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Black Heart - Actor Shawn "ETCETERA" McClain Gives Breakthrough Performance

  • Published: 2011-07-20 (Revised/Updated 2016-11-20) : Author: DAG Consulting
  • Synopsis: In the film Black Heart Shawn ETCETERA McClain plays lead role of young musician Shane Preme Davis who has Type-1 Diabetes.

McClain is making his debut film performance where he plays the lead role of young musician, Shane "Preme" Davis who has Type-1 Diabetes.

Shawn "ETCETERA" McClain plays the lead role of young musician, Shane "Preme" Davis who has Type-1 Diabetes. Preme, who has been seeing a sexy new girl Sasha (Anita Clay) who could easily be his soul-mate and right now he feels like a million dollars. It's his best friend Mike (James Lentini) that's holding the music together for him while he takes care of his health problems: what more could a man wish for...

Mike, an ambitious manager, and would-be rap artist, has love for Shane like a brother, and would give up everything for him, but later begins to see his ticket out of wannabe-ism put at risk with the poor health of his friend and fellow musician. Mike becomes obsessed with an upcoming trip to Hollywood to meet with a record exec and his heart is set on a record deal. Mike's got a plan with dollar signs in his eyes, but he needs help. He turns to Sasha who is ambitious and hungry for success.

McClain is making his debut film performance and will be starring alongside actors, Anita Clay as Shane's new love interest SASHA, James Lentini as best friend and manager MIKE, Nicki Rodriguez as Sasha's cousin LESLIE, Charity Burton ("Ohio Model of the Year") as MICHELE, Ashley Cruz ("2010 Ms. Puerto Rico") as AYANA the matchmaking friend who introduces Shane to Sasha, Ms. Essence ("R&B and Soul Singer") as MS. E. the record company exec with the heart of gold.

Black Heart is a modern cautionary tale, an urban drama examining the relationships that tie hearts into sometimes stifling bonds with unhealthy dependencies, all with predictable results. What is pleasantly unpredictable is the effect the deft hand of producer Kenya Cagle ("Goodnight Charlie") will have on this production. In his role of producer, co-director, there's no telling who will end up behind or in front of the camera. His decision to use budding, young writer/director, Stephanie Walker, nicknamed "The Task Master," on this his 30th independent film, and is one of those deft moves.

Black Heart is Cagle's 30th film. One of his most favorite and acclaimed films is the 2005 film "Goodnight Charlie" which was presented in more than a dozen festivals winning several awards including Best Picture in a 2005 festival held in Spain. Recently, "Black Heart" won the Best Film Award at the 2011 Philadelphia Film Festival in Philadelphia. Now the film screen at three more film festivals in Los Angeles and New York: the Action On Film Festival in July, the Maysles Cinema in August and October.

Black Heart additional Film Festival Dates:

ABOUT SHAWN "ETCETERA" MCCLAIN -Brooklyn New York native, ETCETERA, who has been in the music game since 2000. The artist is known for being one of the best underground artist chart toppers to date, not only for his personal projects, but for his writing and producing for other artists. With accomplishments ranging from writing awards to Grammy nods. When not working as an artist, ETCETERA divides his remaining time between music and community outreach. For more about ETCETERA visit

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