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Political Editorials: Disability & Health Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Political category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Political Editorials: Disability & Health Publications

2017-04-29 : The Dominance of Right-Wing Think-Tanks Over Disability Welfare Reform in Britain : Article by Paul Dodenhoff examines the dominance of right-wing think-tanks over disability welfare reform in the United Kingdom.

2017-01-23 : President Trump's Chance to Prove He Really Cares About Disabled Americans : Op-ed on President Trump and disabilities by former Obama Administration appointee, who served as Director of Public Affairs for FEMA and several White House and DHS posts.

2016-10-06 : U.S. Government Just Doesn't Get Americans : Johns Hopkins University study concludes Washington does not think very highly of the American people.

2016-07-11 : REV UP Campaign - Making the Disability Vote Count : There are nearly 30M people with disabilities eligible to vote - not including family, friends, and service professionals who will vote in-line with disability interests.

2016-06-14 : Disability is Not a Lifestyle Choice: Why the UN Must Protect Disabled People Within the UK : UN committee on economic, social and cultural rights to examine U.K. government record on welfare benefits, employment, housing, health and education.

2016-05-18 : Authoritarian Britain and its Effect on Attitudes Towards Disability : Paul Dodenhoff writes on disability, oppression, authoritarianism and hate crime in today's Britain.

2016-03-13 : Fighting for Fairness: Britain's Military Veterans, Disability and Benefit Cuts : Paul Dodenhoff writes on fighting for fairness regarding Britain's military veterans, disability and benefit cuts in the U.K..

2016-02-16 : Perspectives on Political Candidates and Disability Efforts : Thomas C. Weiss writes on the U.S. presidential election campaigns from a disability perspective.

2016-01-25 : Get Off Thy Death Bed and Work - British Values for the New World Order : Paul Dodenhoff writes on British values, disability, and sickness related welfare benefits.

2016-01-18 : Why is the Work Capability Assessment Costing Britain More Than it Saves? : The continuing incompetence of Iain Duncan Smith - Why is the Work Capability Assessment costing Britain more than it saves?.

2016-01-10 : The 'Lazy Cow' Effect: Why Employer's Attitudes Towards Disabled Workers have Deteriorated Since 2010 : Disturbing issues concerning the modern day experience of disabled people within the workplace.

2016-01-05 : The Medicalisation of Unemployment: Reprogramming Britain's Disabled and Unemployed : Paul Dodenhoff writes on the medicalisation of unemployment and reprogramming UK disabled and unemployed.

2015-12-06 : Response to the Terrorist Attack in San Bernardino, California : People with disabilities are already the highest risk group for personal violence and abuse.

2015-12-04 : Disability and the Normalization of Oppression - Now is the Time to Scrap the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) : Paul Dodenhoff writes on whether it is now the time to scrap the Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

2015-11-19 : Terrorist Attacks in Paris - A Disability Perspective : Thomas C. Weiss writes on the recent attacks by terrorists in France from a disability perspective.

2015-11-14 : Disability in the U.K. Is Britain 'Fairer' After 5 Years of Tory Rule? : Paul Dodenhoff examines whether disability in the United Kingdom is any fairer after five years of Tory rule.

2015-11-02 : Is the Current UN Investigation into British Violations of the CPRD Treaty a Complete Waste of Time : Under the current political climate within the UK, will an UN investigation into British violations of the UNCRPD treaty be a complete waste of time?.

2015-10-21 : Can Disabled People in Britain Really Work Their Way Out of Poverty? : Paul Dodenhoff replies to Iain Duncan Smith statement that disabled people cannot expect the government to help them out of poverty.

2015-10-20 : Police Officers in America & People with Disabilities : Article examines common issues people with disabilities have with police, includes disability rights and recent encounters.

2015-10-16 : Veterans & Disability: An Open Letter to the Politicians of America : Letter to the Politicians of America regarding veterans service and disability.

2015-09-15 : Just What Exactly is Not Normal About Disabled People, IDS? : Iain Duncan Smith faced criticism recently for comments made in a parliamentary debate that appeared to suggest people with disabilities were abnormal.

2015-09-07 : The U.N.: Meddling in Britain's Affairs or Impartially Protecting Our Disabled? : Britain has been criticized many times in the past by the UN for human rights abuses, over many years and over many different issues.

2015-09-01 : Iain Duncan-Smith: Helping Disabled Get Off Welfare? Or Just Helping Kill Them Off? : Paul Dodenhoff writes on UN investigation into British human rights abuses against people with disabilities.

2015-08-26 : Does The UK Labor Party Leadership Race Highlight a Continuing Disdain for Disability? : The UK Labor party arguably considers disabled people to be fundamental different from the majority.

2015-05-11 : Disability and the Continuing Grip of Oppression : Paul Dodenhoff writes on disability and the continuing grip of oppression in the U.K..

