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Health & Disability Editorials & Opinions Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Editorials category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-06-07The Continuing Oppression of Disability: The Re-Institutionalisation of Disability Within Britain
2017-03-13Why People With Learning Disabilities Should NOT Work For Less Than The Minimum Wage
2017-03-09The Art of Accusation: The Lynching of Intellectual Disability
2017-03-06British TV Chat Show Slams Disability Genocide
2017-01-09The Continuing 'Incarceration' of Disability: Facebook Live-streams Disability 'Torture'
2016-10-29When is a Decrease in Disability Hate Crime Not a Decrease in Disability Hate Crime?
2016-08-08Russia's Paralympians: A Doping Scandal or Case of Continuing Discrimination Towards Disability?
2016-07-25What Brexit Also May Tell Us About Hate Crime Committed Towards Disability
2016-07-24My Own Decision Making - All My Life
2016-06-22The Killing of Jo Cox MP: Have the Chickens Finally Come Home to Roost?
2015-12-29New Year Wishes for Americans with Disability
2015-12-10People with Disabilities: Firearms & Self Defense
2015-10-06Ostomies: Types and Pouching Systems
2015-06-28Police Assault on People with Disabilities and the Dogs We Love
2015-05-11Irukandji Syndrome: Information & Treatment
2015-01-28People with Disabilities and the Police
2015-01-26Disability - Snow and Yard Waste Removal Problems
2015-01-22Dealing with Companies that Take Advantage
2014-11-17Title II of the ADA and Police Liability
2014-11-10Unforeseen Home Disasters and Disability
2014-10-23Ethics and Today's Fast Food Industry
2014-04-03Senior Abuse and Elder Cleansing
2014-03-04Wage and Labor Conditions in Sheltered Workshops
2014-01-06Disability and The Advertising Industry
2013-12-17Nursing: Nurses Who Use Wheelchairs
2013-11-23America and Ratification of the CRPD
2013-09-25Political Bickering Finds Disadvantaged Facing Potential Hardships
2013-09-11America's Love of Chemicals
2013-09-03The Syrian War and People with Disabilities
2013-09-01Police Violence and People with Disabilities
2013-08-13Forfeiture Laws and the State of Colorado
2013-07-20McDonald's, Walmart and Other Companies Guilty of Wage Abuse Against People with Disabilities
2013-07-15Service Animal Harassment at NYCB Theatre
2013-07-12Dirty Wheels on Your Wheelchair and My Fine Carpet
2013-07-08Disability and the Pursuit of Happiness
2013-06-15Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke
2013-05-13The Passing of Another Mother's Day
2013-05-08Health Impact of Chemical Weapons
2013-04-25Gun Violence and People with Disabilities
2013-04-22The SSI Program - Personal Resources and Enforced Financial Oppression
2013-04-11Perspectives on Disability Program Costs
2013-02-26That Person in a Wheelchair Just Stood Up - It's a Miracle!
2012-12-28The Nursing Home Complaint Center and Senior Abuse
2012-12-24People with Asperger's Syndrome, Potentially Violent
2012-12-22People with Disabilities and the Year 2012
2012-12-17A Not So Merry Christmas for American Disabled
2012-12-07Online Christmas Grocery Shopping in the U.K.
2012-12-05The Impending Fiscal Cliff and People with Disabilities
2012-11-22The American Fiscal Cliff, Disability and 2013 Tax Rises
2012-11-22Inhaled Chewing Gum and Resulting Atelectasis
2012-10-13Aging Population Long-Term Implications for U.S. Economy
2012-09-23Prisons or Education - Where Should Tax Dollars Be Spent
2012-09-12The Issue of Ageism in America Today
2012-09-07The Vanderhorst Experience, The Airline Industry Needs an Education
2012-08-21People with Autism and the Budget Crisis
2012-08-02Abusive Long-Term Care Corporations
2012-07-23The Batman Theater Shootings - Questions of Mental Health Care
2012-06-12Earning Less Than Minimum Wage at Goodwill
2012-05-21People with Disabilities, NCD, and SSA Reform
2012-05-14Literature, Gender, Disability and Friendship
2012-04-25Medicaid, Money Follows the Person, and the Community Choice Act
2012-04-19Use of Telephone by Government, Businesses, and Others Instead of Auxiliary Aids or Services
2012-03-22Students with Disability - School Behavior Programs
2012-03-05Safeway Stores and People with Disabilities
2012-02-27Rights of Persons with Disabilities in America
2012-02-24The Costs of Marginalizing People with Disabilities
2012-02-23People with Disabilities - School, Work, Voting, Health Care
2012-02-22Ensuring the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the U.S.
