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Clearly Campaign - Helping the World to See

  • Published: 2016-04-10 (Revised/Updated 2016-06-11) : Author: Clearly : Contact:
  • Synopsis: Poor vision is the largest unaddressed disability in the world, despite advancements across healthcare, digital and technology.

Quote: "There are currently 2.5 billion people in the world that have poor vision and no means of improving it. It is the number one unaddressed disability in the world."

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Global campaign launches to help the world to see - 'clearly' campaign aims to unlock the next revolutionary approaches to eye care for the people who need it most...

There are 2.5 billion people around the world suffering from poor vision and no means of improving it. A new global campaign - Clearly - launches today to bring together innovators, scientists, technology firms and big business, with investors, governments and NGOs to solve this problem and help the world to see.

Poor vision is the largest unaddressed disability in the world, despite advancements across healthcare, digital and technology. Over 700 years after spectacles were invented, the striking inequality of access to eye care remains a crucial impediment to the growth of developing economies.

Clearly is a unique and innovative campaign being spearheaded by James Chen, a Hong Kong-based philanthropist and investor who is on a mission to address the problem of poor vision that the world appears to have forgotten about.

View the Clearly film:

With one in three people globally lacking access to eye care, Clearly seeks to address the challenges brought about by poor vision, which:

Clearly is a year-long campaign that will bring together the best minds in the world, with leading businesses and the most cutting-edge, innovative technology to take on this challenge and rethink the approach to world vision.

It will consist of three core pillars:

The campaign has garnered the support of a number of Champions, including:

James Chen, Hong Kong-based philanthropist and founder of the Clearly campaign, commented:

"Poor vision is the number one unaddressed disability in the world today. Despite human advancements on so many levels, we have forgotten about one of the most basic needs of all - sight. It is astounding that, 700 years after spectacles were invented, billions of people in the developing world still do not have access to something as simple as a pair of glasses.

"Good vision empowers and transforms lives on every level. In the digital era, the world has the ideas and the technology to crack this challenge and transform access to sight around the world. Through Clearly, I hope to inspire creative minds and unlock innovative solutions to solve this global problem, accelerating a revolution in eye care and helping the world to see."

Sir David Tang, Champion of Clearly, commented:

"Access to good sight should not be a luxury. Yet, 2.5 billion people are still forced to go without clear vision. Radical new thinking is necessary to rectify this. The Clearly campaign is a catalyst for this, and will sharpen the sights of millions."

About Clearly

Clearly is a global campaign focused on helping the world to see.

There are currently 2.5 billion people in the world that have poor vision and no means of improving it. It is the number one unaddressed disability in the world.

Clearly is a year-long campaign that seeks to inspire talented and creative minds to solve this problem that the world has forgotten about - and help the world to see.

Launching in April 2016, Clearly focuses on three core pillars:

About James Chen

Born in Asia, raised in Africa and educated in Europe and the US, James Chen is a venture philanthropist with a global outlook.

He is founder of his family office Legacy Advisors Ltd, Chairman of Wahum Group Holdings, a third generation family-owned manufacturing business, and founder of the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation, which has a focus on early childhood literacy, library development and education enhancement.

James is the founder of Adlens, a global enterprise leading the development and sale of adjustable focus eyewear, and the founder of Vision for a Nation Foundation, a UK charity that supports emerging nations to provide nationwide primary eye care and affordable glasses to all their citizens.

Clearly is the culmination of James' 12 year journey to improve universal access to eye care. For further information and to get involved in the campaign, please visit:


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