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Political Editorials: Disability & Health Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Political category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-04-29The Dominance of Right-Wing Think-Tanks Over Disability Welfare Reform in Britain
2017-01-23President Trump's Chance to Prove He Really Cares About Disabled Americans
2016-10-06U.S. Government Just Doesn't Get Americans
2016-07-11REV UP Campaign - Making the Disability Vote Count
2016-06-14Disability is Not a Lifestyle Choice: Why the UN Must Protect Disabled People Within the UK
2016-05-18Authoritarian Britain and its Effect on Attitudes Towards Disability
2016-03-13Fighting for Fairness: Britain's Military Veterans, Disability and Benefit Cuts
2016-02-16Perspectives on Political Candidates and Disability Efforts
2016-01-25Get Off Thy Death Bed and Work - British Values for the New World Order
2016-01-18Why is the Work Capability Assessment Costing Britain More Than it Saves?
2016-01-10The 'Lazy Cow' Effect: Why Employer's Attitudes Towards Disabled Workers have Deteriorated Since 2010
2016-01-05The Medicalisation of Unemployment: Reprogramming Britain's Disabled and Unemployed
2015-12-06Response to the Terrorist Attack in San Bernardino, California
2015-12-04Disability and the Normalization of Oppression - Now is the Time to Scrap the Work Capability Assessment (WCA)
2015-11-19Terrorist Attacks in Paris - A Disability Perspective
2015-11-14Disability in the U.K. Is Britain 'Fairer' After 5 Years of Tory Rule?
2015-11-02Is the Current UN Investigation into British Violations of the CPRD Treaty a Complete Waste of Time
2015-10-21Can Disabled People in Britain Really Work Their Way Out of Poverty?
2015-10-20Police Officers in America & People with Disabilities
2015-10-16Veterans & Disability: An Open Letter to the Politicians of America
2015-09-15Just What Exactly is Not Normal About Disabled People, IDS?
2015-09-07The U.N.: Meddling in Britain's Affairs or Impartially Protecting Our Disabled?
2015-09-01Iain Duncan-Smith: Helping Disabled Get Off Welfare? Or Just Helping Kill Them Off?
2015-08-26Does The UK Labor Party Leadership Race Highlight a Continuing Disdain for Disability?
2015-05-11Disability and the Continuing Grip of Oppression
2015-02-16An Analysis of British Welfare Reform
2015-01-05The Torture Report and Politician Validity
2014-12-11Iraq: Children with Disabilities and Veterans
2014-12-03Scott Panetti - Questioning Cruel and Unusual Punishment
2014-11-18The Democratic Election that Wasn't - 2014 US Midterm Elections
2014-11-06The Mid-term Election Results
2014-10-20Would YOU Work for £2 an Hour, Lord Freud
2014-10-13A Large Dollop of Fudge (A Letter from the DWP)
2014-10-03Swing Voters More Likely to Vote for Candidate Committed to Jobs for People with Disabilities
2014-08-20Suggested Government Actions in Relation to People with Disabilities
2014-08-17Thoughts on Ableism in America Today
2014-03-31The Crisis in Ukraine and People with Disabilities
2013-10-19Ensuring the Safety and Well-Being of People with Disabilities
2013-10-14Disability, Poverty, and the U.S. Government
2013-10-12Comments on Effects of the U.S. Government Shutdown
2013-10-12The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Government Shutdown
2013-09-23Civilian Injury & Disability Due to Cluster Bombs
2013-07-15The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Right to Privacy
2012-10-13Playing Where's Waldo with Mental Health Care - Vice Presidential Debate
2012-10-12Overwhelming Majority of U.S. Voters Support SSDI Program
2012-09-24People with Disabilities Could Decide Presidential Election
2012-09-13Obama and Romney Present Their Disability Policy Positions - National Forum on Disability Issues
2012-09-04U.S. Elections 2012 and Disability: Fit to Work, Valued Citizen, or Simply a Burden
2012-07-18A Response to Tom Harkin in Regards to Disability Employment
2012-05-23Equal Chance for People with Disabilities to Achieve and Thrive
2012-05-07Junk Journalists, Politicians, and Social Security Disability (SSDI)
2012-04-24Perspectives on Disability and Adequate Leadership
2012-04-19Community Living Efforts and People with Disabilities
2012-01-14Lee Abramson - Independent Candidate for 2012 Presidential Election
2011-10-10Saving Social Security Trust Fund from Politicians
2011-09-29Dignity for Disability - Working for Australians with Disabilities
2011-09-11People with Disabilities and Government Reforms
2011-08-08When The Oil Runs Out - Peak Oil and Public Health
2011-07-14Threatening Millions of People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans with Disabilities Using Politics
2011-07-10Disability Voting Power, Essential Programs, and Watching Political Representatives
2011-07-02Push for Honorable Discharge Status for Military Gays
2011-04-28Budget Deficits and Social Security Benefits - Government Shutdowns
2011-04-14Budget Deal Cuts Housing and Jobs for Low-Income Seniors
2011-04-13Government Budget Efforts and People with Disabilities
2011-04-07The Costs of the Programs We Use as People with Disabilities - The Budget
2010-10-08The Political Fight Over Social Security
2010-10-07Stop Bonuses For Dead Senators and Repeal the Death Tax!
2010-10-01Anna Little Endorses Action for Pediatric Brain Injury - Sarah Jane and Friends Endorse Anna Little
2010-09-29Teamsters Urge Senate to Pass Zagroda Act for 9/11 Victims
2010-09-25Response to Schwarzenegger's Latest Attack on IHSS
2009-09-23Spending More for Less Freedom - Uncommon Government Ineptitude
2009-09-10Mr. Obama's Speech on Health Care Reform and People with Disabilities
2009-09-07People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Health Care Reform
2009-08-24Government Roles and Disability - Opinions and Information
2009-08-10Reasons Why America Should Not Pursue the Health Care Reform Bill
2009-07-23The Convention on the Right of People with Disabilities - Commentary
2009-07-22Advocate Speaks About Hate Crimes Expansion
2009-07-20People with Disabilities and Homelessness
2009-07-13Freedom, Access, Equal Rights, and People with Disabilities in America - A Request to the President
2009-07-05Christchurch Mayor Launches Accessibility Map
2009-07-03Obama Continues to Push Healthcare Reform


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