2012-02-21Chronic Kidney Disease
2012-02-05Morgellons - Psychological or a Physical Disease
2011-12-05In Pursuit of Disability Justice
2011-10-22Protecting Your Personal Information
2011-10-20Disability and Personal Safety - Decreasing Possibility You Will be Affected by Crime
2011-09-22Disability Participation in Cultural Life, Recreation, Leisure and Sport
2011-09-15Changes in American Families
2011-09-08People with Disabilities - Respect for Home and Family
2011-08-13Living Independently and Being Included in the Community
2011-08-09People With Disabilities - Adequate Standard of Living and Social Protection
2011-08-06Regaining Strong Political Support from People with Disabilities
2011-08-02Thoughts on The Importance of Ratifying the CRPD
2011-07-18Medicaid - A Major Senior and Disability Lifeline
2011-07-02225,000 Lives - Up to $4 Trillion - Estimated Cost of Post 9/11 Wars
2011-06-28A Ninety Five Year Old Potential Terrorist
2011-06-19Homeless American Veterans
2011-06-15The World Bank and People with Disabilities
2011-06-08We Don't Care - We Don't Have To
2011-05-29Petit Mal Seizures and the Potential for Self-Injury
2011-05-14Social Security and Medicare Going Broke
2011-05-12Disability, Class Migration and Perceptions
2011-05-07Parents with Disabilities and Equal Chance
2011-05-06Medicaid, The CORPD and U.S. Legislative Efforts Against Us
2011-05-04Disability Rights Struggles: Success and Current Challenges
2011-04-10Caring for Each Other Through Friendships
2011-04-07Home Loan Modification Scams
2011-03-28Bio-fuels Policy May Kill 200,000 Per Year
2011-03-15Radiation Sickness Information and Facts
2011-01-26Public Service and Profit in America
2011-01-14It's For The Children - Genetic Screening of Parents
2011-01-13Adoption of Children with Disabilities
2011-01-09The Fading of Disability Civil and Human Rights In America
2011-01-05U.S. Veterans, The Government, and Plans for the Year 2011
2010-12-25Christmas Day Wishes Concerning People with Disabilities
2010-12-15Civilized Societies - Or Not
2010-12-15Disability and The Transportation Safety Administration
2010-07-16Turmeric for Knee Osteoarthritis Pain and Reduction
2010-04-27Americans Delaying Adulthood
2010-04-27People with Disabilities: Social Life in Jordan
2010-03-23Stephen Hawking - A Journey Through Life
2010-02-16Blind European Couture Designer Debuts His Collection in Dallas
2010-01-29Thames Center Service Dogs and Veteran Affairs Canada
2010-01-14National Disability Rights Network Working For Rights of Persons with Disabilities
2010-01-12People with Disabilities and Human Exploitation
2010-01-11Autism - Zakh, ASAN, and Wrongful Felony Charges
2010-01-07Disability Rights Promotion International - A Human Rights Perspective
2009-12-27Social Security - Review in Progress
2009-12-26Epilepsy - Comments on the Experiences of Adria Gross
2009-12-22Employment and People with Disabilities - A Changing World
2009-12-10ADA Access - Where Are We Now
2009-08-03Hearing Impaired Service Scam
2009-07-15Disability Punk Band Heavy Load Says, Stay Up Late!
2009-07-04Persons with Disabilities and Entrepreneurship
2009-07-03Frank Ricci - Champion For Persons with Dyslexia
2009-06-29What Really Killed Michael Jackson? A Message from the Grave
2009-06-27Incarceration of Disabled Persons in the United Kingdom

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