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Purchasing a Wheelchair Van - Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Published: 2011-02-19 : Author: Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Synopsis: If a person needs help paying for a wheelchair accessible van vocational rehabilitation will go through a bidding process with approved mobility dealers.

Vocational Rehabilitation Can Help With Purchasing a Wheelchair Van - People with disabilities interested in going back to work can get funding for services.

One of the most frequent questions asked of mobility dealers is "Where do I get help paying for a wheelchair van" For people with disabilities who are interested in trying to go back to work, Vocational Rehabilitation may be a good source for wheelchair van funding.

Vocational Rehabilitation (also known as Voc Rehab) is a government organization that was setup under the Rehabilitation Act. While Voc Rehab receives federal funding it is completely state run, and therefore the policies, procedures, and budgets for voc rehab may vary slightly from state to state. However, the main goal of vocational rehabilitation is the same: getting people with disabilities back to work.

The nice thing about vocational rehabilitation is that it serves ANYONE with a disability, regardless of income. While some services are provided on sliding scales, no one is turned away because of how much or how little their current income is. Furthermore, according to the requirements set forth in the rehabilitation act people with the most severe disabilities are served first.

Essentially, all a work candidate has to do is visit their local vocational rehabilitation office, undergo an eligibility assessment, and once approved, will have a specific action plan created for them. Depending on their desired profession, disability, and skill set, the services rendered can range from transportation services, college stipends, housing coordination, and other services to help that individual achieve their personal employment goals.

As far as funding for wheelchair transportation services, this comes down to the individual needs of the person with a disability. If a person needs help paying for a wheelchair accessible van, typically vocational rehabilitation will go through a bidding process with approved mobility dealers in order to secure the equipment the person needs.

While vocational rehabilitation may pay for the cost of any conversion equipment, the vocational rehabilitation client is generally responsible for the cost of the chassis. This is where a QAP certified mobility dealer can help in finding affordable new or used vans to be outfitted with handicapped equipment. Mobility dealers can also accept trade ins of non-accessible vehicles to help cut down on the costs of the vehicle itself.

If you are disabled, interested in getting back to work, but require wheelchair accessible transportation in order to do so, Google "vocational rehabilitation [your state's name]" for your local office contact information. Your independence is never worth giving up on, and vocational rehabilitation counselors are some of the most compassionate, understanding people.

M.C. Mobility Systems is an approved provider for the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and is very familiar with the bidding process. If you need help getting started with finding a vocational rehabilitation counselor, please feel free to visit our website at ... and set-up an appointment with a mobility specialist to discuss your individual needs. We are dedicated to helping all people with disabilities find wheelchair van funding. Read more by visiting

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