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Disability Entertainment: Films, Dating & Hobbies Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Entertainment & Recreation category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-12-12U.K. Accessible Ticketing: Enabling Access Customers to Book Events Online
2016-06-13Free Online Summer Learning Camp for Kids and Families
2015-12-23LeapFrog Epic Tablet for Children
2015-12-05Morgan's Wonderland: Morgan's Inspiration Island First Ultra-Accessible Splash Park
2015-10-23New Performance Training Course for Actors with Learning Disabilities in West Wales
2014-12-23SCI TV Disability in Sports
2014-12-19Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors - Health Education or Entertainment
2014-11-19Veterans Art Guild Gives Vets with Disabilities Freedom to Express Artistic Talents
2014-04-24ILSE: I Am Human - One Arm to the Top
2013-12-30Bo Jackson Surprises Blake Leeper On Arsenio Hall Show
2013-12-11Walk Twice As Hard - Jus Daze
2013-08-22LOVE LAND Film Features a Breakthrough Cast with Disabilities
2012-12-07Gift Ideas and Products for the Blind and Visually Impaired
2012-02-18The Special Needs Gang Comic Strip
2011-12-09Watch TV and Movies on FaceBook Via FreeCast App
2011-11-03Mayer-Johnson Products for People with Disabilities
2011-07-20Black Heart - Actor Shawn "ETCETERA" McClain Gives Breakthrough Performance
2011-05-02Film - Sleeping With The Bear - Triumph Over Adversity
2011-03-24Vince Gill and Amy Grant Discuss Separate Paths to Stardom
2011-01-19Descriptive Audio Shows - Fox Theatre
2011-01-06Music by Prudence - An Oscar Winning Documentary Film
2011-01-06Wheelchair Actress Ali Stroker May Be First to Score Leading Role in Professional Musical
2010-11-24Royal Court's Tribes: A New Play Featuring a Deaf Main Role
2010-11-08The King's Speech Highlights the Plight of Those who Stutter
2010-11-06For Once in My Life Film Shows How People with Disabilities Work to Inspire Audiences
2010-10-21Art Exhibit Shows the World Through Eyes That Were Once Blind
2010-10-08My Dream a Gala Spectacular - Win Free Tickets
2010-10-06"Wait Until Dark" Lead Character Appropriately Played by Blind Actor
2010-10-06Annual Gala offers Show by Actors with Disabilities
2010-08-21Walt Disney World, Helping People with Disabilities
2010-06-22Celebrities Discuss Their Disabilities in BBC Ouch! Series Dis Connected
2010-06-21Video Contest to Bring Visibility to Disability
2010-06-20First Dionysus Theatre Audiences: Musical "Putnam" is Uplifting Hit
2010-06-11Love Simple - iTune Film to Raise Awareness for Lupus
2010-06-03Creativity Fosters Understanding of ADA
2010-05-20Valerie Bertinelli Reveals Her Engagement
2010-03-14Why the Movie Avatar Didn't Win the Oscar
2009-12-13Modern Drummer Joins Pat Gesualdo for Groundbreaking Disability Column
2009-10-13Mark Dacascos Stars in Veterans Day Film - Only the Brave
2009-09-24Interesting Webcams Animals People and Places
2009-09-07Heavy Load Movie Review
2009-09-02Morgan's Wonderland: A Park for People with Disabilities
2009-08-26What do You Want to do Today - Sensory Preferences
2009-08-25Comedian Josh Blue - Information and Video
2009-08-17CandoCo Dance Company: Disabled & Non-disabled Dancers
2009-08-07Videos on Disabilities: Places to Find Disability Videos
2009-06-01Justin Hines Internet Video Message
2009-05-12Films Involving Disabilities
2009-04-24LDA's 2012 Cultural Fund Boosts Training in Theatre, Media and Design
2009-04-01Little People Big World - Dealing with Dwarfism
2009-03-20Disabled Actor Stars in Major Motion Picture
2009-03-17PHAMALY - Physically Handicapped Amateur Musical Actor's League
2009-01-28Endeavor Freedom - A Chance to Share your Story
2009-01-04Webbytalents - Disabilities in Film
2008-12-09Accessible TV Program Guide
2008-07-22Britains Missing Top Model with a Disability

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