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Cognitive Disability: Information on Intellectual Disabilities Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Cognitive category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Cognitive Disability: Information on Intellectual Disabilities Publications

2018-04-26 : What if You Could Know Your Mild Cognitive Impairment Would Not Progress? : Researchers found in some mild cognitive impairment patients, real neuropsychological stability over a decade is possible and long-term stability could be predicted based on neuropsychological tests.

2018-02-28 : Anxiety Can Aid People to Recall Details of Events : Study of undergraduate students found that manageable levels of anxiety actually aided people in being able to recall the details of events.

2018-01-23 : Personality Changes During Transition to Mild Cognitive Impairment : Researchers conclude personality changes, which can lead to changes in behavior, occur early on during the development of Alzheimer's disease.

2018-01-10 : Oversimplifying Causes of Mental Illness Beliefs May Hinder Social Acceptance : Findings suggest beliefs about causes of mental illness could be addressed in public campaigns and by policymakers in different and more beneficial ways.

2017-11-12 : Visual Intelligence Not the Same as IQ : Study shows that there is a broad range of differences in visual ability and these variations are not associated with general intelligence, or IQ.

2017-08-17 : Fewer Behavioral Issues Detected in Lower-income Kids Raised in Counties with High Upward Mobility : Study reveals children who grow up in urban counties with high upward mobility exhibit fewer behavioral problems and perform better on cognitive tests.

2016-02-13 : Deaf Children and Cognitive Development : Investigating whether early exposure to sign language can forestall cognitive issues in deaf children.

2016-01-26 : Cutting Challenging Behaviour by 60% - New Support Model for People with Learning Disabilities : Randomised controlled trial shows new approach to support for people with learning disabilities has achieved remarkable results.

2016-01-05 : Infertility Treatments: No Risk of Developmental Delays in Children : NIH researchers find no risk by age 7 from in vitro fertilization, other widespread treatments.

2015-08-14 : inTime Rhythm Based Music Therapy Helps Kids with Learning Disabilities : Efficacy of inTime a novel intervention of rhythm-based music listening therapy to help children overcome learning disabilities.

2015-07-25 : Insight into Intellectual Disabilities in the 21st Century : Insight into Intellectual Disabilities in the 21st Century reveals a nation in the midst of change.

2015-03-31 : Special Education: Advocating & Otherwise Abled : Excerpts from a self-published handbook used with the parents advocated for in the special education process.

2015-03-20 : Overcoming the Shame of My Learning Disability : Greene said she always found it emotionally difficult to deal with her learning disability in school.

2015-02-24 : The Neurophysiology of Stuttering : New studies provide insight into treatment of stuttering and understanding its physiological basis.

2015-02-09 : Report: Detecting, and Diagnosing Cognitive Impairment : Increased detection of cognitive impairment is essential for earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.

2015-01-21 : Fragile X Syndrome: Genetic Clues Found : Researchers gain new insight into fragile X syndrome, the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability.

2014-11-25 : Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis and Cognitive Disability Link : Study results reveal importance of identifying early stage atherosclerosis to help preserve heart, cognition and brain health.

2014-11-16 : Statins Reverse Learning Disability Caused by Genetic Disorder : UCLA neuroscientists discover statins reverse learning deficits caused by mutation linked to common genetic cause of learning disabilities.

2014-11-13 : For People with Mild Cognitive Impairment Anxiety Can Accelerate Conversion to Alzheimer's : Study shows people with mild cognitive impairment at risk of converting to Alzheimers disease within a few years, risk increases significantly if they suffer from anxiety.

2014-11-07 : Neighborhood Walkability Can Slow Cognitive Decline : Study shows neighborhoods that motivate walking can stave off cognitive decline in older adults.

2014-10-22 : Intellectual Disability in Children - Are Genetics to Blame : Scientists join forces to unlock an untapped source of genetic information to better understand and treat children with Intellectual Disability.

2014-10-14 : People with Serious Mental Illnesses in Criminal Justice System - New Approaches Needed : According to a new report responding to the large number of people with serious mental illnesses in the criminal justice system requires more than mental health services.

2014-09-30 : Challenging Reality of Aging with an Intellectual Disability : Report shows an almost doubling of dementia in those with Down syndrome and significantly reduced risk of heart attack and hypertension.

2014-06-06 : Physical Fitness Results in Better Language Skills in Children : Researchers report children who are physically fit have faster and more robust neuro-electrical brain responses during reading than their less-fit peers.

