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Disability Statistics: Information, Charts, Graphs and Tables Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Facts and Statistics category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-12-07Aging With an Intellectual Disability - New Longitudinal Report
2017-11-152016 FBI Hate Crime Statistics
2017-09-28Estimated 25 Million Unsafe Abortions Occur Each Year Worldwide
2017-08-29Births and Population Prevalence of Down Syndrome in Nine States
2017-06-22Census Bureau Facts and Statistics Show Senior U.S. Population Is Still Growing
2017-06-062017 U.S. Census Bureau Disability Statistics Facts for Features
2017-06-02U.S. Disability Statistics by Type and Age
2017-05-30U.S. Disability Statistics by State, County, City and Age
2017-05-17Almost 50% of Global Deaths Now Have A Recorded Cause
2017-03-24Persons with Hidden Mobility Disability (HMD) Facts and Statistics
2017-01-31Report: Women, Minorities and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering
2017-01-14Fundamental Rights Of Persons With Disability Statistics and Charts
2016-11-292015 Hate Crime Statistics From FBI
2016-06-02Disability Hate Crime within the UK - Vulnerability, Power, Oppression and Domination
2016-03-30U.S. Population Aging Slower than Other Countries
2016-03-04Disabling Perceptions: Conflicting Opinions About Disability In The Workplace & Sports
2015-12-24U.S. Disability Statistics Report - CDC
2015-12-1533% of Prisoners Reported a Disability in 2011 - 2012
2015-07-31What Should Qualify as a Disability - Poll Statistics
2015-04-19U.K. Wheelchair User Statistics
2015-03-28Hispanics Confront High Disability Rate in Later Life
2015-01-2420% of Insured Americans Avoid Seeing Doctor Due to Fear of Cost
2014-10-05Veteran Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau
2014-07-18Recent U.S. Disability Statistics from the Census Bureau
2014-02-271.3M Violent Crimes Against Persons with Disabilities
2014-02-20Unemployment Rate Double for People with Intellectual Disabilities
2013-07-10America Lags Behind Other Countries in Health Outcomes
2013-05-29U.S. Disability Statistics and Information
2013-05-05Child Disability Rate Climbs 16% Over Last 10 Years
2013-04-29Persons with a Disability Employment Report
2013-04-22Mobility Device Statistics - United States
2013-02-2830% of Adults Receiving Government Assistance Have a Disability
2012-09-01Injuries to Workers with Disabilities
2012-07-09Number of People on Federal Disability Payments
2012-05-09Health and Well-Being of Seniors in Low to Middle Income Countries
2012-03-07Seniors Facts and Statistics for May 2012 Older Americans Month
2011-12-01Disability in America Infographic
2011-11-3065 and Older Population Growing Faster Than Total U.S. Population
2011-11-17U.S. Disability Statistics of School Age Children
2011-11-01Veteran Statistics for Veterans Day 2011
2011-07-26Latest U.S. Disability Statistics and Facts
2011-06-27350M. Adults with Diabetes Worldwide
2011-06-13The World Health Organization's Report on Disability
2011-01-28Demographic Study of People with Disabilities - Indiana
2010-10-1210% of American Children Have Mental Illness - State by State Figures
2010-10-07US State Data on Disability Income, Housing Costs and People with Mental Illness
2010-09-29Safest American Cities for Families with Young Children
2010-09-29American Community Survey Data - Census Bureau
2010-09-13Facts and Statistics on Unmarried and Single Americans
2010-09-01Disability Benefits and Urgent Debts Show Biggest Surge
2010-08-30U.S. Employment Statistics for Persons with a Disability
2010-07-19ADA 20th Anniversary US Disability facts and Statistics
2010-07-12Grandparents Day - Facts and Statistics on Grandparents
2010-07-01Catering for Travelers with a Disability
2010-06-20$8.1 Billion Paid to People with Disability
2010-06-03State of Colorado Disability Information and Statistics
2010-05-20Senior Population in the U.S. 2010 to 2050
2010-04-01Little Change Among Americans in Planning for Retirement
2010-03-03Senior Americans Census Bureau Statistics
2009-12-14Rates of Common Mental Disorders Among American Youth
2009-12-03Combating Autism Act (CAA) - Funding Allocations
2009-11-30Osteoarthritis Cost and Statistics
2009-10-13U.S. Veteran Facts and Statistics
2009-10-04U.S. Current Population Survey - People with Disabilities
2009-10-02Study on Crime Against Persons with Disabilities
2009-09-10Disabilities Ignored for Millions Experiencing Poverty
2009-06-09Computer-related Injuries on the Rise
2009-06-07Over 60% of US Bankruptcies Attributable to Medical Problems
2009-05-04Number of U.S. Adults Reporting Disabilities is Increasing
2009-04-20Research Statistics on Young adults with Cancer in Canada
2009-04-07Medicare Beneficiary Experiences Patient Safety Event Every 1.7 minutes
2009-04-05Survey Shows 40% of People with a Disability go to the Movies
2009-01-26Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy Statistics
2009-01-23Statistics Show Fainting Most Common Flight Medical Emergency
2009-01-16Holistic Health Care Facts and Statistics
2009-01-06Disability Statistics Florida
2009-01-05Statistics Survey Indicates Lack of Planning for Income Limiting Disability
2009-01-05Dementia Facts and Statistics
2009-01-051.7 Million Will Have Dementia by 2051
2008-12-27Disability Unemployment Rate by Province Canada
2008-12-20New Statistics 54.4 Million Americans with a Disability
2008-12-15New Disability Statistics
2008-12-13Disability Statistics Australia
2008-12-10Disability Statistics Canada
2008-12-05Statistics Show Continued Growth of Long Term Disability Claims
2008-12-01Alarming Statistics for Aging Diseases

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