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Disability Statistics Florida

Outline: A brief look at the newest disability statistics in Florida and the importance of these statistics.

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In a previous article I wrote about the newest disability statistics in the United States. We will take a brief look at them, with some of them being in Florida as this is my principal place of office. Also we will discuss what the importance is of these statistics.

The Statistics:


The median household income among households with men and women with a work limitation in Florida in averages adjusted for inflation to 2007 dollars:

Overall Rates:

Household Income:

Poverty Rates in Florida:


The number of men and women, aged 21-64 with a work limitation in Florida who lived in families with incomes below the poverty line in:

In the United States there is a 42.8% gap in Employment!

The valuable information that is in these statistics has several factors for those that serve in the field of the disability population whether that is health care or in a separate agency.

What are they

These statistics aid us with the provisions of source material of the disabled population.

Reference: Cornell University. 2008. 2007 Disability Status Report. Author: Sandi Baker Visual Innovations & Solutions. I am the Co-Founder of Visual Innovations & Solutions. We are a Non-Profit Foundation dedicated to providing visual aids and technology to the visually impaired and disabled. Please visit us at:

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