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Health & Disability Editorials & Opinions

  • Synopsis: Last Revised/Updated: 2016-07-17 - Editorial views on articles and current news stories relating to disability and health issues today

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Editorial views and opinions on recent articles and current news stories relating to disability and health issues making headlines around the world.

Editorial - Most editorial pieces take the form of an essay or thesis, using arguments to promote a specific point of view of the writer.

Editorials can also contain opinion pieces regarding disabilities and issues by writers not directly affiliated with the Disabled World.

Editorial pages are considered to be a writer's specific opinion on a specific topic - and may or may not be biased.

op-ed - An op-ed (originally short for "opposite the editorial page" though sometimes interpreted as "opinion editorial") is a written piece typically published by a newspaper or magazine which expresses the opinion of a named author usually not affiliated with the publication editorial board.

Op-eds are different from both editorials (opinion pieces submitted by editorial board members) and letters to the editor (opinion pieces submitted by readers).


The views and opinions expressed in the Disabled World editorial section, and subsections are not necessarily the opinions of

Our Editorials section also includes Political, Technology, and Veterans opinion pieces.

Latest Editorials Publications
1 - The Continuing Oppression of Disability: The Re-Institutionalisation of Disability Within Britain - Paul Dodenhoff.
2 - Why People With Learning Disabilities Should NOT Work For Less Than The Minimum Wage - Paul Dodenhoff.
3 - The Art of Accusation: The Lynching of Intellectual Disability - Paul Dodenhoff.
4 - British TV Chat Show Slams Disability Genocide - Paul Dodenhoff.
5 - The Continuing 'Incarceration' of Disability: Facebook Live-streams Disability 'Torture' - Paul Dodenhoff.
6 - When is a Decrease in Disability Hate Crime Not a Decrease in Disability Hate Crime? - Paul Dodenhoff.
7 - Russia's Paralympians: A Doping Scandal or Case of Continuing Discrimination Towards Disability? - Paul Dodenhoff.
8 - What Brexit Also May Tell Us About Hate Crime Committed Towards Disability - Paul Dodenhoff.
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