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Location Based Emergency Roadside Assistance

  • Published: 2011-04-18 (Revised/Updated 2016-06-13) : Author: AT&T Inc.
  • Synopsis: Mobile location technology is playing a new role in the evolution of emergency roadside assistance.

Road America Rolls Out New Location-Based Emergency Roadside Assistance Offering With AT&T.

Mobile location technology is playing a new role in the evolution of emergency roadside assistance, thanks to an innovative location-based solution developed by AT&Tand Road America, a leading roadside assistance service provider.

Previously, most drivers needed to have GPS units installed in their cars to be located in the event of an accident or roadside breakdown, but a new solution offered by Road America is bringing this important safety feature to any basic cell, landline or smartphone on any network.

Using AT&T Location Information Services, Road America has developed LocateMe ServiceĀ® to help capture vehicle breakdown locations for customers calling from any wireless or landline communications device. This innovative, cross-carrier offering helps drastically improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of locating a customer's disabled vehicle through the same telecommunications device used to call Road America's 24-hour Response Centers. In addition, the network-based location solution prevents users from needing to download applications or use a specific platform in order to be located.

"When developing this solution our goal was simple: find a way to quickly and accurately locate disabled vehicles by using the technology drivers often already have on them - cell phones - and we needed to be able to do it regardless of which carrier they were on," said Dennis Fantis, president of Road America. "We teamed up with AT&T to create this revolutionary offering so we are now better equipped to respond to emergency assistance calls with greater reliability and speed, ultimately enhancing our ability to keep customers safe on the road."

AT&T Location Information Services are designed to provide AT&T's enterprise customer base with a highly reliable, operationally managed service where network-based location information can be obtained for wireless or landline communication devices and corporate assets. This service is intended to take advantage of AT&T's cloud capabilities in order to improve operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and control costs for a variety of industries such as financial services, retail, healthcare, education, travel and hospitality and manufacturing.

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

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