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Cognitive Disability: Information on Intellectual Disabilities Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Cognitive category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-12Visual Intelligence Not the Same as IQ
2017-08-17Fewer Behavioral Issues Detected in Lower-income Kids Raised in Counties with High Upward Mobility
2016-02-13Deaf Children & Cognitive Development
2016-01-26Cutting Challenging Behaviour by 60% - New Support Model for People with Learning Disabilities
2016-01-05Infertility Treatments: No Risk of Developmental Delays in Children
2015-08-14inTime Rhythm Based Music Therapy Helps Kids with Learning Disabilities
2015-07-25Insight into Intellectual Disabilities in the 21st Century
2015-03-31Special Education: Advocating & Otherwise Abled
2015-03-20Overcoming the Shame of My Learning Disability
2015-02-24The Neurophysiology of Stuttering
2015-02-09Report: Detecting, and Diagnosing Cognitive Impairment
2015-01-21Fragile X Syndrome: Genetic Clues Found
2014-11-25Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis and Cognitive Disability Link
2014-11-16Statins Reverse Learning Disability Caused by Genetic Disorder
2014-11-13For People with Mild Cognitive Impairment Anxiety Can Accelerate Conversion to Alzheimer's
2014-11-07Neighborhood Walkability Can Slow Cognitive Decline
2014-10-22Intellectual Disability in Children - Are Genetics to Blame
2014-10-14People with Serious Mental Illnesses in Criminal Justice System - New Approaches Needed
2014-09-30Challenging Reality of Aging with an Intellectual Disability
2014-06-06Physical Fitness Results in Better Language Skills in Children
2014-05-12Mental Illness - Are Churches in the Dark
2014-04-29Childhood Trauma and Women's Health in Prison
2014-03-1125% of Mothers Wonder Whether Special Needs Evaluation is Needed for Their Child
2013-09-09Speech Language Disabilities - Recent Developments
2013-08-02People with Intellectual Disabilities and the Prison System
2013-04-2610% of Children Affected by Specific Learning Disabilities
2012-12-18The Challenges of Securing Disability Benefits
2012-11-12Humans Losing Intellectual and Emotional Abilities
2012-09-05Children with Dyspraxia in America
2012-07-15Gait Changes and Cognitive Disability
2012-04-28New Type of Intellectual Disability Found
2011-10-13Intellectual Disability Tracked to Father Being Older at Conception
2011-07-05Inherited Intellectual Disability
2011-06-15America Neglecting People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
2011-06-02Cognitive Impairment in Preschool Children with Epilepsy
2011-05-26Cognitive Decline Incidence Higher in Southern Stroke Belt
2011-05-17Learning Disabilities Worldwide Changing Lives
2011-05-13Gene That Causes Intellectual Disability Discovered
2011-04-18Screening Test for Cognitive Therapy
2011-03-23Planning Steps for Parents of Special Needs Children
2011-03-03Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps People with Hypochondriasis
2011-02-19Brain Function Linked to Birth Size
2011-02-15Developmental Dyscalculia Information and Facts
2011-01-11Language-based Learning Disability
2010-12-28Power Stuttering Center Offers Up-to-Date Information About Stuttering
2010-12-08Widening Perceptions of Reading and Writing Difficulties
2010-11-29Dyscalculia Screener to Reveal Extent of Hidden Disability in Adults
2010-11-21Proposed Disability Rule for People with Mental Disorders - US Social Security
2010-11-08New Tool May be Useful for Detecting Cognitive Impairment
2010-11-07Wellness Visits to Include Detection of Cognitive Impairment
2010-11-02Creating New Opportunities for Fulfilling Lives for Persons with Learning and Developmental Disabilities
2010-10-06New Registry to Accelerate Research on Fragile X Syndrome
2010-09-26Supports Intensity Scale Effective for Identifying Intellectual Disability Needs
2010-07-13Medications May Cause Long Term Cognitive Impairment
2010-06-30Physical Activity in Teenagers Reduces Cognitive Impairment Risk in Later Years
2010-06-30New Strategy may Improve Cognition
2010-05-29Learning With Disabilities - A Scenario Which is often Preventable
2010-04-28Hand-clapping Songs Improve Motor and Cognitive Skills
2010-02-27Genetic Test for Cause of Intellectual Disability
2010-02-15Cognitive Disorders Linked by Common Thread
2010-02-04Rosa's Law - Using Intellectual Disability Instead of Mental Retardation
2009-12-29Research on Mild Cognitive Impairment
2009-12-15Gene Identified as Cause of Forms of Intellectual Disability
2009-11-20Ultrasound Enhances Noninvasive Down Syndrome Tests
2009-11-08Health Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities
2009-09-14Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome
2009-09-12Fighting the Burden of Mental Disorders
2009-08-29AAIDD, Mental Retardation and Related Disabilities
2009-07-24Defining Fragile X Syndrome
2009-07-07Severe COPD Can Lead to Cognitive Impairment
2009-06-24Measuring Intellectual Disability
2009-03-31Down Syndrome: Information and Birth Likelihood
2009-03-24Anesthesia Exposure and Learning Disabilities
2009-02-24Canada Opens Door to Learning Disorder Drug

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