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The Mobility Resource Offers the Right Equipment to Make Vehicles Disability Accessible

Outline: The Mobility Resource provides a wide range of adaptive equipment to make cars vans or trucks more disability accessible.

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The Mobility Resource provides a wide range of adaptive equipment that can make many cars, vans or trucks more disability accessible.

The Mobility Resource is a leading network of mobility experts positioned to make travel easier for individuals with mobility limitations and provide a wide range of adaptive equipment that can make many cars, vans or trucks more handicap accessible.

Among the variety of helpful solutions which can be found are lowered floor wheelchair accessible vans, wheelchair lifts, platform-style scooter lifts, turning car seats, driving controls and much more. All of these products are designed to comply with the latest safety standards and meet the specific needs of the individual consumers.

The Mobility Resource carries a wide range of safe and easy-to-use wheelchair and scooter lifts.

Customers can browse through the various options to learn more about which model best fits their individual needs and their specific wheelchair or scooter.

The network of dealers offers everything from under-vehicle lifts that can be neatly stowed away under the van to standard dual-post wheelchair lifts that are meant for heavier wheelchairs or scooters. In addition, they offer several different models of tuning car seats that allow passengers to access their seat without the hassle of climbing in and out of the vehicle.

Finding the right product to accommodate any mobility need is simple. The Mobility Resource provides a quick needs assessment questionnaire online which helps consumers determine which solutions work best for them, and they even assist users with finding a local Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists to be assessed and trained as a safe independent drive.

The Mobility Resource recognizes that adaptive vehicles and specialized equipment can be expensive.

To help accommodate all mobility needs regardless of the budget, they work with General Motors to help people with disabilities equip their vehicles for safer, easier travel.

Most of the specialized equipment purchased from the network of dealers is eligible for the GM Mobility rebate which offers up to $1,000 reimbursement for eligible adaptive mobility equipment, the protection and convenience of extended OnStarĀ® service, and other resources to improve vehicle accessibility and mobility for people with special needs or disabilities (people who may use a wheelchair, scooter or other mobility assistance product).

The Mobility Resource is a network of experts who make traveling easier for with special needs or disabilities. Whether you're searching for a handicapped accessible van, adaptive equipment for your scooter or wheelchair, or an innovative product like our Turning Automotive Seat that makes getting in and out of a vehicle easier for anyone, you will find customized solutions are available to accommodate a wide range of needs. To browse the variety of mobility solutions offered and to find a dealer near you, visit

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