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National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association

Published: 2014-05-05
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Synopsis: NMEDA a non-profit trade association dedicated to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities to drive or be transported in vehicles modified with mobility equipment.

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The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association or, 'NMEDA,' is a non-profit trade association of mobility equipment dealers, manufacturers, driver rehabilitation specialists and other professionals that are dedicated to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities to drive or be transported in vehicles modified with mobility equipment. Their members work with each other to improve transportation options for people who experience forms of disabilities. NMEDA was formed as an association of mobility dealers in the state of Florida.


The year of 1989 found NMEDA's membership opened on a national level and their association was established. The organization both promotes and supports members engaged in the modification of transportation for people with disabilities. The association's membership has grown expansively.

In a Recent Information Session, the NMEDA Presented:
Resources such as links and handouts
Discussing automotive mobility assistance programs
Reviewing mobility solutions from a patient/caregiver/family perspective
Finding out which manufacturers and organizations are involved in the mobility field
A review of chronic illnesses and disabilities and their associated automotive solutions
A road map for the process involved in selecting and buying a vehicle with modifications

The session also provided a review of wheelchair accessible vans, automated and manual seating systems, hand controls and wheelchair docking devices.

The majority of the NMEDA's members are located in America and Canada. All of the association's members are required to adhere to the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and must follow the guidelines set by NMEDA. Each member agrees to follow these guidelines when they join. The guidelines are considered by NMEDA to be a living document that provides detailed recommended practices on the installation of equipment and modifications and are updated every year.

NMEDA's Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

NMEDA's Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is a recognized accreditation program for the mobility equipment industry. The program was developed in order to promote safety, quality, and reliability within the industry itself. Some states now require a dealer to participate in the QAP to perform work for Vocational Rehabilitation Programs.

The QAP is the only program of this nature developed for the mobility equipment industry. A QAP designation enhances vehicle modification and mobility equipment installation in a way that is consistent with the greatest guidelines available in the industry today. The NMEDA strives to unify and improve the mobility equipment industry while serving people with disabilities. The association knows that transportation is the key to freedom.

The NMEDA and Training for Technicians and Health Care Professionals

The NMEDA offers training opportunities to professionals in the adaptive automotive industry, as well as to health care professionals, who would like to learn more about the industry and gain continuing education credits.

Opportunities Offered by the NMEDA Include:
Electrical Training Online
Manufacturer Service School
NMEDA Certification Program
Make Inoperative Training Module
QAP 1-2-3 Online Training Course
Dealer Sales Training Online Course
CWTA 1.5 Hour Lunch & Learn Course
CAMS-HP 1.5 Hour Lunch & Learn Course
CAMS-HP 7 Hour CEU Course for Health Professionals
Train the Trainer: Conducting Wheelchair Transportation Assessments (CWTA)

One article simply cannot present the wealth of information these courses cover, or begin to approach the basic information about all of them. Two of these courses, the NMEDA Certification Program and the NMEDA Course for Health Care Professionals, certainly do present incredible opportunities for those who choose to pursue them!

The NMEDA Certification Program

The NMEDA Certification Program is intended to standardize technical competency for people in the automotive mobility industry. The courses in this program cover basic levels of skills, knowledge and abilities people need to perform at their best as a Service Department Technician. NMEDA Certification is a means through which a technician may prove their abilities not only to themselves, but to employers and customers. People who pass the courses in the NMEDA's Certification Program will learn the most valuable credential available in the industry. They will also gain the satisfaction of proving to themselves that they are among the best in the business.

The NMEDA Course for Health Care Professionals

The NMEDA Course for Health Care Professionals is a continuing education course containing a range of topics related to personal automotive mobility solutions. The course helps allied health care practitioners to understand and advocate for people looking for automotive vehicle modification solutions. It also teaches practitioners about the unique process involved in evaluation, selecting and buying automotive options that are appropriate. In the course an overview is provided of:

Getting in the Driver's Seat

In order to lead the most active life you can, you most likely want a vehicle. You can purchase a new one with adaptive equipment customized to meet your needs. You might also buy a used vehicle that is customized for you, or you might have equipment added to your family car or van. The decision to buy a new or used vehicle really depends on your finances, yet the most important thing is that the vehicle be designed to fit your needs and requirements.

The NMEDA suggests you buy locally. When you buy from a National Mobility Equipment Dealer located in your area, you can see, feel and try out the vehicle, meet the owner and interact with them. You will also receive an in-person evaluation before you buy the vehicle so you can be certain you are getting the right solution customized to meet your needs. The same is not true if you buy a vehicle through an Internet-only business.

If you buy a vehicle over the Internet, the person on the other end cannot see you, they are unable to do an in-person evaluation, and they cannot fully understand your form of disability or your particular needs. You also cannot see them or interact with them on a personal basis. Face-to-face interaction leads to trust and you are making a large purchase!

If you have no option but to buy a vehicle online, make sure in advance - in writing, that you can refuse delivery of the vehicle and receive a full refund if, upon delivery, you discover the vehicle does not meet your needs, fails to meet reasonable expectations, or does not match the description presented by the seller over the Internet.

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