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Back Pain Information Publications
Document TitlePeer
Surgery for Sciatica Has No Long Term BenefitYes2023/04/19
Back Pain Not Helped with Spinal Cord StimulationYes2023/03/10
Inversion Therapy: Information and ExercisesN/A2019/10/052020/10/05
Kyphoplasty Treatment for Spinal Compression FracturesN/A2018/04/052023/09/11
Quality of Life Benefits Outweigh Risk of Scoliosis Surgery in Kids with Cerebral PalsyN/A2018/04/052018/06/06
Artificial Spinal Disc Replacement Surgery Using activL® Artificial DiscN/A2018/03/07
Back Pain: Sacroiliac Joint Pain and DysfunctionN/A2017/03/31
Detecting Early Stages of Idiopathic Scoliosis Spinal DeformityN/A2016/11/212021/04/22
Link Between Diet and Back PainN/A2016/08/242020/05/05
Spine Strength-building and Pain Prevention Tips for SeniorsN/A2016/07/082023/09/11
Targeted Exercise Helps Lower Back PainN/A2016/01/242016/06/12
Scoliosis Spinal Curve Braces Prevent Progression and SurgeryYes2016/01/112023/10/01
Cauda Equina Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and TreatmentN/A2015/03/052023/01/08
When is Surgery Appropriate for Chronic Back PainN/A2015/01/222023/09/11
Surgical or Non-surgical Treatment for Spinal Stenosis?N/A2015/01/112021/09/21
Arachnoiditis: Diagnosis, Pain Sources, Cause, TreatmentsN/A2014/11/122021/10/17
Back Injuries and Weight Lifting LimitationsN/A2013/03/042022/02/11
Vertebral Subluxation InformationN/A2012/09/042021/07/29
Stopping Lower Back PainN/A2012/03/16
Early Retirement Due to Back PainN/A2012/01/312016/04/01
Bio-engineered Spinal Disc ImplantsN/A2011/08/072014/03/15
Positive Effects on Intervertebral Discs from ExerciseN/A2011/07/022022/02/23
Artificial Disc an Alternative to Fusion for 2-level Disc DiseaseN/A2011/05/22
Factors Affecting Disability Risk from Back PainN/A2011/05/192022/03/30
Injection for Chronic Back PainN/A2011/05/19
Modern Surgery for Scoliosis Has Good Long-term OutcomeN/A2011/04/06
Spinal Neuromodulation Device Delivers Pain Relief to Low Back Pain PatientsN/A2011/03/25
Early Documentation for Degenerative Disc Disease RecommendedN/A2011/03/242013/06/17
New Treatment for Herniated or Degenerated DiscN/A2011/02/162022/01/09
NuQu Injectable Therapy for Degenerative Disc DiseaseN/A2011/02/08
Getting Rid of Morning Back PainN/A2011/01/032019/03/07
Nurse Practitioner-led Spinal Clinic Produced Impressive ResultsN/A2010/11/18
Vertebroplasty Back Procedure RejectedN/A2010/09/28
Back Disk InjuriesN/A2010/08/27
How to Prevent Back Injuries and PainN/A2010/08/21
Scoliosis Information: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment OptionsN/A2010/07/242019/05/14
Early Stage Scoliosis Treatment - Colorado ChiropractorN/A2010/07/15
New Treatment for Herniated Disc PainN/A2010/06/29
Breakthroughs in Back and Spine TreatmentsN/A2010/03/102016/04/01
Alleviating Back Pain: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Spinal Cord StimulationN/A2010/02/042016/03/21
Back Pain Relief with Outpatient Disc TreatmentN/A2009/12/022016/09/24
Etanercept Treatment for Sciatica PainN/A2009/10/272016/03/30
Lower Back Pain Treatment ExercisesN/A2009/10/012015/04/19
Back Pain - Therapeutics and SomaticsN/A2009/09/052010/06/27
Back Pain: Somatics and Landau ReactionN/A2009/09/032022/02/10

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