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Cognitive Disabilities Publications
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Teen Cognitive Health: Correlation with Early Stroke RiskObservational Study2024/06/282024/07/12
Genetic Cause of An Intellectual Disability Identified in RNU4-2 GeneResearch, Study, Analysis2024/06/02
Media Misconstrues Frontotemporal Degeneration in Coverage of Bruce WillisPaper / Essay2023/12/012023/12/02
NIHTB-CB Measures Cognitive Change in Intellectual DisabilityInstructive / Helpful2022/12/052023/09/28
CAPRIN1 Gene Mutation Causes ADHD, ASD, Myasthenia, Language ImpairmentMedical Research2022/09/222023/06/28
Dehydration Study Reveals Cognition Sputter as We Get Parched2018/07/19
What if You Could Know Your Mild Cognitive Impairment Would Not Progress?2018/04/26
Anxiety Can Aid People to Recall Details of Events2018/02/28
Personality Changes During Transition to Mild Cognitive Impairment2018/01/23
Oversimplifying Causes of Mental Illness Beliefs May Hinder Social Acceptance2018/01/10
Visual Intelligence Not the Same as IQ2017/11/122020/06/04
Behavioral Issues in Lower-income Children Raised in Counties with High Upward Mobility2017/08/172020/02/07
Deaf Children and Cognitive Development2016/02/132018/01/24
Cutting Challenging Behaviour by 60% - New Support Model for People with Learning Disabilities2016/01/262016/02/24
Infertility Treatments: No Risk of Developmental Delays in Children2016/01/052020/11/24
inTime Rhythm Based Music Therapy Helps Kids with Learning Disabilities2015/08/142018/04/30
Insight into Intellectual Disabilities in the 21st Century2015/07/252020/09/12
Special Education: Advocating & Otherwise Abled2015/03/31
Overcoming the Shame of My Learning Disability2015/03/202020/09/30
The Neurophysiology of StutteringFindings2015/02/242024/05/29
Report: Detecting, and Diagnosing Cognitive ImpairmentReports and Proceedings2015/02/092023/09/19
Fragile X Syndrome: Genetic Clues Found2015/01/212022/07/13
Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis and Cognitive Disability Link2014/11/25
Statins Reverse Learning Disability Caused by Genetic Disorder2014/11/162021/10/15
Having Mild Cognitive Impairment Anxiety Can Accelerate Conversion to Alzheimer's2014/11/132020/11/25
Neighborhood Walkability Can Slow Cognitive Decline2014/11/07
Are Genetics to Blame for Intellectual Disability2014/10/222022/08/12
Serious Mental Illnesses and The Criminal Justice System2014/10/142020/12/10
Challenging Reality of Aging with an Intellectual Disability2014/09/30
Physical Fitness Results in Better Language Skills in Children2014/06/062014/11/03
Mental Illness: Are Churches in the Dark?2014/05/122023/07/19
Childhood Trauma and Women's Health in PrisonInformative2014/04/292024/05/09
Is Special Needs Evaluation Needed for Your Child Survey Results2014/03/112021/02/02
Recent Developments in Speech Language Disability2013/09/092021/08/29
People with Intellectual Disabilities and the Prison SystemOpinion Piece, Editorial2013/08/022024/05/09
10% of Children Affected by Specific Learning Disabilities2013/04/262021/05/02
The Challenges of Securing Disability Benefits2012/12/182022/01/04
Humans Losing Intellectual and Emotional Abilities2012/11/122022/03/16
Children with Dyspraxia in America2012/09/052022/02/09
Gait Changes and Cognitive DisabilityInformative2012/07/152024/04/08
New Type of Intellectual Disability Found2012/04/28
Intellectual Disability Tied to Father Being Older at Conception2011/10/132022/06/20
Nab2/ZC3H14 Protein and Inherited Intellectual Disability2011/07/052022/08/12
America Neglecting Intellectual and Developmental Disabled2011/06/152022/03/06
Cognitive Impairment in Preschool Children with Epilepsy2011/06/02
Cognitive Decline Incidence Higher in Southern Stroke Belt2011/05/26
Changing Lives: Learning Disabilities Worldwide2011/05/172022/04/01
Intellectual Disability Gene Discovered2011/05/132022/08/12
Screening Test for Cognitive Therapy2011/04/182022/04/20
Planning Steps for Parents of Special Needs ChildrenInstructive / Helpful2011/03/232024/02/04
Hypochondriasis: Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy2011/03/032022/05/19
Brain Function Linked to Birth Size2011/02/192022/05/30
Developmental Dyscalculia Information and Facts2011/02/152022/05/15
Language-based Learning Disability2011/01/112021/05/10
Power Stuttering Center Offers Up-to-Date Information About Stuttering2010/12/28
Widening Perceptions of Reading and Writing Difficulties2010/12/082016/06/13
Dyscalculia Screener to Reveal Extent of Hidden Disability in Adults2010/11/29
Proposed Disability Rule for People with Mental Disorders - US Social Security2010/11/21
New Tool May be Useful for Detecting Cognitive Impairment2010/11/08
Wellness Visits to Include Detection of Cognitive Impairment2010/11/07
Creating New Opportunities for Fulfilling Lives for Persons with Learning and Developmental Disabilities2010/11/02
Registry Accelerates Fragile X Syndrome Research2010/10/062022/07/13
Supports Intensity Scale Effective for Identifying Intellectual Disability Needs2010/09/26
Medications May Cause Long Term Cognitive Impairment2010/07/13
Physical Activity in Teenagers Reduces Cognitive Impairment Risk in Later Years2010/06/30
New Strategy may Improve Cognition2010/06/30
Learning With Disabilities - A Scenario Which is often Preventable2010/05/29
Hand-clapping Songs Improve Motor and Cognitive SkillsResearch Study Analysis2010/04/282023/12/23
Genetic Test for Cause of Intellectual Disability2010/02/27
Cognitive Disorders Linked by Common Thread2010/02/152016/06/13
Rosa's Law - Using Intellectual Disability Instead of Mental Retardation2010/02/042018/01/25
Research on Mild Cognitive Impairment2009/12/29
Gene Identified as Cause of Intellectual Disability Forms2009/12/152022/08/11
Ultrasound Enhances Noninvasive Down Syndrome Test2009/11/202023/04/03
Health Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities2009/11/08
Prenatal Testing for Down SyndromeInformative2009/09/142023/12/19
Fighting the Burden of Mental DisordersReports and Proceedings2009/09/122023/12/19
AAIDD, Mental Retardation and Related Disabilities2009/08/292010/07/09
Defining Fragile X Syndrome2009/07/242022/07/13
Severe COPD Can Lead to Cognitive Impairment2009/07/072010/11/09
Measuring Intellectual Disability2009/06/242015/06/12
Down Syndrome: Information and Birth LikelihoodInformative2009/03/312024/01/06
Multiple Anesthesia Exposures in Early Childhood Linked to Increased Risk of Learning DisabilitiesInformative2009/03/242024/07/16
Canada Opens Door to Learning Disorder Drug2009/02/24

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