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Deafness and Hearing Loss Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Your Ears Inform the Brain if Hearing is ImpairedExperimental Study2023/07/05
Monaural Hearing: Understanding Sound Direction2023/03/152023/03/16
Restoring Hearing for Millions of Elderly and Others with Hearing Loss2018/04/05
Sustaining a Career After Acquired Hearing Loss2017/02/22
Second Cause of Hidden Hearing Loss Identified2017/02/182023/06/06
Auditory Cortex of Hearing and Deaf People Nearly Identical2016/07/18
Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL): Causes and Prevention2016/02/152023/06/06
Deaf Children and Cognitive Development2016/02/132018/01/24
Hybrid Cochlear Implants May Benefit Millions with Hearing LossStudy2015/07/292023/07/05
Hearing Loss Related Depression in Seniors2014/12/24
Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Ototoxic Medications2013/08/122021/08/29
Misophonia and Sensory Processing Disorder2013/07/292023/04/27
Increased Demand for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services2012/09/26
Harder to Hear in Noisy Environments for Hearing ImpairedStudy2012/09/112023/07/05
Social and Psychological Stigma of Hearing Loss2012/02/212022/04/21
Marlee Matlin's Celebrity Apprentice Cause2011/05/12
Health and Support Services Fail Deaf Children with Complex Disabilities2011/03/092016/01/14
Financial Issue of Leaving Hearing Loss Unaddressed2011/02/232022/05/26
Age Related Hearing Loss in Seniors associated with Low Serum Levels of Folic Acid2010/12/01
UAB Study Examines Hearing Loss, Viagra Use2010/05/18
What you Can't Hear can Hurt You2010/04/21
Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)2010/02/042019/02/27
Family Members of Hearing Impaired Must Encourage Them to Seek Help2010/02/02
AC/DC and Concert Sound Levels Hearing Damage WarningInformative2010/01/302023/07/05
27 Million Americans will Suffer Untreated Hearing Loss in 20102010/01/052010/07/16
Holiday Season Can be Difficult for Hearing Impaired2009/11/25
Cause of Deafness Discovered2009/04/142016/06/13
New Insights into Progressive Hearing Loss2009/04/13
Synesthesia: Search for Genes with Ability to See SoundsInformative2009/02/052024/01/07
Types of Hearing Loss2009/01/20
Hearing Loss Disability2009/01/202009/04/18

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