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Blindness and Vision Loss Publications
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Updated / Revised
Why Do Humans Blink So Often?Findings2024/04/15
Life After Death: Reviving Light-Sensing Cells in Donor Eyes2022/05/16
When Are You Considered to Be Legally Blind?Informative2019/10/052024/04/05
Gene Responsible for Eye Degeneration and Blindness DiscoveredAnnouncement / Notification2018/08/132023/09/21
Unexpected Finding May Deter Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Disease2018/04/06
International Clinical Trial Study of AMD Progression2018/02/26
People Who Experience Dry Eye Soon to Have Drug-Free Solution2017/11/15
Do Blind People Express Emotions the Same Way as Sighted People2017/07/06
Visually-Impaired Children Experience Egg Hunt with Eggs That Beep2017/04/15
US Prevalence of Blindness and Visual Impairment Expected to Increase2016/05/27
Clearly Campaign - Helping the World to See2016/04/102016/06/11
Treating Vision Loss with Stem Cells2015/10/052021/10/02
Heterochromia: Types, Causes and Information2015/09/292021/07/30
Eye Parasites: How to Recognize Symptoms2015/05/252021/08/18
How to Recognize Wet Macular Degeneration2015/05/212021/08/15
Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia and Coloboma2015/03/262020/09/29
Brain Adaption to Restoration of Eyesight2015/01/19
Blind and Visually Impaired Simulations Has Negative Effects2015/01/18
Macular Dystrophy: Types, Causes, Treatments2014/11/172021/10/15
Reading Glasses May Soon be a Thing of the Past2014/10/182018/03/15
Buying Contact Lenses Without Prescription Illegal2014/10/082020/12/12
Choroideremia: Information and Affect on Vision2014/10/032021/05/08
My Eyes Seem to be Getting Worse as I Get Older - Should I See an Eye Doctor2014/09/112020/04/02
Vitreous Eye Floaters and Flashes of Light2014/07/162021/06/19
Retinitis Pigmentosa: Inherited Eye Diseases2014/07/162021/08/30
Drug Restores Vision to Patients with Leber Congenital Amaurosis2014/07/142021/11/24
Cause of Eye Mobility Disorder Revealed2014/04/19
Driving with Hemianopia: Failure to Detect PedestriansResearch / Study Analysis2014/03/142024/03/02
Hope for People Blinded by Incurable Eye Disorders2013/11/182018/03/15
New Telescopic Contact Lenses Could Improve Sight for Macular Degeneration Patients2013/06/272014/04/18
Effective Gene Therapy to Restore Eyesight2013/06/122022/01/28
Children and Vision Disability Issues2013/03/122021/12/06
Learning to Live with Vision Loss as We AgeInformative2013/02/222024/02/10
Alternative Vision for Blind Uses Sound Instead of Eyesight2012/11/072015/02/05
Learning a New Sense by Helping Blind See with Their Fingers2012/11/052020/02/04
Dry Eyes? Have Your Optometrist Check for Eyelid Sensitivity2012/10/072021/07/19
Common and Age-Related Vision Problems2012/09/272021/07/17
What to Expect at an Eye Examination2012/09/242021/07/20
Blindsight Used in Everyday Life Scenarios2012/07/032022/03/07
Dry Eye Sufferers May Find Relief with Caffeine2012/04/18
Age-Related Macular Degeneration Breakthrough2012/04/162021/09/21
Visual Disorders Criteria for Social Security Disability Benefits - SSA Seeks Comment2012/04/082013/06/17
Regular Eye Exams Encouraged for Adults Over 502012/03/122021/10/07
Glasses-Off Technology May Eliminate Need for Reading Glasses2012/03/12
Halos and Starbursts After LASIK Eye SurgeryInformative2012/01/302024/03/29
Correcting Keratoconus in Down Syndrome Patients2011/07/252022/02/01
Detecting Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) in ChildrenResearch, Study, Analysis2011/07/082024/04/15
Progress to Reverse Blindness Reported2011/06/15
Dry Eye Disease: Cellular Cause2011/06/012023/04/01
Blind People Have Ability to Echolocate2011/05/262022/03/24
Gene Therapy for Age-Related Macular Degeneration2011/04/302017/09/22
Dry Eye Can be Caused by Drop in Temperature2011/03/032022/05/19
Eye Surgeon Restores Vision with Iris Implant2011/02/18
Albinism: Health, Vision and General Information2011/02/172021/06/13
Age-Related Macular Degeneration - Geographic Atrophy2011/02/06
Optometry and Vision Development Latest Research2010/12/28
Researchers Achieve Extensive Regeneration in Nerve Connecting Eye to Brain2010/12/03
Multifocal Contact Lenses May Reduce Night Driving Vision2010/11/04
Vision Correction Options for Seniors2010/10/19
Lazy Eye: Is Photoscreening the Best Way to Catch AmblyopiaResearch, Study, Analysis2010/10/022024/04/15
Lazy Eye (Amblyopia): Causes and TreatmentInformative2010/09/142024/04/15
Discovery of Gene May Provide Treatment for Nearsightedness2010/09/122018/10/29
Protecting Blind Pedestrians from Silent Cars2010/05/19
Optic Neuritis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment2010/04/142023/01/28
Retinopathy of Prematurity - Early Treatment Benefits Some Children2010/04/13
Night Blindness Lack of Calcium2010/04/01
Stevie Wonder Joins Junior Blind of America's Board of Directors2010/03/03
New Insights into Inherited Eye Retinal Disease2010/01/17
Quit Smoking and Save Your Vision2009/12/31
Children with Congenital Blindness See with Single Shot of Gene Therapy2009/10/25
Research Center to Improve Quality of Life for Blind and Visually Impaired2009/10/072010/07/04
Eye Stye: Cures and Causes of Styes on the EyelidInformative2009/07/072023/08/03
Glassy Eyes: Causes, Treatment, PreventionInformative2009/07/062024/04/15
Louis Braille: Historical Perspectives2009/06/242023/06/16
Is Being Visually Impaired the Same as Legally BlindInformative2009/05/252024/04/24
Facts about Blindness2009/05/242010/07/04
New Method Identifies Preterm Infants at Risk of Eye Disease2009/04/07

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