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Creating New Opportunities for Fulfilling Lives for Persons with Learning and Developmental Disabilities

  • Published: 2010-11-02 : Author: International Association for Life Quality
  • Synopsis: International Association for Life Quality Reshapes Industry to Create New Opportunities for Fulfilling Lives for Persons with Learning and Developmental Disabilities.

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International Association for Life Quality Reshapes Industry to Create New Opportunities for Fulfilling Lives for Persons with Learning and Developmental Disabilities - IALQ offers special needs life quality plans, special needs life quality coaching classes, research and membership opportunities to shift the focus to life quality throughout the lifespan.

After 30 years of supporting children and adults with developmental and learning disabilities and their families, the Training, Education, and Research Institute (TERI) has launched a new initiative to ensure persons with autism and other developmental disabilities can lead a happy and fulfilling life, and the parents and family members can move past the heartbreak of the diagnosis to find joy in parenting a child with special needs. This initiative, the International Association for Life Quality (IALQ), builds on TERI's decades of success in helping this population achieve happiness, hope, and belonging by offering a new level of care and support never before available in the field.

Headed by TERI Co-Founder and IALQ Executive Director Dr. Krysti DeZonia, a renowned speaker, researcher, consultant, author and parent of an adult with profound disabilities, IALQ offers three distinct lifespan services to foster life quality for children and adults with special needs and their families and provides a new career opportunity for professionals who work in this field.

1. Special Needs Life Quality Plans.

These extensive plans are the first of their kind and focus exclusively on what individuals with learning and developmental disabilities need in order to lead happy and fulfilling lives, both now and in the future. Life Quality Plans go beyond the information found in a will or trust, exploring and defining the details that assure a life of quality for those with special needs. The greatest fear of parents whose children have significant disabilities is what will happen when they can no longer care and advocate for their child. The Special Needs Life Quality Plan was specifically designed to ease this fear, and includes the wishes of the family for their child's present and future comfort, security, and personal well-being.

2. Special Needs Life Quality Coaching classes.

IALQ offers the world's first specialization coursework to train professionals to work as Special Needs Life Quality Coaches. Prospective coaches complete a rigorous, 16-week online experiential learning course that opens the doors to an entirely new career opportunity. Individuals are taught to become experts in supporting persons with developmental and learning disabilities and their families so clients can achieve their personal goals and dreams.

3. Access to research and information.

As a hub of information relative to quality of life, IALQ focuses on educating the public about the humanistic qualities of all people through awareness campaigns, research, and promotion of full inclusion to foster a community of acceptance and belonging for persons with developmental and learning disabilities. The online community is a place for scholars, researchers, professionals, families and others interested in improving and assuring life quality for persons with special needs to join as colleagues together in this mission to share knowledge, experiences and information.

All IALQ programs are designed to assure that all people, regardless of their differences, can find a place of contentment and belonging in their lives and communities. Families, professionals and other interested individuals are invited to sign up for a free IALQ membership to access news, research and information, and to learn how to become involved in this innovative approach to lifespan quality for individuals with special needs and those who support them. For more information about IALQ Special Needs Life Quality Plans, Special Needs Life Quality Coaching classes, and to access research and information about quality of life for persons with learning and developmental disabilities, call (760) 721-1706 or visit

About International Association for Life Quality: Established in 2009, and backed by TERI, Inc.'s 30 years of experience, International Association for Life Quality (IALQ) is a model for lifespan support for those with special needs and their families. IALQ educates, establishes and advocates for programs and services that focus on quality of life for persons with developmental and learning disabilities and their families. IALQ offers Special Needs Life Quality Plans and a Special Needs Life Quality Coach curriculum to ensure personal fulfillment through the lifespan. For more information, call (760) 721-1706 or visit


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