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Drexel Universities offers New Veterans a Free Degree!

  • Published: 2009-07-04 (Revised/Updated 2010-03-28) : Disabled World.
  • Synopsis: An editorial about Drexel University and their offering of a free graduate degree to recent veterans.

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Not only will veterans who are eligible have the ability to take courses at Drexel and receive a degree without paying any fees or tuition, they will get a living stipend of around $1,700 a month while they do so.

The news I read related to Drexel University's GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program was nearly beyond belief - they are offering a tuition scholarship benefiting veterans who have served since the terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001! Not only will veterans who are eligible have the ability to take courses at Drexel and receive a degree without paying any fees or tuition, they will get a living stipend of around $1,700 a month while they do so. Drexel University, located in Sacramento, California, also has no cap on the number of veterans who can enroll.

Veterans who meet both the university's and the government's admission requirements can receive their education at the Graduate Center. Drexel has ten master's and one doctoral degree programs. Drexel University also has a campus in Philadelphia that is bigger, offering seventy different programs. Drexel's Center for Graduate Studies master's programs include Higher Education, Information Systems, Business Administration, as well as Library and Information Science. Beginning in September of this year, Drexel is adding six additional master's programs. These programs include Nursing Education & Faculty Role, Engineering Management, Nursing Leadership in Health Systems Management, Public Health, Human Resource Development, and Science of Instruction. Drexel will also be adding a Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and Management.

Veterans are involved in some of the most productive and successful ventures in America today. When I read this article today, I found myself overjoyed to find Drexel and the Federal government joining together to support veterans in this way through the Yellow Ribbon campaign and the GI Bill. The educational opportunity being offered selects veterans with demonstrated educational abilities and promotes those abilities, putting these people into American society where they can continue to enhance the lives of other Americans.

I would like to find the community colleges in this nation with the same support for veterans. Giving every returning soldier the opportunity to attend an associate or bachelor's degree would not only promote the health and general well-being of the veteran, it would build the prosperity of America as a whole. President Obama has shown an interest in supporting those who have served our nation; this is one way that he can demonstrate support for veterans.

The transition from military service to civilian life is not always the easiest thing for a soldier to accomplish. Many of America's soldiers are able to succeed through environments that are both structured and educational. After living each day filled with activities, coming home and finding that life may lack dedicated activities can be difficult. Pursuit of an education, along with interaction with fellow students, may fill a void that would otherwise be present. The results can benefit everyone involved.

To learn more about the GI Bill and benefits visit: or contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-GIBILL-1.

Drexel University and Military Benefits: Call (916) 325-4600 or (888) 389-3781.

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