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AMS Vans Heads to California for Ability Expo

  • Published: 2009-05-30 (Revised/Updated 2013-06-14) : AMS Vans.
  • Synopsis: AMS Vans delivers to customers throughout the United States and offers a full list of their inventory online.

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Quote: "Being out here this weekend gives us a chance to show our dedication of wanting to help people get back out on the road and away from the same old four walls they see each day"

AMS Vans, Inc. representatives are participating in the annual Abilities Expo in California to promote their service to people with disabilities.

By offering affordable mobility options AMS Vans allows people to enhance their quality of life.

Attending expos is just one way AMS Vans branches out to customers. As an online company, they are using social media and web traffic to attract business.

Representatives from AMS Vans, Inc. are in sunny California to participate in the Abilities Expo: the Nation's leading event for the disabilities market. Representatives from the Norcross, Ga. company will be in Anaheim May 29 through May 31 to meet with members of the disability community to discuss their line of wheelchair accessible vehicles. In 2008, the Expo welcomed 6,500 attendees.

"We always enjoy coming to Expos no matter where they are because it gives us a chance to show what we have to offer people," says AMS Vans CEO Kip Crum. "Our philosophy of selling a slightly used van with a brand new wheelchair conversion is a lifeline for people who could not afford a new conversion van. People need affordable options. So if they are thinking they cannot afford it and then come across our website that allows them to save $5,000 to $12,000 it makes a difference. I've seen the difference."

By participating in this expo and others, Kip and fellow employees share the AMS Vans experience with people looking to enhance their quality of life.

Kip says AMS Vans, Inc. has continued to provide affordable wheelchair accessible vans to customers throughout the world during the economic downturn because it is "the right thing to do and our customers deserve the best price."

"Being out here this weekend gives us a chance to show our dedication of wanting to help people get back out on the road and away from the same old four walls they see each day," he says."I've seen the expression on a person's face when they experience that freedom for the first time. Words cannot describe it and that's what motivates us to continue offering this service."

AMS Vans delivers to customers throughout the United States and offers a full list of their inventory online. They offer slightly used vehicles with brand new conversions that come with a seven year, 77,000 mile warranty to ensure a hassle free experience. By selling direct to the customer they cut out the middle man and customers end up saving thousands. Keeping in touch with people with disabilities is important to AMS Vans which is why they attend the Expo, but they also focus on other avenues as well.

"Our presence on the internet is important to us because that is how customers come across our services," Kip says. "Fortunately we have a strong reputation with our customers, so word of mouth is also beneficial. We want to be accessible to our customers night and day and not just when they need to buy a van from us."Those in need of wheelchair accessible vehicles can soon find AMS Vans on the popular social sites as well as forums and blogs to help provide information about vehicles, services and programs that may benefit someone with mobility needs.

"We are about the person who needs transportation and cannot afford it. That is why we started this business," Crum says. "We have personally changed the pricing standards for people looking to buy a van to transport a loved one in a wheelchair. We don't have the $10,000 margin built into our prices like some of our competitors have.

"We want to help as many people as possible. By continuing to participate in expos like this one and branch out on the internet through social sites our numbers will continue to be strong."

AMS Vans, Inc is an Atlanta, Georgia based company with the ability to serve and deliver our wheelchair vans nationwide. AMS Vans, Inc understands the challenge to find and afford the right wheelchair vehicle for your loved ones' mobility needs and they have made it their mission to provide quality vehicles at affordable prices. Let AMS Vans connect you with your destination by calling 1-800-775-VANS or 1-800-775-8267.

Sarah Morgan
AMS Vans, Inc

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