2014-05-12 : Mental Illness - Are Churches in the Dark : Kristi Lemley author and counselor offers solutions for Christian leaders to help people struggling with mental illness.

2014-04-29 : Childhood Trauma and Women's Health in Prison : Strong likelihood that link between childhood trauma and adult physical and mental health issues greatly more pronounced among female offenders.

2014-03-11 : 25% of Mothers Wonder Whether Special Needs Evaluation is Needed for Their Child : Report Life in a Special Needs World - A study of moms of children with special needs comparing their opinions on health and happiness of children in their communities.

2013-09-09 : Speech Language Disabilities - Recent Developments : Information regarding speech-language disabilities including Dyslexia, articulation, and executive functioning abilities.

2013-08-02 : People with Intellectual Disabilities and the Prison System : Article examines persons with cognitive disabilities as victims or offenders of crime occurring more often than people who do not experience forms of disabilities.

2013-04-26 : 10% of Children Affected by Specific Learning Disabilities : Study shows learning disabilities affect up to 10 per cent of children and co-occur at higher than expected rates.

2012-12-18 : The Challenges of Securing Disability Benefits : For adults with intellectual and related developmental disabilities securing benefits they are entitled to can be challenging.

2012-11-12 : Humans Losing Intellectual and Emotional Abilities : Hypothesis suggests humans losing intellectual and emotional capabilities genes endowing brain power susceptible to mutations not being selected against in our modern society.

2012-09-05 : Children with Dyspraxia in America : Information and resources regarding dyspraxia in children in the US Developmental dyspraxia involves an immaturity of the organization of a persons movement.

2012-07-15 : Gait Changes and Cognitive Disability : Gait disturbances like slowing of walking pace or more variable stride may indicate decline in cognitive function.

2012-04-28 : New Type of Intellectual Disability Found : Gene for new form of intellectual disability and how it likely affects cognitive development by disrupting neuron functioning.

2011-10-13 : Intellectual Disability Tracked to Father Being Older at Conception : Chromosomal abnormalities linked to intellectual disability can be traced back to a older fathers when the child is conceived.

2011-07-05 : Inherited Intellectual Disability : Mutation in the ZC3H14 gene showed up in two independent family trees affected by intellectual disability.

2011-06-15 : America Neglecting People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities : New data reveals our nation is neglecting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

2011-06-02 : Cognitive Impairment in Preschool Children with Epilepsy : Cognitive impairment is evident early on in preschool children with epilepsy consistent with results of similar studies in older children.

2011-05-26 : Cognitive Decline Incidence Higher in Southern Stroke Belt : Shared risk factors for stroke mortality and impaired brain function seen in Southern US population.

2011-05-17 : Learning Disabilities Worldwide Changing Lives : Learning Disabilities Worldwide has positioned itself to ensure that the promise of No Child Left Behind becomes a reality.

2011-05-13 : Gene That Causes Intellectual Disability Discovered : New gene connected with a type of intellectual disability called Joubert syndrome discovered.

2011-04-18 : Screening Test for Cognitive Therapy : The most effective treatments for depression including cognitive therapy are successful for only about half the patients to whom they are given.

2011-03-23 : Planning Steps for Parents of Special Needs Children : Autism disorder affects one in 110 children in the United States with boys being four times more likely than girls to be diagnosed.

2011-03-03 : Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps People with Hypochondriasis : Internet based therapy is cheaper than face-to-face therapy and can also be delivered more flexibly.

2011-02-19 : Brain Function Linked to Birth Size : Evidence linking brain function variations between the left and right sides of the brain to size at birth and the weight of the placenta.

2011-02-15 : Developmental Dyscalculia Information and Facts : Developmental Dyscalculia is a form of learning disability that affects the ability to acquire math skills an average child might.

2011-01-11 : Language-based Learning Disability : Language-based learning disabilities involve age-appropriate spelling writing and or reading issues.

2010-12-28 : Power Stuttering Center Offers Up-to-Date Information About Stuttering : The Kings Speech is a movie many consider to be a front-runner to sweep the Oscars this year.

2010-12-08 : Widening Perceptions of Reading and Writing Difficulties : Learning to read and write can be disrupted in various ways leading to disorders known as dyslexia and dysgraphia.

2010-11-29 : Dyscalculia Screener to Reveal Extent of Hidden Disability in Adults : An estimated 3 to 6 percent of adults could have the hidden disability dyscalculia which affects fundamental ability to acquire arithmetical skills.

