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Disability Transport Services Publications
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Canada's Aging Population Signals Need for More Inclusive, Accessible Transportation SystemReports and Proceedings2017/12/142023/09/21
Conference on Autonomous Vehicles and the Disability Community2017/10/272018/06/21
Ethical Debate On Self-Driving Cars and Decision Making AlgorithmsInformative2017/10/092023/11/06
Car Dealerships to Provide Hand Controls for Test Drives for Disabled2017/08/032020/03/24
Vision for Accessible Transportation in Canada2017/06/20
RidePIN Makes It Easier to Order Ride Sharing Transportation Services2017/04/062018/04/30
Teleoperation and Autonomy Can Improve Mobility For Disabled DriversInformative2017/01/042023/11/06
Disability Community and the Future of Autonomous Vehicles2016/12/192018/06/21
Canadian Hearing Society and Uber Canada Partner to Promote Accessibility2016/09/26
Health Care Transportation in Hopkins County, KentuckyAnnouncement / Notification2016/07/182023/10/09
Blind Uber Riders Who Use Guide Dogs - Discrimination Settlement2016/04/30
Accessibility: US Department of Transport Rules2015/08/21
Wheelchair Users Protest Uber's Discriminatory Practices2015/08/022015/08/06
Transportation Key to Reintegration as Civilians for Returning Veterans2014/11/182020/11/21
National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association2014/05/052021/12/09
2014 Production Launch of Accessible MV-1 VehicleInformative2014/03/122024/06/18
Renting a Wheelchair Van for Vacation2013/04/082022/02/05
Vehicle Insurance and Mobility Adapted Vehicles2013/03/232020/09/25
What Self-Driving Vehicles Mean for Disabled2012/10/012022/01/29
Renault Commitment to People with Disabilities2012/07/08
Campaign Calls for Safer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles2012/05/152021/09/10
50% of Senior Drivers Worry About No Longer Driving2012/04/05
When Teens with Autism Want to Start Driving2012/01/092021/10/30
Don't be Selfish this Christmas - Stay Out of Disabled Parking Spaces2011/12/132013/03/24
The Silver Tsunami of Aging Drivers2011/12/05
Monitoring Driver's State of Health While Driving2011/11/052021/12/06
First Factory Built MV-1 Mobility Vehicle Rolls Off Production LineInformative2011/09/292024/06/18
BRAUN 2011 Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Accessible Van2011/08/192016/06/11
Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) 2011 - 20212011/07/11
Addressing Mobility Needs of All Transportation Users2011/06/24
Ford Vehicles Will Feature bold Fonts to Help Drivers Read Displays2011/06/22
Aging Baby Boomers to Face Poor Mobility Options2011/06/15
Senior Drivers Support Competency Test2011/05/26
Older Driver Safety Bill2011/05/07
Selecting Drivers for a Non Emergency Transportation Company2011/04/282016/06/13
Location Based Emergency Roadside Assistance2011/04/182016/06/13
From Mobilise to Disabled Motoring UK2011/03/31
Apprentices Hand Over Modified Bus to Disabled Children2011/02/11
Checking Your Car for Winter - Reliable Driving Tips2010/11/22
Seniors Feel Ignored by Auto Makers in the Design of Vehicles2010/11/102013/08/01
The Mobility Resource Offers the Right Equipment to Make Vehicles Disability Accessible2010/08/252016/06/12
Wheelchair Accessible Van Manufacturer Freedom Motors Invited to White House2010/08/24
Blind Driver Challenge Receives Top Graphical System Design Achievement Awards at NIWeek 20102010/08/162013/08/01
ADA 20th Anniversary Debut of MV-1 Factory Built Wheelchair Accessible VehicleInformative2010/07/202024/06/18
First Car That Can be Driven by the Blind2010/07/022018/06/21
Custom Vehicle Transport of Persons with Medical Needs or Disability2010/04/22
New York City Access-A-Ride Program Cost Saving ChangesInformative2010/03/242024/06/18
Diesel Exhaust Fumes Associated with Lethargy2010/03/232013/06/04
Auto Access Seat for 2011 Toyota Sienna2010/01/112016/09/24
Chevrolet and GM to Incorporate a Safe Sound Alert for Electric Vehicles and Hybrids - National Federation of the Blind2009/11/25
IDEA Transportation and Special Education Law2009/02/042020/12/20

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