Glassy Eyes: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

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Published: 2009/07/06 - Updated: 2024/04/15
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Synopsis: Glassy eyes can be defined as a fixed staring and wide eyed appearance with the eyes appearing shiny, glazed over, or out of focus. Symptoms of glazed or glassy eyes can be caused by several health conditions, ranging from seasonal allergies to more severe conditions such as infection or disease. Medicated or OTC eye drops are commonly used to treat dry and glassy eyes. Surgery to block tear ducts may sometimes be necessary to conserve tears in severe cases that are not relieved by medication.


What are glassy eyes? The term generally refers to an appearance of listlessness in which the eyes are unfocused and without lustre. Sometimes people with elevated thyroid levels or Graves' disease may have a stare, wide-eyes, or appear glassy eyed.

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Common Causes of Glassy Eyes

Glazed, shiny or glassy eyes are common occurrences that do not usually warrant concern. On rare occasions, they can be a sign of a bigger problem. Most instances of glassy eyes are due to lifestyle choices, such as working long hours in front of a computer or drug and alcohol use as these can lead to less blinking, resulting in a glassy-eyed appearance. You should visit your doctor if you are in pain or have other eye conditions.

Treatment for Glassy Eyes

The treatment for glazed or glassy eyes depends on the underlying cause. After identifying and treating the cause, a person can take steps to prevent this symptom from recurring. The easiest way to prevent dehydration is to drink more water throughout the day. When a person is properly hydrated, their eyes are unlikely to appear glassy.

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