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Published: 2010/08/25 - Updated: 2011/01/21
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Synopsis: Free online hearing level test for accurate results in just 2 - 3 minutes.


If you have ever felt curious or concerned about your level of hearing then take Ascent's quick, easy online hearing test for accurate results in just two to three minutes.

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Maybe you know someone who may benefit from getting their hearing checked out, and taking this online hearing test could tell them if they actually have a hearing loss. It could even be the first step towards them seeking professional advice and doing something about their hearing.

The test involves five simple questions and a range of tones to listen to. You can then see the results of your online hearing test - and they will also be emailed to you automatically if you would like to keep them for reference.

The hearing test can be carried out through your computer speakers, but headphones give even more accurate results and will test each ear separately.

The online hearing test is easy to do and takes just two minutes - find it at

The test is the result of months of comprehensive research and development. Audiologists, IT Technicians and Systems Analysts have collaborated to produce a standardized online hearing test which is as easy to use as it is accurate, so that anyone can do it and get clear results about their hearing health.

It was developed and launched in 2010 to provide an accurate, up to date hearing test that anyone can take in order to find out more about their level of hearing. Its intention is to increase people's knowledge and awareness of their hearing health, and it is hoped that the test may even prevent people from suffering future hearing loss if they are made more aware of their level of hearing now.

People who are regularly exposed to loud noise or have been in the past could be at risk of hearing loss, and taking the Ascent online test could warn them about their hearing and even lead to the increased use of hearing protection to prevent hearing damage.

Hearing loss does not just affect older people, and the rising volume of music players could be putting many young people's hearing at risk as well - even leading to the need for hearing aids. Awareness is the best solution, and the Ascent online hearing test could help people to keep their hearing safe.

After all, your hearing does not come back once it has been lost, and it is far better to be aware of your level of hearing now, and to know how to preserve it, rather than put it at risk through lack of awareness.

Take the Ascent online hearing test now, and find out how well you really hear. If you have any questions we'd be happy to help - you can reach us on freephone 0800 975 9655.

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