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Hearing Impairment: Deaf and Hearing Loss Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Hearing Loss and Deafness category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Hearing Impairment: Deaf and Hearing Loss Information Publications

2018-04-05 : Restoring Hearing for Millions of Elderly and Others with Hearing Loss : Research shows hope for hearing loss as scientists develop method to repair damaged structures deep inside the human ear.

2017-02-22 : Sustaining a Career After Acquired Hearing Loss : Research from Oregon State University shows for adults who acquire severe hearing loss, accepting and adapting play key roles in sustaining a career and thriving in the workplace.

2017-02-18 : Second Cause of Hidden Hearing Loss Identified : People who can not hear people clearly in a noisy environment, but pass a hearing test at the doctor, may have hidden hearing loss.

2016-07-18 : Auditory Cortex of Hearing and Deaf People Nearly Identical : Study raises questions about the role of experience in processing sensory information, and could point the way toward potential new avenues for intervention in deafness.

2016-02-15 : Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL): Causes & Prevention : Long lasting and loud sounds can damage sensitive structures in the inner ear and cause noise induced hearing loss (NIHL).

2016-02-13 : Deaf Children and Cognitive Development : Investigating whether early exposure to sign language can forestall cognitive issues in deaf children.

2015-07-29 : Hybrid Cochlear Implants May Benefit Millions : Improving hearing for people with hearing loss, not helped by hearing aids, using hybrid cochlear implant devices.

2014-12-24 : Hearing Loss Related Depression in Seniors : New studies reveal that women under the age of 70 are particularly susceptible to hearing loss related depression.

2013-08-12 : Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Ototoxic Medications : Information regarding sensorineural deafness and medications that can damage the human ear resulting in hearing loss, balance disorders, or ringing in the ear.

2013-07-29 : Misophonia and Sensory Processing Disorder : Information regarding Misophonia a rare sound sensitivity disorder characterized by an extreme aversion to certain sounds.

2012-09-26 : Increased Demand for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services : Educating people about services issues and obstacles deaf and hard of hearing individuals face every day.

2012-09-11 : Harder to Hear in Noisy Environments for Hearing Impaired : Background noise and chatter causes the ears of those with hearing impairments to work differently as inner ear neurons work harder as they are spread too thin.

2012-02-21 : The Social and Psychological Stigma of Hearing Loss : Suffering hearing loss particularly when it is not dealt with properly can be as much a social problem as a psychological one.

2011-05-12 : Marlee Matlin's Celebrity Apprentice Cause : Marlee Matlin has raised a record breaking $986,000 on a recent episode of The Celebrity Apprentice SignTalk Joins Fundraiser for Marlee Matlins Cause.

2011-03-09 : Health and Support Services Fail Deaf Children with Complex Disabilities : It is estimated 40% of the total population of deaf children have some kind of additional disability.

2011-02-23 : Financial Danger of Leaving Hearing Loss Un-addressed : Use of hearing aids was shown to reduce the risk of income loss by 90 to 100 percent for those with milder hearing loss.

2010-12-01 : Age Related Hearing Loss in Seniors associated with Low Serum Levels of Folic Acid : Age-related hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in the elderly and is associated with low serum levels of folic acid according to new research.

2010-05-18 : UAB Study Examines Hearing Loss, Viagra Use : Research by University of Alabama shows an association between hearing loss and use of erectile dysfunction drug Viagra.

2010-04-21 : What you Can't Hear can Hurt You : Free Safety Screenings and Hearing-Care DVD During Better Hearing Month in May.

2010-02-04 : Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Diagnosis : Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is not a problem with the ears in hearing sounds but difficulty with the brain processing sounds.

2010-02-02 : Family Members of Hearing Impaired Must Encourage Them to Seek Help : Family members of the hearing impaired must step up and encourage their loved ones to seek help.

2010-01-30 : AC/DC and Concert Sound Levels Hearing Damage Warning : Loud rock concerts such as AC DC can cause permanent hearing damage.

2010-01-05 : 27 Million Americans will Suffer Untreated Hearing Loss in 2010 : Hearing care executive is calling for this to be the year that hearing care is recognized as a medical necessity.

2009-11-25 : Holiday Season Can be Difficult for Hearing Impaired : Making holiday meals and celebrations more comfortable and enjoyable for those with hearing impairment.

2009-04-14 : Cause of Deafness Discovered : Hearing loss expert at Tel Aviv University has uncovered one of the root causes of deafness.

2009-04-13 : New Insights into Progressive Hearing Loss : In their studies of families with progressive hearing loss the team had proposed that the gene responsible lay on human chromosome 7.

2009-02-05 : Synesthesia: Search for Genes with Ability to See Sounds : Study identifies specific chromosomal regions linked to auditory visual synaesthesia characterized by seeing colors in response to sounds.

2009-01-20 : How to Stop Hearing Loss : How can you tell if you will have hearing loss when you get older well first you have to protect your ears from over stimulation.

2009-01-20 : Types of Hearing Loss : Most hearing loss results from damage to the cochlea a coiled structure in the inner ear responsible for hearing.

2009-01-20 : Hearing Loss Disability : Hearing is a complicated process involving both the sensitivity of the ear as well as the ability to understand and interpret speech.

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