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Government Budget Efforts and People with Disabilities

Published: 2011-04-13 - Updated: 2011-04-14
Author: Disabled World

Synopsis: America is facing an incredible number of baby-boomers who will retire over the next decade or so.

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President Obama today stated that Social Security's retirement program is not in crisis. America is facing an incredible number of baby-boomers who will retire over the next decade or so.


Mr. Obama also suggested that Social Security should be reformed for long-term results, something that seems to be a popular perspective among politicians these days; nearly as popular as the use of the word, 'reform.' The President's perspectives on Medicare were also expressed.

The Republicans in this administration have mentioned a term in relation to both Medicare and Veterans that is highly upsetting; 'voucher.' A, 'voucher,' is a tiny piece of paper, one that entitles the person who has this slip of paper to goods or services. It is essentially a, 'see you later,' form of receipt. Images of People with Disabilities, Seniors, Children, and Veterans with Disabilities waiting in line for health care or basic services related to health care are dancing in my head.

Mr. Obama has stated that he will not allow Medicare to become a voucher program, yet nothing concrete to ensure that this does not happen has taken place. President Obama stated, "I will preserve these health care programs as a promise we make to each other in this society. I will not allow Medicare to become a voucher program that leaves seniors at the mercy of the insurance industry, with a shrinking benefit to pay for rising costs." Somehow, I feel a lack of reassurance and comfort.

The Veterans of America are left to wonder what the representatives of America will do or not do next. Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin actually presented himself before a group of veterans and suggested a plan to cut any veteran who does not have a service-related disability from VA health care in order to save money. Yes; that's right - Mr. Ryan, without regard for the service of these veterans, told them money is more valuable than them.

Image of Paul RyanRepresentative Ryan would put people on Medicare on a voucher program in a hot second if he has things his way. For some reason, the representatives of this nation apparently cannot understand the fact that a great many veterans are on Medicare. They also seemingly have great difficulty understanding that a voucher program for health care is an incredibly demeaning and insulting; even prejudicial, perspective of People with Disabilities and Seniors.

One of the few Representatives I have any level of respect for, Tom Harkin, recently pointed out an alarming trend. Tom Harkin pointed out that greater than two-thirds of Americans with Disabilities are unemployed and adults with disabilities are leaving the jobs they had at a rate ten times higher than their non-disabled peers. If non-disabled persons were leaving their jobs at such a rate the corporations in America would be throwing screaming hissing fits. If non-disabled persons were unemployed at such a high rate there would be riots in the streets of cities across this nation.

Image of Tom HarkinThe employers in this nation are innocent in this matter, one can assume? We can make the assumption that of course no employer is, 'helping,' a person with disabilities to leave their job in favor of hiring someone else? So if we cannot find jobs, and we are being viewed as persons worthy of vouchers by half of the representatives of this government - what are we to do? How are we to take care of ourselves

People with Disabilities are the subject of political wiles, inequality, and incredibly ignorant perspectives on the parts of people who are supposed to be leading this nation. Representatives; even the President, refer to People with Disabilities under the age of sixty-five as, 'Seniors.' We experience the highest rate of unemployment in this nation - a rate that has always been the highest. Representatives of this nation are preparing to cut funding for Medicare and Social Security, despite the fact that People with Disabilities represent every race, class, gender, and social identity in America.

All I can do is state my opinion. In my opinion, America is in many ways just as hateful, bigoted, prejudiced, and ugly as it was when Dr. King was fighting for rights. One President and Administration after another has made mollifying attempts to appease People with Disabilities - not one has presented us with true equal rights that place us on an equal level with non-disabled persons in America. From the way things are going, it looks like this administration is no better than any in the past.

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