2015-02-16 : An Analysis of British Welfare Reform : Paul Dodenhoff writes on austerity, liberal ideology and the institutionalized oppression of the disabled in the U.K..

2015-01-05 : The Torture Report and Politician Validity : As a person with disabilities, the lack of prosecutions by the current administration smells badly of Nazi Germany.

2014-12-11 : Iraq: Children with Disabilities and Veterans : Children are equally affected by the Millions of bombs and anti-personal mines spread over certain parts of Iraq.

2014-12-03 : Scott Panetti - Questioning Cruel and Unusual Punishment : Scott is a person with schizophrenia and other forms of mental health disabilities, ones he has experienced for around 30 years.

2014-11-18 : The Democratic Election that Wasn't - 2014 US Midterm Elections : Patrick R. Romain, editor in chief of The Weekly Leaf, writes on the 2014 US mid-term election results.

2014-11-06 : The Mid-term Election Results : Thomas C. Weiss takes a look at the results of the mid-term elections in America.

2014-10-20 : Would YOU Work for £2 an Hour, Lord Freud : Paul Dodenhoff responds to Lord Freud's recent comment that some disabled workers are not worth the UK national minimum wage and should be paid £2 an hour.

2014-10-13 : A Large Dollop of Fudge (A Letter from the DWP) : Paul Dodenhoff responds to Mark Harper MP, U.K. Minister of State at the Department for Work and Pensions.

2014-10-03 : Swing Voters More Likely to Vote for Candidate Committed to Jobs for People with Disabilities : Swing voters in Senate and Governors races more likely to vote for candidate who makes a high priority of enabling citizens with disabilities to get jobs and become independent.

2014-08-20 : Suggested Government Actions in Relation to People with Disabilities : People with Disabilities in America continuing to experience poverty, lack of appropriate housing, transportation, or inclusion in the educational process.

2014-08-17 : Thoughts on Ableism in America Today : Thomas C. Weiss writes on ableism in America today including federal and state policies.

2014-03-31 : The Crisis in Ukraine and People with Disabilities : Editorial regarding persons with disabilities and the current political crisis in the Ukraine.

2013-10-19 : Ensuring the Safety and Well-Being of People with Disabilities : The recent shutdown of the United States Government brings into question the perspectives of government in relation to People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans.

2013-10-14 : Disability, Poverty, and the U.S. Government : No one in America, especially People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans, should live in poverty while ineffective leaders make six-figure salaries.

2013-10-12 : Comments on Effects of the U.S. Government Shutdown : Political commentary and information regarding the U.S. Government shutdown and the effects on seniors, persons with disabilities and veterans.

2013-10-12 : The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Government Shutdown : Political opinion regarding the U.S Government shutdown and the affects on those most in need.

2013-09-23 : Civilian Injury & Disability Due to Cluster Bombs : Information regarding devastation, injuries and disability caused by cluster bombing.

2013-07-15 : The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Right to Privacy : The NSA and U.S. Government are clearly violating our inherent dignity, individual autonomy, and freedom to make our own choices with independence.

2012-10-13 : Playing Where's Waldo with Mental Health Care - Vice Presidential Debate : In this election year important dimensions and distinctions on issues important to individuals and families affected by mental illness are being overlooked.

2012-10-12 : Overwhelming Majority of U.S. Voters Support SSDI Program : Poll finds vast majority of likely voters support SSDI benefits and believe Congress should target other areas of government when proposing cuts to balance federal budget.

2012-09-24 : People with Disabilities Could Decide Presidential Election : Candidates should not underestimate people with disabilities have in the election outcome as there are around 35M eligible voters with disability.

2012-09-13 : Obama and Romney Present Their Disability Policy Positions - National Forum on Disability Issues : Obama and Romney Present positions on disability issues 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm Friday Sept 28 at Hyatt Regency Columbus Ohio.

2012-09-04 : U.S. Elections 2012 and Disability: Fit to Work, Valued Citizen, or Simply a Burden : For People with Disabilities the decision of who to vote for is one that may bring dire consequences.

2012-07-18 : A Response to Tom Harkin in Regards to Disability Employment : Senator Tom Harkin posted an article through a major news site on the Internet concerning People with Disabilities and employment in America.

2012-05-23 : Equal Chance for People with Disabilities to Achieve and Thrive : How can America proceed in regards to ensuring that People with Disabilities have equal chance to achieve their best and thrive.

2012-05-07 : Junk Journalists, Politicians, and Social Security Disability (SSDI) : Rough economic times mean employers hire fewer people as well as laying off other workers.

2012-04-24 : Perspectives on Disability and Adequate Leadership : The potential for leaders in America to feel more inclined to do something about disability issues might increase during election years.

