for Travelers with a DisabilityN/A2010/07/012016/03/15
$8.1 Billion Paid to People with DisabilityN/A2010/06/202013/06/14
State of Colorado Disability Information and StatisticsN/A2010/06/032017/12/24
U.S. Senior Population 2010 - 2050N/A2010/05/202022/05/02
Little Change Among Americans in Planning for RetirementN/A2010/04/01
Senior Americans Census Bureau StatisticsN/A2010/03/03
Rates of Common Mental Disorders Among American YouthN/A2009/12/142015/01/16
Combating Autism Act (CAA) - Funding AllocationsN/A2009/12/032019/01/12
Osteoarthritis Cost and StatisticsN/A2009/11/30
U.S. Veteran Facts and StatisticsN/A2009/10/132018/12/07
U.S. Current Population Survey - People with DisabilitiesN/A2009/10/042010/08/29
Study on Crime Against Persons with DisabilitiesN/A2009/10/022011/10/20
Disabilities Ignored for Millions Experiencing PovertyN/A2009/09/102010/01/16
Computer-related Injuries on the RiseN/A2009/06/09
Over 60% of US Bankruptcies Attributable to Medical ProblemsN/A2009/06/07
Number of U.S. Adults Reporting Disabilities is IncreasingN/A2009/05/042010/04/15
Research Statistics on Young adults with Cancer in CanadaN/A2009/04/202015/03/18
Medicare Beneficiary Experiences Patient Safety Event Every 1.7 minutesN/A2009/04/07
Survey Shows 40% of People with a Disability go to the MoviesN/A2009/04/052016/02/24
Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy StatisticsN/A2009/01/262013/06/11
Statistics Show Fainting Most Common Flight Medical EmergencyN/A2009/01/232013/06/04
Holistic Health Care Facts and StatisticsN/A2009/01/162020/11/22
Disability Statistics FloridaN/A2009/01/062012/09/21
Statistics Survey Indicates Lack of Planning for Income Limiting DisabilityN/A2009/01/052009/02/17
Dementia Facts and StatisticsN/A2009/01/052017/05/17
1.7 Million in UK Will Have Dementia by 2051N/A2009/01/052021/02/25
Disability Unemployment Rate by Province CanadaN/A2008/12/272010/10/03
New Statistics 54.4 Million Americans with a DisabilityN/A2008/12/20
New Disability StatisticsN/A2008/12/152012/09/21
Disability Statistics AustraliaN/A2008/12/132010/05/05
Disability Statistics CanadaN/A2008/12/102018/12/06
Council for Disability Awareness Long-term Disability Claims ReviewN/A2008/12/052020/09/18
Alarming Statistics for Aging DiseasesN/A2008/12/012010/07/21

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