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Beverly Hills Cab Co. Wheelchair Friendly Vans

  • Published: 2012-07-05 : Author: Beverly Hills Cab Co.
  • Synopsis: Beverly Hills Cabs Los Angeles offer wheelchair accessible vans for persons with disability the elderly and people with mobility issues.

Beverly Hills Cab Co. Proud of Its Wheelchair Friendly Vans - Transportation business believes in ease and accessibility for all riders in Southern California.

Wheelchair accessibility is currently a hot topic in New York City as disability rights advocates strive to add to the number of wheelchair friendly taxis in the city, which currently sits at about 2% of the overall fleet. Last week specifically, a federal appeals court ruled that the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission isn't legally required to regulate (and increase) that percentage through licensing. This is why companies like Beverly Hills Cab Co., who choose to offer wheelchair accessible vans of their own volition, are appreciated by a broad spectrum of clientele.

For those currently reliant on wheelchairs, trying to taxi Los Angeles or New York City can be additionally difficult.

Oftentimes, a cab company won't have vans available or enough to promptly deliver one to you. Some taxi businesses, too, charge by the person, which means wheelchair users are frequently given a lower priority dispatch for a van that can be used for multiple riders. Beverly Hills Cab Co.'s taxi service in Los Angeles avoids these issues in order to make their transportation more accessible. Firstly, each ride is a flat rate, so one person who happens to need a wheelchair accessible automobile is just as important as a large group. Secondly, Beverly Hills Cab Co. has enough available vans to bring them promptly to the customer in any of its service areas, including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Century City, West Hollywood, and more.

Other smaller services at Beverly Hills Cab Co. can make wheelchair users' lives easier.

The Los Angeles taxi establishment offers small package delivery, which could bypass a whole ride if that is more convenient. Beverly Hills Cab Co. also specializes in senior services and medical office pick-up and drop-off, consistently building relationships with clients who frequently require these amenities.

It's not just enough for Beverly Hills Cab Co. to have wheelchair friendly vans; it's equally important to have the appropriate staff.

From the customer's first contact with them, the team at Beverly Hills Cab Co. strives to be kind and efficient. It's an easy service, too; customers just call or place an online reservation with a request for a wheelchair accessibly vehicle and one will be dispatched as fast as any other in the fleet. For things like airport or LAX services, the dispatchers can work with customers to customize the perfect timing of a getting picked up or dropped off. Then, the drivers at Beverly Hills Cab Co. are trained to know how to operate the mechanisms of the vans and to also be sensitive to a wheelchair user's unique needs. Beverly Hills Cab Co. strives for transparency, too; the company publicly displays its number and asks for feedback in order to constantly enrich its premium service. Visit for more information.

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