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The Mid-term Election Results

Published : 2014-11-06
Author : Disabled World - Contact: Disabled World

🛈 Synopsis : Thomas C. Weiss takes a look at the results of the mid-term elections in America.

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The results of the mid-term elections in America were perhaps no big surprise for many who are incredibly frustrated with the lack of actions taken by the current administration in Washington, D.C. Electing Republicans to replace Democrats was the only way the people of America could send a loud and clear message to the Obama Administration that the job of running America is not being done as well as people would like. In a nation where the only people who are not feeling the financial bite, for example, are the top 1% of those who are wealthiest was only a matter of time.

President Obama wanted much, much more I am quite sure. He, 'inherited,' an economy that was in bad shape to begin with. What followed was 6 years of Republican stone-walling, involving endless bickering and refusal to take this nation's people into consideration. Personally, I do not have much respect for either party at this point.

A Systems Theory Perspective

Imagine, if you will, a car tire. A car tire is a system of itself, one that must have all of its parts working in order to function appropriately. If the tire does not have enough tread, air pressure, is not balanced and is not free of punctures from nails or road debris it will not function as it should.

America's leadership has little to no understanding of Systems Theory and Design, apparently. For years, the American government, through both Republican and Democratic leadership, has grossly neglected various parts of the American system, parts which the whole of the American system is dependent upon. Included in these parts are:

Why are these parts of the American whole essential? Because these parts of America's system are people, people who are a part of our social whole. A nation that neglects people who are parts of society is a nation that cannot be considered a, 'society,' at all. Let's look at a definition:


'a highly structured system of human organization for large-scale community living that normally furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a national identity for its members'

When 1% of the nation's population has everything from a financial perspective and everyone else in the nation struggles financially, the results are a, 'society,' for the 1% and struggles for inclusion for the rest. The American system is so far out of balance, from many perspectives, that it is essentially non-functional at this point for many Seniors, Veterans, People and Children with Disabilities, as well as those living in poverty.

A Great Need for Change

One of the reasons for Mr. Obama's incredible popularity among people from across America as he ran for President was his platform of, 'Hope and Change.' His message really resonated with Americans from all areas of the nation, all incomes, lifestyles and more. The message President Obama gave to Americans has been trampled and it is not a matter of whose, 'fault,' it is. Both sides of the political aisle are eager to explain why things have not worked better than they have.

To me, it was bound to fail - the American system was, and remains, very out of balance. There is no way a system that is so far out of equilibrium can possibly function to its greatest potential. America's 2-party approach to the running of this nation is clearly not working.

Greed and the struggle for power are just the beginning of the reasons why the American system is so out of balance. The politicians of America simply will not stand for members of the opposite party to hold the majority. The same politicians are greatly biased in favor of major corporate profits. People from the populations mentioned in the bulleted list above do not have an equal voice with major profit earning corporations, or huge political parties for that matter.

In other words, there is no equal representation of the, 'parts,' of American society. Only the parts that have the most money to spend get heard with equal impact. Until this changes, the American system will continue to flop along like a car with a flat tire.

Non-functional Government for You and Me

A nation that spends money, resources and attention on re-electing politicians, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, ISIS, NSA spying, the TSA, Homeland Security and everything and anything but the well-being of all of its people on essential levels is a nation that has no society. What I am saying is that while America's military security is indeed important - if the people of America find themselves without adequate:

There really isn't a whole lot to defend in the eyes of those same people. If a veteran or child or person with disabilities does not have a wheelchair or walker or prescription medications, ISIS looks like a pretty meager threat. If the politicians of America ignore the suffering of the people of their own nation, why should the people want anything to do with those politicians? I sure don't.

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities remains un-ratified, one of my greatest disappointments with the current administration. The Affordable Care Act is moving forward, but I do not really see the effects of it yet; a lot of people in America do not. It simply needs more time I guess. The Veterans Administration has a new leader, but how will this person do in the eyes of the veterans who receive services

How many Americans appreciate the NSA knowing what color their underwear is? How many people in America appreciate some filthy-gloved TSA agent prodding their body when they fly? How many Veterans and People with Disabilities really expect the 1.7% COLA to actually cover the increased costs of living in this nation? How fair is it that the minimum wage lingers in the Clinton Presidency era? Is it right for 1% of Americans to dodge taxes overseas and have a fortune that will not fit onto the same chart as the incomes of everyone else

The term, 'Society,' in America only appears to apply to those with vast incomes. The rest of us are left to ponder just how the American system got so out of balance. The time to seriously consider how to get the biased, endlessly neglectful and frankly - rather abusive political leaders to understand that we are people too, people who are essential parts of the American whole.

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