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Persons with Hidden Mobility Disability (HMD) Facts and Statistics

Author: Service-Growth Consultants Inc. : Contact:

Published: 2017-03-24 : (Rev. 2017-10-19)


HMD Fact Sheet summarizes findings from the first round of qualified individuals who completed the online Survey on Hidden Mobility Disabilities.

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First ever research into lived experience of persons with hidden mobility disabilities (HMD) - i.e., able to walk independently but only for a short distance and able to stand unsupported but only for a brief time.

Persons with a hidden mobility disability (HMD) are independently mobile but can only walk a short distance or stand unsupported for a brief time without serious health consequences.

Over 2 million Americans & Canadians have HMD.

While HMD is more frequent with aging, people of all ages have HMD and the consequences are similar for all ages.

Comfortable distance to walk unaided:

Walking is more effortful on slopes, unstable or uneven ground (like grass), going up/down stairs.

Comfortable time to stand unaided:

Common health conditions resulting in HMD:

Reactions to a person with HMD walking slowly:

Consequences of walking too far:

21% can't use anti-inflammatories to manage pain.

Difficulties in community life:


Examples of how to improve accessibility:

This Fact Sheet is based on results from the Survey on Hidden Mobility Disabilities, January-March 2017, which are reliable within ± 4 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

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