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Comments on Effects of the U.S. Government Shutdown

Published : 2013-10-12 - Updated : 2019-02-18
Author : Thomas C Weiss - Contact: Disabled World

Synopsis* : Political commentary and information regarding the U.S. Government shutdown and the effects on seniors, persons with disabilities and veterans.

Main Digest

The United States Government shutdown is now in its second week. The potential for the shutdown to affect millions of People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans with Disabilities increases with each passing day. The politicians in office, despite efforts to return a portion of the furloughed federal workers to their jobs, have yet to present any kind of support or relief to the millions of people who experience forms of disabilities in America.

Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown as defined by Wikipedia is a situation in which a government ceases all or many of its functions.

In the United States, it may refer to Government shutdown in the United States, notably the most recent:

Distinguishing between the two parties involved has become a futile effort.

While it is the Republican led House that holds the power to ensure funding to vital programs such as the SSI, SSDI, and VA benefits programs so many people with disabilities rely upon, it is the Democrats who refuse to negotiate in regards to the Affordable Care Act; perhaps rightly so. Everyone - whether they experience a form of disability or not, requires certain things in order to live.

People need food, clothing, shelter, and health care to be rather plain.

The Democrats are aware of the need for health care, this much is very plain. They are defending the health care law to the point of ignoring the other needs people have. The republicans; on the other hand, hate the Democrats and the health care law to the point where they are willing to ignore every single need people have.

People with Disabilities and Seniors

The sub-heading above is a tad misleading because it includes another population - Children with Disabilities.

The children in America who experience forms of disabilities and their needs for food, clothing, and shelter are being ignored right along with the very same needs for adults with disabilities and seniors with disabilities by both parties in America as they bicker over the health care law. It appears the leadership in office, despite party affiliation, has no concern whatsoever for these populations.

Chart showing things U.S. Politicians are offering Americans at this time
Chart showing things U.S. Politicians are offering Americans at this time

While it may be perfectly acceptable for the politicians of America to ceaselessly bicker over the health care law and their own private opinions of it, there are millions of children, adults, and seniors who experience legitimate forms of disabilities in this nation who have daily needs. The same leadership in America is now facing a battle over the debt limit. Along with this battle between two parties that ignore the people of America in favor of their own personal opinions is the matter of funding Social Security and VA benefits. If the politicians of America continue to ignore vast populations of people who experience forms of disabilities in this nation the results will be utterly devastating.

People with Disabilities in America will find themselves unable to pay for housing, food, medicine, and more.

Without shelter, food, and medicine their health will diminish drastically, leading to a health care crisis in America of unbelievable proportions. Perhaps the politicians of America find this to be acceptable; they eat steak and lobster cocktails. The politicians of America wear custom-designed clothing, receive the best health care, and live in the best housing imaginable - all on the taxpayer's dollar. Their funding is never questioned.

Veterans with Disabilities

The politicians of America seem to like sending soldiers to other nations in pursuit of military objectives.

They consistently brag about the strength of the United States Military. Yet when soldiers return home from their service to this nation, they often times find themselves forgotten by the same government and politicians who bragged about them earlier. Such is the case with the current bickering between politicians and the resulting government shutdown.

The irony of politicians using veterans of the Armed Forces and their support for us during election cycles is difficult to bear.

The same politicians who have done this are now ignoring the needs of the same veterans they have used to gain support in order to get elected. Instead of looking first and foremost at the needs of the veterans they claim to support, the politicians of America have chosen to bicker over the health care law and their personal opinions of it. The politicians of America have failed to fund the VA benefits so many veterans need in order to pay for housing, food, medicine and more.

Ongoing Political Crimes

The thought occurs that perhaps it should not be so surprising that the politicians of America are behaving in such a radical and eccentric manner.

Maybe it should not be shocking that the same politicians who used People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans to get elected and gain office are now turning their collective backs on these same populations. After all, many of the same politicians have been abusing these same constituents for years on end.

For example; when the TSA Agents began appearing in airports in America, outright molestation of People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans appeared right along with them. Any rights we may have had to our own bodies promptly disappeared with the appearance of these TSA Agents. With filthy gloves these TSA Agents probed, prodded, and stripped countless Americans with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans - all while claiming the Americans with Disabilities Act is the, 'Gold Standard,' of Disabilities Rights in the world.

The revelations concerning the NSA and endless spying on all Americans, to include Americans with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans, shocked this nation to its very roots. Many of the same politicians who approve of the TSA Agents that continue to molest Americans also approve of the NSA's flagrant abuse of our right to privacy and the Constitution of the United States of America. Despite the fact that you as a person are more likely to die from heart disease for example than a terrorist's efforts, the TSA and NSA are adamant they must continue to exist - all with support from the politicians of America.

Years after America signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) it has yet to ratify the treaty. Perhaps this is because, due to the actions of the TSA and the NSA, America is already in violation of the treaty. From a poverty standpoint alone this nation is in violation of the CRPD.

International Crimes

The politicians of America, as mentioned, likes sending soldiers to war.

As recently as the year 2009, this nation used cluster bombs against another nation. Cluster bombs leave unexploded ordinance on the ground, where children and other civilians often pick them up and experience disabilities for the remainder of their lives because of them. A great many nations in the world have banned cluster bombs - not America.

Yet the politicians of America rail against, 'human rights violations,' committed by other nations.

The politicians of America, high upon their horses, point fingers at other nations and at times attack them with military forces and weapons that cause more human rights violations. The politicians of America are responsible for vast amounts of human misery, woe, and disability among civilians around the world - yet cannot or will not accept responsibility for their actions.

A Concerted Action Against Us

In concert, the politicians of America have denied People with Disabilities our rights through the TSA and the NSA.

They moved on to shut down the government and present the potential to deny us food, clothing, shelter, and more. No one on Social Security or VA benefits is wealthy and the politicians of America look upon us as if we are not worthy of consideration during their self-created political crisis.

What are truly important to the politicians of America are their personal opinions of the health care law, nothing else seems to matter.

No one else in America is very relevant; only their personal agenda. The same politicians have the utter gall to present themselves before the people of this nation they are abusing and point fingers at each other. They have the nerve to present themselves to us and play the blame game with each other while our ability to continue living is at stake.

Soon, the next election cycle will begin complete with advertisements from politicians in America seeking re-election.

To this writer, any advertising from a politician who is currently in office will have the same effect as Nazi propaganda. Why would one willing choose to re-elect an abusive politician? One who has repeatedly demonstrated abusive practices and policies against one's own population

Hopefully, the politicians in office will quickly realize what a cruel and offensive thing they have done by pursuing their own personal agendas and ignoring People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans. They are coming across as dictators; tyrannical ones. If not, it is the greatest hope the next election cycle will rid America of these ruthless politicians.

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