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We-Can Flex Wheelchair Accessible Family Car Launch at Naidex National

  • Synopsis: Published: 2014-04-29 - The We-Can Flex accessible vehicle is designed for one wheelchair user plus a driver and two additional passengers. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Sirus Automotive Limited at Email: - Website:

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Quote: "This conversion gives ample access from the rear and has a manual tailgate and ramp, which both require the minimum of effort to operate."

Sirus Automotive, the leading vehicle conversion and adaptation specialist, will be unveiling its new 'We-Can Flex' wheelchair accessible car on stand E65 (Naidex National, 29th April - 1st May), which is ideal for family independence.

We-Can Flex - accessible travel for all the family

Sirus Automotive's brand new conversion, the We-Can Flex, is designed for wheelchair users who prefer to travel in the rear of the vehicle. Based on the Volkswagen Caddy, this vehicle offers the ideal seating layout for a family and when a wheelchair user does not need to travel, the interior can be reconfigured back to a standard five-seater car.

Leading conversion features:

The We-Can Flex is designed for one wheelchair user plus a driver and two additional passengers. The wheelchair occupant sits near to the rear passenger, ideal for siblings traveling together or for a carer to be in close proximity. The double bench seat can also be removed giving the wheelchair user even more space and comfort. The Sirus conversion is based on the Short Wheel Base VW Caddy conversion and benefits the wheelchair passenger with a more centrally located travel position. There are no mid-row seats separating the wheelchair user from the other passengers or driver so interaction is enhanced. When a wheelchair user is not present, the rear bench seat can be folded upright to accommodate three able-bodied passengers. This maximizes flexibility and ensures aesthetic looks and internal vehicle and car boot space are not compromised.

Easy boarding for wheelchair users:

We-Can Flex wheelchair accessible  car conversion
About This Image: We-Can Flex wheelchair accessible car conversion
The We-Can Flex is ergonomically designed so that wheelchair users can enter and exit the vehicle with ease. This conversion gives ample access from the rear and has a manual tailgate and ramp, which both require the minimum of effort to operate. The vehicle has a lowered floor, which gives a very shallow ramp angle so propelling into the vehicle is safe and strain free. If additional assistance is required, Sirus Automotive can install a powered winch to steadily pull the wheelchair passenger into the vehicle.

World-class safety:

This Sirus vehicle conversion is precisely engineered to meet all current safety, quality and environmental standards and has full European Type Approval. As standard within the vehicle, Sirus provides a fully crash-tested manual wheelchair restraint system for user comfort, safety and peace of mind. The We-Can Flex is supplied with a comprehensive three-year warranty which is standard on all Sirus vehicles and can be extended if preferred.

Simon Pearson, Sirus Automotive Managing Director concluded: "The Sirus team and I are delighted to be launching our We-can Flex at Naidex National. We feel confident this pioneering new vehicle conversion will generate high levels of interest from families visiting the NEC as it provides the perfect accessible solution in terms of flexibility and practically. We anticipate three busy days at Naidex as ever and look forward to discussing individual mobility needs with visitors on a face-face basis."

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