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The National Resource Directory Website for Veterans

  • Published: 2009-07-11 (Revised/Updated 2015-02-03) : Author: Disabled World : Contact: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: The National Resource Directory (NRD) for Veterans is a website that presents tools for veterans and their family members.

The National Resource Directory (NRD) gives people access to greater than eleven-thousand resources and services on national, state, and local levels related to rehabilitation, recovery, and community reintegration.

The NRD gives people access to greater than eleven-thousand resources and services on national, state, and local levels related to rehabilitation, recovery, and community reintegration. The site is maintained by the Department of Defense, Labor and Veterans Affairs.

The NRD links to federal and state government agencies, nonprofit and community-based organizations, veterans service and benefit organizations, academic institutions and professional associations that provide assistance to veterans and their families. The site gives service members, veterans, family members and those who support them a directory of resources. The NRD provides access to a wide-range of medical and non-medical services and resources that can be used to achieve both personal and professional goals. The NRD also links to faith-based and philanthropic organizations.

The NRD's vision is to provide wounded, ill and injured service members, veterans, families, and people who support them with a web-based directory of thousands of organizations that support them during recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration into the community. The site also includes information to assist families of the fallen. From an examination of their site, they are succeeding at their mission and vision.

The NRD is committed to making sure that their site is accessible to all of its users.

They developed the site to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act as amended. The NRD website is monitored on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to meet Section 508 standards. They have an accessibility statement on their site.

The National Resource Directory is wonderful in part because of their openness to submissions from federal, state, and local governmental agencies, as well as from veteran service and benefit organizations. They accept submissions from nonprofit community-based and faith-based organizations, academic institutions, professional associations, and philanthropic organizations as well. The site has several sections presented through their main page in order to assist veterans and those who care for them; these include:

From a review of the National Resource Directory I can say that the site is exceptionally well-developed. The people who have planned, designed, and created the site have clearly spent a great deal of time and effort doing so. It is a pleasure to find this incredible resource for Veterans, their family members and friends available on the Internet.

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