Successful Crash Testing Proves Excellence in Disability Conversion Van Industry

Author: AMS Vans
Published: 2009/02/23 - Updated: 2017/06/25
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Synopsis: AMS Vans is an Atlanta based company with the ability to serve and deliver handicap conversion vans nationwide.


Most American businesses may consider 2008 a sour year with the economy in crisis, but AMS Vans Inc is using the old adage and making lemonade out of those lemons by focusing on what is in their control.

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By keeping their priorities on customer satisfaction, the disability conversion van company has made huge strides in 2008.

Earlier this year, AMS Vans, Inc successfully completed the new 2010 crash test standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) - even though the standards do not come into effect until late 2009. They are the first handicap conversion van company in their class to meet all the new standards.

"We strive to be proactive about safety," says Bob Boston, president and CEO of Adaptive Mobility System, Inc who converts the disability vans sold by AMS.

"We knew the standards wouldn't take effect until 2009, but we didn't want to wait. Our customers deserve to not only be happy with their purchase, but to be as safe as possible in our vehicles."

Kip Crum, president and CEO of AMS Vans, Inc. says the safety recognition is more than a feather in their cap.

"AMS Vans, Inc has always been proud to partner with Adaptive Mobility Services," says Crum. "It's always easier when partners have similar goals. Fortunately for us, we were able to find a company as dedicated to safety and customer services as we are."

Before any vehicle reaches the realm of interstate commerce, it must first pass the rigorous testing by the NHTSA. Standards now require all disability conversion vans to withstand 33.5 mph impacts from the side and 30 mph impacts from the front.

Starting Sept. 2009, the new standards will demand conversion vans to withstand 35 mph impacts from the front and 50 mph impacts from the rear.

In addition to surpassing the crash testing standards, AMS recently obtained the rights to sell in California, a state known for its strict emission laws. California's Air Resources Board certified the disability conversion van company in November after they completed emission system testing.

"Our conversion vans have always met California state emissions requirements - that hasn't changed," Crum says. "But it's nice to have the documentation to back up what we've always known."

The new emissions certification comes on the heels of the disability conversion van company's decision to explore natural gas options for all of its vehicles. Using natural gas will help lower emission pollutants as the country looks for ways to reduce gasoline dependence.

"Commitment to providing strong, safe and simple products is our utmost goal," Boston says. "But we also take our responsibility to the environment seriously."

So what's next for AMS in 2009?

The customer service savvy company isn't going to coast along on its 2008 successes. AMS Vans Inc is slated to be the first, once again, in their class by offering the Toyota Sienna minivan to its customers. The newly converted Sienna will be the third model added to the company's massive 20,000 sq. ft. showroom.

AMS Vans, Inc is an Atlanta based company with the ability to serve and deliver handicap conversion vans nationwide. AMS Vans, Inc understands the challenge to find and afford the right vehicle for your loved ones' mobility needs and they have made it their mission to provide quality vehicles at affordable prices. Let AMS Vans connect you with your destination by calling 1-800-775-VANS or 1-800-775-8267 today.

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