2012-04-19 : Community Living Efforts and People with Disabilities : People with disabilities must have the maximum number of opportunities and choices to receive long-term services and support in the community.

2012-01-14 : Lee Abramson - Independent Candidate for 2012 Presidential Election : Lee Abramson has announced that he is an independent candidate for the Presidential election in 2012.

2011-10-10 : Saving Social Security Trust Fund from Politicians : Irresponsible spending is main reason for the Social Security crisis as government has raided Social Security trust fund to pay for other programs.

2011-09-29 : Dignity for Disability - Working for Australians with Disabilities : Dignity for Disability is an Australian political party for people who believe in a fair go for everyone.

2011-09-11 : People with Disabilities and Government Reforms : Governments are attempting to reform their disability support programs in order to save money during financial strife.

2011-08-08 : When The Oil Runs Out - Peak Oil and Public Health : Peak petroleum is the point at which maximum rate of global oil extraction is reached after which the rate of oil production begins to decline.

2011-07-14 : Threatening Millions of People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans with Disabilities Using Politics : If the Republican leadership prevents veterans benefits from being distributed they will be breaking a trust between America and members of the Armed Forces.

2011-07-10 : Disability Voting Power, Essential Programs, and Watching Political Representatives : There are currently between 33.7 and 35 million People with Disabilities of voting age in America.

2011-07-02 : Push for Honorable Discharge Status for Military Gays : Learn how some in Congress are fighting to restore access to benefits for gay former service members.

2011-04-28 : Budget Deficits and Social Security Benefits - Government Shutdowns : Many people wonder what happens to Social Security benefits during a government shutdown.

2011-04-14 : Budget Deal Cuts Housing and Jobs for Low-Income Seniors : Legislation seriously undermines the only federally funded jobs and housing programs specifically targeted for American low-income seniors.

2011-04-13 : Government Budget Efforts and People with Disabilities : America is facing an incredible number of baby-boomers who will retire over the next decade or so.

2011-04-07 : The Costs of the Programs We Use as People with Disabilities - The Budget : Some rather interesting numbers related to spending in the United States are not being thrown around in news stories related to the budget conflict.

2010-10-08 : The Political Fight Over Social Security : Social Security is funded outside of the federal budget process by a tax on employee earnings that is matched by employers.

2010-10-07 : Stop Bonuses For Dead Senators and Repeal the Death Tax! : Alliance for Retirement Prosperity is calling on citizens to sign petition calling for repeal of the Federal Estate Tax commonly known as the Death Tax.

2010-10-01 : Anna Little Endorses Action for Pediatric Brain Injury - Sarah Jane and Friends Endorse Anna Little : At Anna Little for Congress headquarters Sarah Jane Donohue announced her enthusiastic support for Anna Little for Congress.

2010-09-29 : Teamsters Urge Senate to Pass Zagroda Act for 9/11 Victims : The bill H.R. 847 would provide medical monitoring and treatment to people suffering serious diseases because of exposure to toxic debris from Ground Zero.

2010-09-25 : Response to Schwarzenegger's Latest Attack on IHSS : Statement in response to Gov. Schwarzenegger claim of a public safety crisis in the In Home Supportive Services IHSS Program.

2009-09-23 : Spending More for Less Freedom - Uncommon Government Ineptitude : An editorial concerning IHSS cutbacks on independent living services in California beginning November first 2009.

2009-09-10 : Mr. Obama's Speech on Health Care Reform and People with Disabilities : An editorial concerning Mr. Obamas Speech on Health Care Reform and Persons with Disabilities.

2009-09-07 : People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Health Care Reform : An editorial about People with Disabilities Seniors and the Health Care Reform Bill.

2009-08-24 : Government Roles and Disability - Opinions and Information : The United States Government has some specific roles it plays in the lives of persons with disabilities.

2009-08-10 : Reasons Why America Should Not Pursue the Health Care Reform Bill : An editorial presenting reasons why America should not pass the Health Care Reform Bill.

2009-07-23 : The Convention on the Right of People with Disabilities - Commentary : An editorial commenting on Barrack Obama signing UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

2009-07-22 : Advocate Speaks About Hate Crimes Expansion : An editorial commenting on an Advocate who has spoken about new Hate Crimes legislation.

2009-07-20 : People with Disabilities and Homelessness : An editorial and commentary about Disability and Homelessness in America.

2009-07-13 : Freedom, Access, Equal Rights, and People with Disabilities in America - A Request to the President : An editorial commenting on the actions of President Obama and the Community Choice Act.

2009-07-05 : Christchurch Mayor Launches Accessibility Map : An editorial about the City of Christchurch and their creation of an Accessibility Map of the city.

2009-07-03 : Obama Continues to Push Healthcare Reform : The President in a Town Hall style format on Facebook continued to promote his administrations plan for healthcare in America.

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