2010-11-21 : Proposed Disability Rule for People with Mental Disorders - US Social Security : Social Security announced it will publish a notice clarifying part of the recently proposed Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Mental Disorders.

2010-11-08 : New Tool May be Useful for Detecting Cognitive Impairment : Cognitive assessment tool appears potentially useful for identifying problems in thinking learning and memory among older adults.

2010-11-07 : Wellness Visits to Include Detection of Cognitive Impairment : Inclusion of detection of cognitive impairment as a part of the Annual Wellness Visit.

2010-11-02 : Creating New Opportunities for Fulfilling Lives for Persons with Learning and Developmental Disabilities : International Association for Life Quality Reshapes Industry to Create New Opportunities for Fulfilling Lives for Persons with Learning and Developmental Disabilities.

2010-10-06 : New Registry to Accelerate Research on Fragile X Syndrome : Fragile X syndrome is the leading inherited cause of intellectual disability.

2010-09-26 : Supports Intensity Scale Effective for Identifying Intellectual Disability Needs : Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) assessment tool can effectively predict funding for people with intellectual disability based on individual needs.

2010-07-13 : Medications May Cause Long Term Cognitive Impairment : Drugs for common medical conditions including insomnia allergies or incontinence may cause long term cognitive impairment.

2010-06-30 : Physical Activity in Teenagers Reduces Cognitive Impairment Risk in Later Years : Teenage physical activity reduces risk of cognitive impairment in later life.

2010-06-30 : New Strategy may Improve Cognition : Findings could lead to new drugs to enhance cognition in patients and healthy individuals.

2010-05-29 : Learning With Disabilities - A Scenario Which is often Preventable : Childs inability to rhyme words learn the alphabet or notice when the words start with same sound are signs the brain is not functioning as it should.

2010-04-28 : Hand-clapping Songs Improve Motor and Cognitive Skills : Research confirms that hand-clapping songs improve motor and cognitive skills.

2010-02-27 : Genetic Test for Cause of Intellectual Disability : Non-syndromic types of intellectual disability do not have physical signs and are more difficult to identify.

2010-02-15 : Cognitive Disorders Linked by Common Thread : Rett syndrome (RTT), Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) and Alpha-Thalassemia mental Retardation, X-linked syndrome (ATR-X) have each been linked.

2010-02-04 : Rosa's Law - Using Intellectual Disability Instead of Mental Retardation : Rosa's Law - Replacing pejorative label of mental retardation with the more respectful terminology of intellectual disability.

2009-12-29 : Research on Mild Cognitive Impairment : Mayo Clinic Scientists Review 10 Years of Research on Mild Cognitive Impairment.

2009-12-15 : Gene Identified as Cause of Forms of Intellectual Disability : A gene involved in some forms of intellectual disability identified by scientists at Center for Addiction and Mental Health.

2009-11-20 : Ultrasound Enhances Noninvasive Down Syndrome Tests : We did not miss a single case of Down syndrome with our overall screening program, which included an option for invasive testing.

2009-11-08 : Health Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities : Adults with intellectual disabilities have slightly higher rates of obesity, physical inactivity and preventable chronic diseases.

2009-09-14 : Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome : Prenatal tests for Down syndrome promising to be safer more accurate and available to women earlier in pregnancy.

2009-09-12 : Fighting the Burden of Mental Disorders : Mental disorders are a global problem and represent one of the biggest challenges for health care systems.

2009-08-29 : AAIDD, Mental Retardation and Related Disabilities : AAIDD publishes two journals the American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

2009-07-24 : Defining Fragile X Syndrome : Information and definition of Fragile X Syndrome a genetically inherited form of mental retardation.

2009-07-07 : Severe COPD Can Lead to Cognitive Impairment : Individuals with severe COPD had significantly lower cognitive function than those without.

2009-06-24 : Measuring Intellectual Disability : Specific and quantitative means of measuring levels of the fragile X mental retardation 1 (FMR1) protein (FMRP).

2009-03-31 : Down Syndrome: Information and Birth Likelihood : Information on Down syndrome genetic disorder that results in varying degrees of physical and mental retardation and likelihood of giving birth to downs child.

2009-03-24 : Anesthesia Exposure and Learning Disabilities : Children who require multiple surgeries under anesthesia during first three years of life at higher risk of developing learning disabilities.

2009-02-24 : Canada Opens Door to Learning Disorder Drug : Canadian scientists have connected crucial brain protein with power to learn creating possibility that learning disabilities could be corrected with a drug.

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