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Paratransit: Disability Transport Services Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Transport Services category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-10-27Conference on Autonomous Vehicles and the Disability Community
2017-10-09Ethical Debate On Self-Driving Cars and Decision Making Algorithms
2017-08-03Car Dealerships to Provide Hand Controls for Test Drives for Individuals With Disabilities
2017-06-20Vision for Accessible Transportation in Canada
2017-04-06RidePIN Makes It Easier to Order Ride Sharing Transportation Services
2017-01-04Teleoperation and Autonomy Can Improve Mobility For Disabled Drivers
2016-12-19Disability Community and the Future of Autonomous Vehicles
2016-09-26Canadian Hearing Society and Uber Canada Partner to Promote Accessibility
2016-07-18Health Care Transportation in Hopkins County, Kentucky
2016-04-30Blind Uber Riders Who Use Guide Dogs - Discrimination Settlement
2015-08-21Accessibility: US Department of Transport Rules
2015-08-02Wheelchair Users Protest Uber's Discriminatory Practices
2014-11-18Transportation Key to Reintegration as Civilians for Returning Veterans
2014-05-05National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
2014-03-122014 Production Launch of Universally Accessible MV-1 Vehicle
2013-04-08Vacation Inspiration: How to Rent a Wheelchair Van
2013-03-23Vehicle Insurance and Mobility Adapted Vehicles
2012-10-01What Do Self-Driving Vehicles Mean for Disabled Travelers
2012-08-21New Study Shows Disabled Pay a Lot More for Auto Insurance
2012-07-08Renault Commitment to People with Disabilities
2012-05-15Campaign Calls for Safer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
2012-04-0550% of Senior Drivers Worry About No Longer Driving
2012-01-09When Teens with Autism Wish to Start Driving
2011-12-13Don't be Selfish this Christmas - Stay Out of Disabled Parking Spaces
2011-12-05The Silver Tsunami of Aging Drivers
2011-11-05Sensor System Monitors Driver's State of Health While Driving
2011-10-24Prestige Insurance - Car Insurance for Persons with Disability, Carers and Their Families
2011-09-29First Factory Built MV-1 Mobility Vehicle Rolls off Production Line
2011-08-19BRAUN 2011 Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Accessible Van
2011-07-11Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) 2011 - 2021
2011-06-24Addressing Mobility Needs of All Transportation Users
2011-06-22Ford Vehicles Will Feature Bold Fonts to Help Drivers Read Displays
2011-06-15Aging Baby Boomers to Face Poor Mobility Options
2011-05-26Senior Drivers Support Competency Test
2011-05-07Older Driver Safety Bill
2011-04-28Selecting Drivers for a Non Emergency Transportation Company
2011-04-18Location Based Emergency Roadside Assistance
2011-03-31From Mobilise to Disabled Motoring UK
2011-02-28Helping Children with Special Medical Needs Travel Safely
2011-02-11Apprentices Hand Over Modified Bus to Disabled Children
2010-11-22Checking Your Car for Winter - Reliable Driving Tips
2010-11-10Seniors Feel Ignored by Auto Makers in the Design of Vehicles
2010-08-25The Mobility Resource Offers the Right Equipment to Make Vehicles Disability Accessible
2010-08-24Wheelchair Accessible Van Manufacturer Freedom Motors Invited to White House
2010-08-16Blind Driver Challenge Receives Top Graphical System Design Achievement Awards at NIWeek 2010
2010-07-20Debut of First Factory-Built Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Coincides With ADA 20th Anniversary
2010-07-02First Car That Can be Driven by the Blind
2010-04-22Custom Vehicle Transport of Persons with Medical Needs or Disability
2010-03-24New York City Access-A-Ride Program Cost Saving Changes
2010-03-23Diesel Exhaust Fumes Associated with Lethargy
2010-01-11Auto Access Seat for 2011 Toyota Sienna
2009-11-25Chevrolet and GM to Incorporate a Safe Sound Alert for Electric Vehicles and Hybrids - National Federation of the Blind
2009-02-04Special Education Law and Transportation


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