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Deaf Communication: Sign Language & Hearing Aids Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Deaf Communication category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-12-08Sign Language Comparative List of Astronomical Words
2017-08-16Sign Language May Offer Answer to Meaning of Music
2017-06-09Human Brain Tunes Into Visual Rhythms In Sign Language
2017-05-09Sign Language Comprehension Different for Right or Left-handed Signers
2017-03-22Indian Sign Language Dictionary To Be Release In India Soon
2017-03-03Certified Deaf Interpreters Now Available to InDemand Clinicians, Patients and Families
2017-02-27Study Into How Children With Cochlear Implants Learn Words
2017-01-28U.S. DoJ Awards $500,000 to Initiate Video Based Services for Deaf Victims
2016-09-29New Canadian Video Relay Service For People with Hearing Disability
2016-02-04Closed Captions on In-Flight Entertainment Systems
2015-12-06Philadelphia Accent of American Sign Language
2015-12-01New Smart Devices May Soon Recognize & Interpret Sign Language
2015-09-29Study on Intonation and Sign Language: The Acquisition of Prosody in ASL
2015-09-19Scotland: British Sign Language Bill Passed Unanimously
2015-01-26Online Sign Language Dictionary
2015-01-24Infants Can Learn to Sign and Communicate from Videos
2015-01-15Spokane Video Relay Service Interpreting Center
2014-12-19MotionSavvy's UNI Close to Reaching Crowd-funding Goal
2014-10-21UNI Translates Sign Language into Audio and Speech to Text
2014-02-10Wireless Cochlear Implants
2013-12-16American Sign Language and Santa Claus
2013-12-03Improving Cochlear Implants with Computer Models of Neuronal Sound Processing
2013-02-27The Headphone Fad - Mixed Signals to Our Children
2012-06-03MyVoice Device Translates Sign Language to Words
2012-05-02Deaf Awareness in the Workplace
2012-03-28Cochlear Implants: Facts, Benefits and Risks
2011-05-25Real Time Video Interpreting Services for American Sign Language
2011-05-19Sign Language Interpreter for The Celebrity Apprentice - SignTalk
2011-03-22Sign Language Users See Signs and Read Words Simultaneously
2011-03-16ReSound iSolate Nanotech Reduces Moisture Related Repairs By 50%
2011-02-13Which Type of Hearing Aid is Best
2010-12-11Sign Languages Help us Understand Nature of Metaphors
2010-08-26Healthy Ears Hear the First Sound, Ignoring the Echoes
2010-08-25Ascent Online Hearing Test
2010-08-16First Test of Sign Language by Cell Phone
2010-08-06ReSound Announces Alera - The First Truly Wireless Hearing Aid with No Strings Attached
2010-07-19Online Baby Sign Language Classes
2010-06-30Drug Restores Hearing Loss
2010-06-30New Cochlear Implant May Further Improve Hearing
2010-05-30Sign Language for Emergency Situations
2010-05-18Captioning for Deaf and Hearing Impaired at Sports and Entertainment Venues
2010-05-12HearUSA Rolls Out AARP Hearing Care Program Nationwide
2010-05-05SoundBite Hearing System for Deaf Transmits Sound via Teeth
2010-04-30Multiple Brain Regions Wired for Language
2010-04-07Accessible Phone and Video Interpretation Services
2010-02-01Cochlear Implants Give Quality of Life Equal to Normal Hearing
2010-01-21Purple Enhances P3 Deaf and Hearing Impaired Communications Application
2010-01-05Free Video Relay Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
2009-09-15Effective Communication for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Patients
2009-09-10Improved Lip-reading Training for Deaf and Hearing Impaired
2009-07-22World of Sound Speaks up on NICE
2009-04-18Cochlear Implant Surgery and Commonly Asked Questions
2009-03-01Sign-Tube - Sign Language Video Sharing for the Deaf
2009-02-28Cochlear Implant Surgery Safe for Elderly
2009-02-28Devices Aids the Deaf Translating Sound Waves to Vibrations
2009-02-11Multiple Senses Used in Speech Perception
2009-01-22Teach Your Child Sign Language
2009-01-20British Sign Language: Facts and Information
2009-01-20Learning Sign Language
2009-01-20American Sign Language Information

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